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Harmless old-fashioned Polish swear words/phrases

pawian 223 | 24,390
16 Sep 2021 #151
No grandma calls her grandchildren nits (gnidy). Never ever.

That grandma must have been really pissed off.
Alien 20 | 4,979
19 Sep 2021 #152
A grandma flying on a broomstick. hi,hi,ha,ha
25 Dec 2021 #153
My elders were fond of several of the ones mentioned above... they also seemed to mention the tail stub on a roasted chicken was a shegie... maybe something more vulgar lol
15 May 2022 #154
Hi! I don't know how to spell this phrase. The phonic is 'Sha Klef Oh Letta'. It was used like a swear phrase. Anyone know the correct spelling and meaning? Thanks!
Alien 20 | 4,979
15 May 2022 #155
Sha Klef - psia krew - dog's blood
25 Aug 2023 #156
My grandparents used to say Sha Klef a yetta...what does this mean? My mother said pigs blood. Sorry about spling.
GefreiterKania 36 | 1,397
25 Aug 2023 #157
Sha Klef a yetta

Psia krew, a niech to.

Dog's blood, darn it.

Oh Letta

O rety.

Oh dear.
30 Sep 2023 #158
what does shacreft holletta mean
Alien 20 | 4,979
1 Oct 2023 #159
shacreft holletta

Psia krew, cholera.
Dog blood, damn it

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