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Collection of learning resources for learning the Polish language

Vincent 9 | 891
15 Aug 2009 #31
(There are almost 400 short vids, 2-3 minutes long)

Credit for this link should go to Krzysztof ( posted on another thread)
Ystad 2 | 16
24 Aug 2009 #32
Lots and lots of tests here:

...and I haven't tried his yet, but it offers conversation practice:

...and finally, a woman talking to her kubek:

jakubzurawski - | 17
9 Oct 2009 #33 - contains conjugation and declension tables as well as translations to English and other languages. Can be edited by anyone who's interested. It also can be displayed in English, Polish and German.
17 Oct 2009 #34
I thought I'd contribute by saying that Oscar Swan's English <> Polish Dictionary at is, bar none, THE best Polish dictionary. It has declension tables for verbs, noun, adjectives, pronouns and can find conjugated forms of words without a problem. But what really separates it is that it provides a real dictionary definition with examples and grammar info. Most online dictionaries just you give 2 words (if you're lucky), which I've often found to be wrong.
emmajo 3 | 19
29 Oct 2009 #35

Thanks cjjc and everyone else! Some of these I had already come across, and have used but there are alot that I haven't. I can see some serious web surfing coming on!

A couple of other good ones that I use are and

With you can get free language learning software with a limited amount of lists which you can learn, but there are alot more lists available to download. This is what I actually started with, and have actually bought the full blown version now.

With you can use other peoples flashcards or you can make your own and they are basically learning drills. You go through all the cards and give your answers. When you have done them all, you go through any that you got wrong, and keep on doing it until you get them all right. It can become quite addictive!

sausage 19 | 775
29 Oct 2009 #36

Derevon 12 | 172
12 Nov 2009 #37
Lately I've been using this dictionary quit a lot:

It has a nice, clean layout, plenty of real-life examples, and it loads faster, is more reliable and less buggy than I also like the fact that it always tells whether a verb is imperfective or perfective, and what the perfective equivalent of an imperfective verb is and vice versa.
12 Nov 2009 #38
i didn't read through the entire thread, but I have a question:

anyone know of good exercise books? i really enjoy exercise books, but they just don't seem to have them for polish, at least not that I can find. basically, I'm looking for something like a Murphy's book for learning Polish.

i spend so much time in the classroom teaching along with tramming, busing, walking, etc., that I have limited opportunities to speak polish, so having an exercise book where I can at least improve my vocabulary grammar would be ideal, plus, I enjoy it.
Derevon 12 | 172
13 Nov 2009 #39
For learning vocabulary there's a good program called Anki:

My own Polish-English deck is available for download inside it (Filemenu -> Download -> Shared Deck). As of yet it contains 7200 entries and growing. It contains not only words but also sentences, expressions, phrases and special sentences for practicing cases.
mido_dv25 1 | 9
20 Nov 2009 #40
thank you so much it is very good collection
escapee3 8 | 63
4 Dec 2009 #41
I'm not sure if this link has been posted elsewhere on the site, but I thought it worth including for those of us learning the language

TimTim - | 3
9 Dec 2009 #42
Dec 9, 09, 00:52 - Thread attached on merging:

Hi everyone. Im Vietnamese but living in France.
Cześć. Jestem Wietnamską, ale mieszkam w Franji.
Im interested in learning Polish language. And its quite challenge.
I found a wonderful webpage offering god methods to those who want to self-study. So, i would like to share it. Hope that you will find it useful.
violin75 - | 3
18 Jan 2010 #43
I wanted to say Thank You to everyone on this thread. All the comments have helped me a lot. I have been learning the Polish language and I use the book:

Cześć, Jak się masz? ISBN: 83-242-0633-7 ( A polish langauge textbook- level Introduction to Polish A1).
It is really great. It explains everything and comes with a CD for Pronunciation. It also has 2 other levels which I will be using.
I have checked out some and will check out others.
Also, the University of Florida in Gainesville has a wonderful Polish Program. I will check it out more but if anyone is close to the University it can be of help Im sure.
vndunne 43 | 279
17 Feb 2010 #44
Came across this website the other day. You can enroll for a beginners online course. It cost EUR 19. It is quiet good as it covers conversations, vocabulary, and grammar. You can see a demo to see if it would be of any use to you.

I bought the intermediate book in Empik the other day. And there is a voucher in the book which allows you to enroll for an online course for free so i enrolled in the Beginners course. Name of the book is 'Polski bez problemu'.
Simpson 3 | 9
11 Aug 2010 #45
I downloaded this programme:

It covers different topics and is really useful for vocabulary. I have already learned how to spell some things as well as say them.

It also tests you so you cannot be lazy :)
stumaniac - | 5
13 Aug 2010 #46
I have a long list of Polish resources--tried to put them here but I got a message saying that due to spamming issues, I can't post URLs.

Ok, maybe I have posted enough now to be able to post links: full first year course, no audio home site for above lots of vocabulary, worksheets, no audio user-created lessons, some audio javascript quizzes Polish 101--lessons, no audio Basic wikilessons lessons for business[/url] basic phrases, cuss words, mp3s have been removed, may be back alphabet, some phrases, some audio

Audio written with spoken phrases with clickable audio advanced free software download - Byki Polish Lists E. L. Easton - Languages - Polish Free Polish Lessons and Polish Language Courses Learn Polish - Lessons - Audio Files by Polish Native Speakers Learn Polish with Sam and Bilus Learn Polish for FREE! Lessons with Audio Learn the Polish language online and in Poland Numbers in the Polish Language Oneness City, Poland - ONENESS CITY Polish - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks Polish Blog Polish Language and Culture Polish grammar exercises - Polish verbs-Polish verb tenses - Tests,practice,quizzes Polish grammar noun case identification exercises 1 - Polish Grammatical Exercises Polish Language Courses 1 Polish Language Learning Links Polish Language test using the European Language Frameworks POLISH VERBS-VERB TENSES - MIEC (To have) - Present tense 1 (Polish grammar exercise Resources in and about the Polish language Share Perfective and Imperfective Verbs The Alternative Polish Dictionary Verbs of Motion, Part 2 Links to online language lessons and courses Memler - the easiest way to learn foreign language. Vocabulary Builder. Free word lists for many languages
Omniglot - a guide to written language (alphabets, hieroglyphs, Chinese characters, etc
What's the best way to study
HAL9009 2 | 323
5 Sep 2010 #47
Here is a dictionary site I came across lately for the first time (Doesn't mean it hasn't been posted on PF before though) - looks to be quite good:
anyew 3 | 11
28 Sep 2010 #48
Wow this is AWESOME thank you SO much!
sgrifka85 1 | 3
20 Nov 2010 #49
Are there and useful sites to help learn polish or am i better just getting one of those cds and learn from that. If know any sites that free i could get some ideas too i much appreciate it. thanks
sausage 19 | 775
5 Dec 2010 #50 - 2B North East

Online magazine for Polish residents in the North East.
Quite good for reading practice as every article in Polish has the English version on the facing page.
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,594
5 Dec 2010 #51
Most of the links in this thread are useful.

However, it's good to have a course book + CD. It gives a good base to start from.
10 Jan 2011 #52
This is designed for little children but I find it quite helpful.

Hopefully it's not a repost.
Enjoy :)
18 Jan 2011 #53
audio + text
30 Mar 2011 #54
Learning Polish - Books/resources you can recommend?

Dobry Wieczór!

Mówię tylko troche po polsku. I want to learn more Polish, but I don't know how to go about doing it. I'm only 18. I've looked at language course books and tapes, and they all look a bit uninteresting.

I can get my parents to talk to me in Polish exclusively, i'm sure i'll pick up some bits, but I wanted a.. well... fuller package really. I was thinking about perhaps books that kids in Poland (and indeed kids here at Polska szkoła (like my cousin)) use. They'd be the sort of books I can just build up knowledge from rather than reading lists of words (like I said - language course books look boring. they seem to consist of vocab lists like a. ale. bułka. bajka. etc.)

Does anyone have

a) any recommendations for books I could learn from (as in proper children's textbooks)
b) any recommendations for websites I can order them from, that will take payment from an english credit/debit card and will deliver to england

Any help is appreciated!
Dziękuje bardzo!!
kolinpl - | 2
6 Apr 2011 #55
Merged:New(ish) Blog about learning Polish

Hi all,

I've been writing a blog (like so many of us have!) about learning Polish in Warsaw. The emphasis is on language, and although it's about MY experience learning the language I think you might find it useful.

Find it at

And let me know what you think! I keep forgetting the Polishforums has such an active language section and I should read here more often. I'm starting a new Polish course today so I'm poised for more improvement soon!


smurf 39 | 1,966
7 Apr 2011 #56
Merged:Books for learning Polish

I think I've hit the wall with my cd roms, they're boring the shite outta me with the constant say and repeat bullshlt, can anyone recommend a couple of text books that are used to learn the Polish lingo.

AFC_1903 - | 7
7 Apr 2011 #57
The 'Hurra Po Polsku' books seem quite good. Were I a more diligent learner who opened mine more often I could give a better assessment, but I'm lazy. This is my fault, not that of the books.
Leopejo 4 | 120
7 Apr 2011 #58
Hurra po polsku is all in Polish and intended for classroom and teacher.

A couple of inexpensive Polish books in English for self-learners, made in Poland, are "Polish in four weeks" and Supermemo's "Polski bez problemu!". Both have 2-3 levels.
smurf 39 | 1,966
8 Apr 2011 #59
thanks lads :) I'll look them up.
16 May 2011 #60
Merged: What's the best book for Polish language learners?

I heard the textbooks from The School of Polish for Foreigners in the University of £ódź are the best. Anybody have suggestions?

Right now I'm using Michel Thomas audio tapes/books and Ivona Text-to-Speech for pronunciation/reading help

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