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Collection of learning resources for learning the Polish language

pointtis - | 4
4 Oct 2012 #91
I am happy that I found this thread. Thank you all for the links! :)
korneliusz - | 1
6 Nov 2012 #92
Wow, That's a lot of resources! I'll be looking through them all. Thanks. I've been practicing by reading the US news in Polish at InformacjeUSA com It's easier to read about things you're familiar with. I'm reading about our election here in the US.
OMorgan 1 | 4
1 Feb 2013 #93
Merged: List of Very Useful Websites for Polish Language Learners

I have been trying to learn Polish on my own and have come across a few websites that might be of use to those in a similar situation, I'm sure there are errors/shortcomings in all of them but I have found them really useful for checking errors and padding out my Anki deck with declinations etc. Seems to translate slightly more accurately than google translate. Though it does throw up weird things from time to time! is great as it will translate single words and give you full declinations for all cases for them as well as all forms (as an adjective/noun etc), (generally, seems best at adjectives as some nouns don't have all the declinations). has loads of online quick tests to check things like which verb to use when there are two choices (IŚĆ and CHODZIĆ for example) is an amazing site with conjugations of loads of verbs all written out in a table including all genders, past, future, imperitiva and conditional as well as perfective/imperfective, all viewable in one table. Really good and great for checking your sentences and conjugations. is another amazing site that shows all verb conjuugations together with perfective/imperfective for a given verb. complete with exceptions, and important changes, in red. / and I've already mentioned Anki but if you don't know of it you are missing out! Free intelligent flashcards where you can create your own deck (recommended) or use huge decks downloadable online. Devote ten minutes twice a day to anki and memorising words and sentences seems almost too easy.

Anyway, hope that helps someone, I'm finding it tough and all these tools are helping massively!

14 Mar 2013 #94
I have been learning Polish for about six months and so far so good and with no input from any national, just me myself and I.
Sunny Girl 1 | 17
21 Mar 2013 #95
Do you know books from Assimil company? I think they are the best, but it is a French company, some languages have English translation but I think Polish only has French translation. On one page there are Polish sentences and on the oposite page there is translation, no grammar, no vocabulary, only full sentences. All is recorded on CDs that come with the book. I used this book to learn Dutch and Vietnamese, I can highly recomend it, but of course if you don't speak any French then it would not be for you. You can also try: there are reviews of books to learn Polish.

A website with mp3s teaching Polish slang and basic Polish vocabulary, alphabet and some info about Poland and Polish language:
26 Apr 2013 #96
Hi, I hope you find it of use:

Mazsolika - | 9
8 May 2013 #97
I would also recommend "Hurra po polsku" seria as very first books to start learning Polish, but I'm afraid you need then some help of a teacher to it as opinions of my students are, but it is really worthto try with these books! :)
VickyAnn - | 1
15 Jun 2013 #98
These sites might also be of interest. There are loads of languages you can learn including Polish of course!

They tend to focus mainly on vocabulary, with some fixed phrases.... but I find the games and activities relaxing after I've been hitting myself over the head with a grammar book for a while. :)

These ones are free to use:

These ones have some free content, and you can buy a membership if you want access to more stuff... (These guys also have a free podcast that you can download on your ipod/iphone)

Happy learning! :D
farouk 4 | 9
15 Jun 2013 #99
As a Turkish guy, I recommend this playlist on youtube. It is very useful for basic sentences:
Claudius1 - | 4
1 Jan 2014 #100
Hello! If you want to learn Polish in effective way, look here:
elrayoverde - | 1
22 Jan 2014 #101
Simple free app to learn polish words with flash cards (all cards come with recorded pronunciation)
Maluch 30 | 95
4 Mar 2014 #102
[Moved from]: Free online websites for learning Polish?

Any good websites for learning Polish that you recommend? That are actually useful and really free lol

I got suckered into signing up for PolishPod101 "free" access and they now spam my email account harddddd. The site does look somewhat decent though - worth paying for?

Pomoc mnie! :)
gask7 - | 50
4 Mar 2014 #103
For learning any language I use the mp3 from site:

For me very useful during car's drive, walk etc.

As Mr Callan said repeat, repeat and repeat.

I was surprised when after same days listening a difficult phrase became an easy one.
bbcr4 - | 6
12 Mar 2014 #104
Here is a list of some random lessons on youtube:
21 Jun 2014 #105
How about this - - a Polish language blog with basics only at the moment, but increasing in difficulty!
14 Sep 2014 #106
New blog for foreigners studying Polish language:
We are also on facebook:
Marwan - | 1
21 Sep 2014 #107
Very useful, this selection of links. Thanks for the effort !
11 Oct 2014 #108
Merged: Learning Polish language for Americans (book for learning Polish)

A very good book for learning Polish is called Everyday Polish for Americans. The authors are Edward and Teresa Cynarski.
Looker - | 1,134
16 Oct 2014 #109
Probably you're right - it's not only your opinion...

...she had two books for me. One was "Everyday Polish for Americans," and the second was "Polish for Pleasure, A Supplement to Everyday Polish for Americans." The latter is 60 five-minute lessons, and the first is one of the absolute best books I have ever read to teach one how to learn a language, in this case Polish.
The authors are the couple who gave me the books, Edward and Teresa Cynarski. In 1993 the Society of Polish American Culture of Western Massachusetts, based in Chicopee, began a series of Polish-speaking classes for adults at St. Stanlislaus School.
Interesting story of person who met the couple - authors of this book.
Btw. It's not easy to buy it unfortunately.
Crow 160 | 9,098
22 Mar 2015 #110
Learn Polish for Free

The number of Polish language speakers is increasing every year with over 45 million native speakers around the world as of 2012. Polish is the national language of Poland and is spoken by residents in nearby countries such as the Czech Republic, Romania and Ukraine. Polish is also spoken by Polish emigrants around the world. Polish is a relatively easy language to learn. There are no difficult-to-learn tones or letter sounds and the grammar is fairly simple to understand. This article will provide information on how to learn Polish for free and provide information as to where to find free Polish lessons.

just click on the link and enlighten yourself >>>
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,594
27 Jul 2015 #111
I recommend:

Polish in 4 Weeks - Level 1: An intensive course in basic Polish (Kowalska)

Colloquial Polish by Mazur is also a good option, but I prefer Polish in 4 Weeks.
piotrga - | 4
5 Sep 2015 #112
I would definitely look up the "Polish Easy Readers" series - these books are designed to be easy to read even for beginners. You only need to know 300 polish words to read them. They have vocab boxes so you don't need a dictionary. There will be audio for them soon.

Also check out the blog below:
17 Sep 2015 #113
Would you suggest some free offline(or with trial period)polish-english or polish-russian dictionary? It is not very useful to use online resources as the inet is not very fine as well as to use paper-back polish dictionary. I think it would be easy to put some word or phrase in dictionary filed, click translate and get the translation.
dariaga - | 2
4 Oct 2015 #114
Check out the FREE Polish phrase a week service that comes with audio:

Daria Gabryanczyk
Yantina - | 17
12 Oct 2015 #115

I was cleaning out my attic yesterday,and I came across my old Grammaticus. (see pic)
I used it in school to learn German language.
For me it was the perfect way to learn about the cases and their endings.
You simply slide the paper to select the word-group you need,and the correct endings are shown in the little openings.
Now I'm wondering if something like this is also available for learning Polish language.
If so,I would like to have one. I tried to find it on the internet,but I think I have a better chance on Polish websites/webshops.

Problem is that my Polish isn't good enough (yet ;) ) to be able to find my way around Polish websites.

Would someone here be so kind to help me find out if a thing like this exists,and if so,where I could buy one?

Thanks in advance.


21 Feb 2016 #116
For those struggling to remember pronoun declensions, this might come in handy :-

It gives declensions for first, second, third person pronouns, possessive pronouns, demonstrative pronouns, indefinite pronouns etc for ALL the different cases.
20 Oct 2016 #117
Merged: Learning Polish - for children

Hi all,
I live in Canada and have two kids, 7 and 10 years old. I am of Polish descent, my wife is south American. After this summer's trip to Poland, they now want to learn Polish language.

Currently, they do not speak it at all, I speak and read it fluently.
I've signed them up to Saturday "Polish school", they are in their respective grades. I've since realized, it's not Polish language school, but regular school being taught in Polish. It's not very useful, since they need to learn fundamental first.

Are there any materials out there, specifically targeting beginners at their age group, that would make learning fun? These can be paid or free?
I am committed to helping them learn, as much as I can.
Marysienka 1 | 195
23 Oct 2016 #118
this seems to be made for parents who know Polish to teach their children

it's not age specific.
Atch 20 | 4,155
23 Oct 2016 #119
I speak and read it fluently.

Teach them the phonics, that is the sounds of the letters for reading. They're very easy, as you know, and then the children can read any word in Polish and pronounce it properly which is a good start.

Start using some basic Polish with them in everyday conversation, for example greeings and farewells, please and thank you etc, names of foods, weather. For example 'ooh zimno jest!' on a cold day or 'znowu pada' when it's raining.

Research how English is taught as a foreign langauge to young learners and use some of the ideas for games etc but do them in Polish. (I'm a primary school teacher by the way and have experience of teaching young children a foreign language, so that's my advice for what it's worth).
8 Nov 2016 #120
Thank you all.
I actually found "Elementarz" my dad sent me from Poland and have been using it as a guide.
I am struggling to explain to them how the words change based on different variables. Some of the text is also confusing:

"Jestem Ada" - I am Ada, what is confusing is that they ask me what each word means, but the words don't really mean what it translates to. Instead it should say: "Ja jestem Ada"

Another example
"To lala Ali" - This is Ala's doll, but again the words don't really meant that. It should say "To jest lala Ali" - to make translating easier.

Also the following:
"A to tato Ali" - in this case "A" means "and", but it doesn't really.
These were fun ones to explain:
"Pij Bartku syropek"
"Ale to gardlo boli" - it this case "to" no longer means "this is", because it doesn't really.

That's why I think I need a real learning Polish language for English speaking book, and targeted for kids.
I am not sure if I am explaining the nuances correctly.
What I found helps a lot in learning words is matching games, where we play a game matching pictures to works. They've remarkably picked all words up very quickly.

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