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IRC channel for Polish language learning?

eberhart 13 | 120
26 Jun 2011 #1
Does anyone know of an IRC channel to help learn Polish? Or any other well trafficked real time chat (not forums)?

catsoldier 60 | 590
26 Jun 2011 #2
I don't know of any IRC channel that will help you learn Polish. I think that most of these channels will be similiar to english speaking channels anyway inmho, lots of text speak which isn't really proper english or polish. I think that forums or comments on you tube videos have better language content. Best of luck.
OP eberhart 13 | 120
27 Jun 2011 #3
Well the way posts here get picked off by some bored moderator I can't be sure if someone had an answer that I would see it posted before it gets tossed.

It doesn't have to be IRC...I was just looking for a live chat with Poles who spoke some English so you could find someone to chat with at any time. Forums are too slow and impossible to have a real conversation in due to this delay.

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