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Collection of learning resources for learning the Polish language

szveronika 4 | 10
16 May 2011 #61
I have bought a lot of books. Very good are from Universitas, but these are quite difficult. I have almost all and very good when I need to check something in the grammar.

I also have the Teach Yourself one but I don't like it.

After buying a lot of books and learning for 4-5 years now I can tell you that (for me) the best books is:

Polish in 4 weeks.

The name shows that this is a travel guide kind book, but not. Very detailed. The 2 books contain B1 level grammar and vocabulary. I am trying now to learn from A-Z because I prepare for B1 exam. Looks super.
Koala 1 | 332
16 May 2011 #62
HI Veronika,
I don't want to attack you or anything, but B1 after 4 years of studying? Aren't things going a bit too slow?
Rain33 14 | 19
5 Jul 2011 #63
What books would you recommend for people trying to learn Polish grammar?
Nojas 4 | 110
5 Jul 2011 #64
Dana Bielec - Basic Polish
Dana Bielec - Intermediate Polish
Dana Bielec - Polish - An essential grammar

Search for those and have a look on them.
gregloby - | 6
6 Jul 2011 #65
I'd like to invite you to my new website with student resources for learners of the Polish language - The Polish language with gregloby (, mostly Polish recordings with full transcriptions, but not only.

The website is at its start, so I appreciate any feedback and ideas. Let me know what kind of content interests you the most? Thank you in advance.
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595
14 Jul 2011 #66
Merged:Jokes in Polish (also good for learning Polish)

Here is a website with several 1000 jokes in Polish.

(Also very suitable for people who are learning Polish)
21 Jul 2011 #67
I'm presently searching the Web/Internet for an easily downloadable version (preferrably Adobe!) of Maria Zagórska Brooks' monumental "Polish Reference Grammar" ('74 Mouton, The Hague). Her section particularly on 'Numerals and Numeral Syntax' is awesome-:)

Can anyone pleaaaasse help?

Much obliged,
manjeet1986 - | 6
25 Jul 2011 #68
i want to learn polish and i love it. let me know how i can learn more. and i want to speak also.
Cheery 10 | 126
16 Nov 2011 #69
which of these would yous recommend for someone who kinda has a moderate grasp of the language and just wants to improve? I can speak the language mostly fine, but my vocabulary is pretty limited and I have a really tough time reading it.
TheVodkaYeti - | 5
17 Nov 2011 #70
Thanks for the links, I know a lot of Polish vocabulary but the grammar just does my head in!
9 Jan 2012 #71
how to speak polish :
tabrett 2 | 26
2 Jul 2012 #73
Has anyone ever looked at the book 'Polish verbs and essentials of grammar second edition'? I'm not sure if I should buy it or not. I looked at the first few pages on the amazon website but it looks very similar to this website that i have seen before. Does anyone know if it is the same?
Vincent 9 | 806 Moderator
2 Jul 2012 #74
Does anyone know if it is the same?

I have a copy of this book, and as it's by the same author it seems simalir. This book is very well laid out and is a good read. It is also quite inexpensive and is better than scrolling through lots of pages on your PC.
HAL9009 2 | 304
16 Jul 2012 #75
This book also has a big brother, here:
I use it as my main reference grammar.
normalnyfacet - | 31
17 Jul 2012 #76
This is a really good resource

Wolnelektury - Free Audiobooks - Free classic texts in various formats, including e-readers
17 Jul 2012 #77
I'd steal the goddamn torrent and mount the iso image from Berlitz or Rosetta if I were of mind. Paying for knowledge is for suckas.
Rudy5 13 | 36
29 Jul 2012 #78
Merged: Best resources online to learn Polish

Are there any good online resources to help learn Polish? Like good websites?
Wulkan - | 3,251
29 Jul 2012 #79
so you don't wanna learn Russian any more? :D
Rudy5 13 | 36
29 Jul 2012 #80
Haha no I decided if I'm not Russian that I shouldn't learn it, so I'm going with Polish
Mleko 1 | 20
29 Jul 2012 #81
Most of these are from my favorites (The iphone app is great, takes you from A1 to B2) (monthly subscription but you get a week free with registration) (This is ok for the basics)
whitopian1 8 | 3
12 Sep 2012 #83
any good polish language learning books?

okay, so i read similar questions like these before and many people said good things about "hurra po polsku" and "lonley planet polish"

so i started reading about these, and an a costumer's review, he said hurra po polsku is all in polish; is that true?
if i were to buy it, would i have bought something usless to me?
also these "a1s" and "a2s" keep popping up, what are they and is there any series that goes up to the highest?

i can read in spanish, so if there's any spanish-polish book that's really good, please put that up

and the "lomely planet" how does that teach polish"? is it any good?

if you have any other books, please tell me and post how they teach the language too

and please do not put up any pdf files, because i just want an all natural book.
Richfilth 6 | 415
12 Sep 2012 #84
When learning a language, there's a standard level of grades. Book publishers use this to tell you what level the material is aimed at.

A0 is absolute beginner, then A1 and A2 are the elementary and pre-intermediate stages. From there, B1 and B2 take you to an intermediate level, and C1 and C2 cover Advanced and Proficiency. You'll be looking for A0 or A1 books.

Hurra Po Polsku, while glossily printed with colour photos, is pretty much useless for teaching YOURSELF Polish. It's designed as a classbook, to be followed with a teacher; there's lots of groupwork exercises in there too. So for home study it's a waste of money.

Unfortunately Polish is an unloved language; there aren't many resources out there that simply and logically introduce you to the language. The best start is the free download First Year Course from Pennsylvania University:
catsoldier 62 | 596
12 Sep 2012 #85
if i were to buy it, would i have bought something usless to me?

No, it is a good book, but you would need to use it with a polish teacher.

he said hurra po polsku is all in polish; is that true?


Here is a link to a blog in spanish teaching a few things in polish.
wrobl - | 8
14 Sep 2012 #86
TBH I've found most books are dull, and all have that boring element of learning lists of words. I've tried many different books, and I get bored of them very quickly. The conversations are so plastic and unreal in most cases, and the exercises have you write about things you'd probably never write about in real-life, like "What is your opinion on women's fashion?".

I've learnt more by just reading and watching real language content, and making notes of things I don't understand and then getting a grammar book and dictionary out and learning things I think I will find useful. You'd be surprised how much you can just pick up by reading stuff you are interested in (even if you initially you don't understand much of what you are reading).
catsoldier 62 | 596
14 Sep 2012 #87
You are correct. What do you like to read/watch?
pawian 170 | 11,433
15 Sep 2012 #88
can anyone recommend a couple of text books

Don`t be silly and get rid of text books. Take up Polish literature instead:

for reading:

and listening:
Tobster - | 10
15 Sep 2012 #89
I gave Hurrah po Polsku a go earlier this year; it's eye-bleedingly awful.

I can recommend 'Colloqial Polish' by Boleslaw W. Mazur. It does a good job of gradually introducing things. I found a lot of books are either at too much of a beginner level to adequately cover the grammatical concepts that make Polish quite different to English, or they smash the concepts into your face with a load of incomprehensible jargon. This one seems quite good though.
miss_happy 1 | 10
4 Oct 2012 #90
This is designed for little children but I find it quite helpful.

I ike it.....yes some bits for me were really simple but the vocab builders were great :) Thanks and the more simple things my son is enjoying doing :)

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