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Does being surrounded by Slovak language help in learning Polish?

10 Jun 2020 #1
Will living in Bratislava for a year and Prague for a few months help me in learning to speak/understand Polish? I noticed some familiar words ("albo" is "alebo" in Slovak, "praca" for work, etc.) but of course there are many differences (Czechs/Slovaks don't have "dła").
mafketis 35 | 11,544
10 Jun 2020 #2
Slovakia more than Prague.... (although Czech seems a bit more similar in some ways) and the biggest benefit will be learning the morphology and syntax of Slavic (except for Bulgarian/Macedonian) languages - the cases and case agreement systems and the very different (far simpler!) verb systems of Czech and Slovak will come in far more handy for understanding Poland than the words on their own.

A problem in both countries is the larger variety (and presence in public life) of regional dialects compared to Poland where most dialects have mostly disappeared in favor of more or less standard Polish.
27 Aug 2020 #3
yes it help but it dont mean that u will speaking polish profeszional in 2 day
30 Aug 2020 #4
Vocabulary-wise it could be helpful but you will need to re-acquaint yourself with proper Polish pronunciation as Slovakian is spoken "harder" than Polish.

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