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Vincent Moderator  
17 Jun 2009
UK, Ireland / Mercy flight for dying Polish woman living in the UK [21]

Latest news just in , she will be flown home tomorrow morning. Local people have donated £9000. A little bit of good news is that she will have some time with her son.
Vincent Moderator  
26 Jul 2009
Food / PIZZA & KETCHUP served only in Poland? [159]

The only people that I have seen putting tomato ketchup on a pizza in the UK are Polish people ;) It does seem strange because like you said, tomato puree is baked into the pizza already. Every man to his own personal taste though, as I have just discovered lately that, Worcestershire sauce is a great condiment to add an extra bit of spice to a pizza.
Vincent Moderator  
11 Sep 2009
Language / Use of Kochanie in Polish [37]

It looks neutral so it would be moje. Someone will say if I'm wrong :)
Vincent Moderator  
28 Sep 2009
Love / Polish Pet Names For Girls. [156]

Joanna... Joasia... Asia - it only takes two ;)

I have also heard of an "Aśka", would this follow on from Asia?
Vincent Moderator  
28 Sep 2009
Love / Polish Pet Names For Girls. [156]


Thanks for confirming :)

rule #1 it must have an "a" at the end in order to make it feminine.

I think I've now got to grips with rule #1. ;) What are the other rules, if any?
Vincent Moderator  
7 Oct 2009
Language / The Polish accusative case [32]


This is a an excellent thread written by the OP to help others learn the Polish cases and it will be a great resource for others in the future. Lets not start talking about Swedish language, or any other for that matter, and keep this thread for what it was intended. Thank you.
Vincent Moderator  
24 Oct 2009
Love / Scottish & Polish relationships [229]

Seanus, surely not on the forums on your wedding day! Shame on you :)
My warmest congratulations to you and your wife.
Vincent Moderator  
10 Dec 2009
UK, Ireland / Religion and identity among Polish immigrants in the UK [20]

any suggestions on where polish communties socialise or practise their religion

Here is some information about the Polish church in Bristol. []
Vincent Moderator  
20 Dec 2009
Language / Why in the world there are three ways to write simple U ?!?! [54]

Imagine a ż followed by a d, poliż dupę, would it sound more like SH or Ż, I'd say Ż

Thanks for explaining Seanus. Will confirm that next time I see my polish friend. Might try to find another "d" word though ;)
Vincent Moderator  
21 Dec 2009
News / The "Arbeit Macht Frei" sign theft from Oswiecim, Poland [240]

these clowns are just a bunch of guys trying to sell some scrap metal to earn some Christmas beer money

Would have thought with the value of the scrap, they could just about buy a round of drinks. If it was scrap they were after, then there must have been larger and more profitable targets.

Due to the risk evolved and the the distance the sign was recovered from the scene of the crime, I would think they must have had a buyer for it. Someone who regarded it worth a lot more than just scrap.
Vincent Moderator  
21 Dec 2009
News / The "Arbeit Macht Frei" sign theft from Oswiecim, Poland [240]

were going to send one piece back to the museum and ask for ransom for the rest.

Could be that as well, but I can imagine it would be very risky picking up the ransom money :)
Like someone else said, I think they just cut it up to make it easy for traveling.
Vincent Moderator  
10 Jan 2010
Language / When do you use 'się'? And what does it mean? [37]

Sorry if I sound stupid in asking this, but what does 'reflexive' mean here?

Put simply...reflexive verbs are verbs where the subject and the object are the same person or thing.
Vincent Moderator  
10 Jan 2010
Language / Which is the BEST, EASIEST to learn & most helpful"POLISH FOR FOREIGNERS"course? [32]

I want just conversational useful polish language.

The course that omalley recommended 'Easy Learning Polish' is very good for peole who just want to learn basic Polish phrases. The dialogs are broken down to single words and repeated many times which helps. Very good value for money.

The Pimsluer course is bias towards Americans. Very handy if you want to learn how to say " I am American" :) The approach is good however, but I would not say that it is worth $274, especially as it can be found on the internet for free (so I'm told) or picked up for a few pounds on ebay, under a different title. If all you want to learn are some phrases, to help with everyday life, then a good phrase book with phonetic spelling should suffice.
Vincent Moderator  
31 Jan 2010
USA, Canada / My wife wants to return to Poland...but I want to stay in the US [155]

Does every single word in a reply have to be on the subject? A pretty extreme position, isn't it?

The idea is to stay on topic in these threads. If someone goes off-topic then it encourages other members to follow suit, and these public forum threads will start looking like the random chat thread. Would you really like to wade through lots of trash to find an answer to your questions?
Vincent Moderator  
3 Feb 2010
Life / Lack of Spacial Acuity in Poland [69]

Here's one showing what happens then there is a tram junction at a roundabout:

Quite a sharp turn on the South West junction ;)
Vincent Moderator  
22 Feb 2010
UK, Ireland / "Strange " English language.. [33]

We dont use them at all, not in shops, not in sport, no where..havent for a long time.

Don't forget they still use inches, feet and yards on the footie pitches ;)
Vincent Moderator  
27 Feb 2010
UK, Ireland / Time for the Poles from the UK to go home [437]


It's ironic winston that you have posted this from a Country outside the UK! I wonder if the locals there have the same mindset as you.?
Vincent Moderator  
11 Mar 2010
Language / Czego, Czemu, Co, Kto, Jak, Dlaczego? [64]

it will save some people some precious typing time not having to try and explain it anymore.

If you don't want to waste your time, why bother writing anything at all in these language and grammar threads? Leave it to the good folks who enjoy explaining the Polish language.

I just checked the title of this forum and it says 'Grammar usage', and hence felt totallly justified in asking a question.

Of course you're fully justified asking a question on this forum and please continue to do so. Don't let the above put you off, as 99.9% of the people who answer queries on here, are always willing to help and glad to be of service. :)
Vincent Moderator  
18 Apr 2010
News / Kaczynski to be buried at Wawel ?! [289]

what did you think about the funeral itself? i think everything was well organized and looked good..

Yes it was a grand state funeral and I thought Marta Kaczynska showed great courage and dignity throughout, even though there must have been a lot of pain inside her.
Vincent Moderator  
9 May 2010
Language / Bookstore in Warsaw - Polish in 4 weeks LEVEL 2 [19]

To be fair, noone would expect to learn everything about Polish in four years, never mind four weeks. Both books are quite good though, and using the dialogs along with the cd's they're quite a good course.

Of course one should also invest in a good grammar book and dictionary to supplement these books as they get more confident.
Vincent Moderator  
9 May 2010
Life / what is GG chat please? [17]

Gadu-Gadu is a Polish instant messaging service. You would have to download the software and set it up. All the instructions would be in Polish, so your Polish would have to be quite good:)
Vincent Moderator  
29 Jun 2010
Travel / Hometown / Vacation pictures Poland [201]

Brings back nice memories for me too.The tram car in the picture was one of my first port of calls for morning coffee. I wonder if the Restaurant/disco "Miami Nice" is still trading as there was some great food on the menu here.
Vincent Moderator  
29 Jun 2010
Travel / Hometown / Vacation pictures Poland [201]

if you're looking for good food then "Pod Kluką" restaurant is the place
for you.

Sounds like a great restaurant and a bit "gutted" that I missed out on this last time:)