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Polish Language Exchange Thread

Karol Pol 1 | -
31 Oct 2012 #1

I'm polish and i can speak with you on facebook chat in polish

polish for free - that is my nick

I invite everybody how want to speak polish against english
13 May 2013 #2
The best way to learn Polish :)

My name is Magda and I'm Polish native speaker. I'm looking for language exchange - I can teach you Polish (even for beginners), you will teach my English. My English is quite good so it won't be difficult for you. I would like to talk with you on various topics such as hobbies, vacations, life, work, studies etc.

I'm 23 nice and friendly student of architecture.

Call me!

My skype mwstolc .
4 Aug 2013 #3
Hi, I am student of first year of psychology and I have helped foreginers in Polish for 2 years. I can give you own stuffes, a nice atmosphere. I teach by the Internet - Skype, mails, gg - do you have any ideas? - say me, please!. I know English and a little Belarussian. 15 zł per 60 minutes.

telephone: 724 101 159
Skype: ilwisniewska
11 May 2014 #4

My name is Jarek, i'm willing to exchange language skills by internet ( skype, e-mail) if you are interested please call me, my skype - jarekr83
SabinaLasak - | 1
27 May 2014 #5

My name is Sabina, I come from Poland and I want to learn english. If you want to I can help you with polish and You help me with my english (skayp or e-mail).guage ex
Donnie1991 - | 1
15 Aug 2014 #6
My name is Tomasz and I'm Polish native speaker. I'm looking for language exchange. Your English for my Polish. I am 23, and I am student of biology :)

skype: doprawdy
mmmpol 2 | 6
21 Aug 2014 #7
Merged: English for Polish

any body interested to practice speaking Polish with me, in return i can teach/practice English.
Leszek29 - | 1
25 Sep 2014 #8
Hi everyone! I am polish guy and I would like to practice my english and also I can help you with polish. If you are intersted this exchange language write to me. My mail:

I think this is very good idea.
EduardoLebre - | 1
30 Oct 2014 #9
I`m a 25 years old Brazillian living in Warszawa and I`m offering language exchange(Portuguese and English for polish), I would like someone one that has polish as mother language, I can speak good english and spanish, and my mother language is Brazillian Portuguese, if someone it`s interested in that trade please send me a private message and let`s study toguether =)

About me - I love to play the guitar, reading books, learning new things, making new friends, radical sports, travelling, old movies, and the blues.

If anyone it`s interested I want to learn more polish and we can make a trade for english, portuguese or spanish!
Ya jestem z Brazilly, mieszkam z Warszawa j mam 24 lat.
Send me a PM or e-mail eduardodealmeidalebre@hotmail than we can trade phones or skye face, whatever =)
30 Oct 2014 #10
Hi everyone! I'm Polish and i live in Gdansk, Poland. I want to improve my English skills (mainly grammar and vocabulary) and I offer Polish in return. We can chat via skype or write emails. My email is: Looking forward for a message! :)
Roger - | 1
31 Oct 2014 #11
Merged: We can learn each other!

I'm Polish high school student which want to improve his english skills.

Mainly speaking , because here is hard to find anyone to talk with him/her in English ;x

I can also learn you polish as well ;)

Even some Japanese or Chinese guys can speak polish , why you shouldn't?

It isn't so hard!!

PM me if you are interested in ;)

See you,
jinn - | 1
19 Nov 2014 #12
Can you really help me in learning polish language
21 Nov 2014 #13
Merged: learn polish and teach spanish =)

Hi, like i said in the title...just yo learn polish and im from argentina i can teaxh you spanish (argentinian type =) )
hellsaku - | 1
11 Dec 2014 #14

I'm native Polish speaker who wants to learn German and Italian.
I can help you with Polish and English, if need be, in exchange for one of my desired languages^^

PM me for contact arrangements if you want to learn with me;)
M3rsh - | 1
18 Dec 2014 #15
[Moved from]: Help finding Polish-English translation activities?

Hi! I was looking around the interwebs for an activity that might help me practice my Polish by translating phrases and sentences from English to Polish, or vice versa. Do any of you have a good site that would let me do this? All I have been able to find is stuff on a young grade school student's level. Any help appreciated.

Siema! Szukałem na internecie jakieś zadania, które mi pomogą ćwiczeć polski, przez tłumaczenia z Polskiego do Angielskiego, albo odwrotnie. Czy macie jakąś strone która by mi pozwoliła tak robić? Tylko udało mi się znaleść ćwiczenia na poziomie młodych studentów, n.p. w zerówce. Jakakolwiek pomoc mile widziana.
JollyRomek 7 | 475
18 Dec 2014 #16

if you are interested, a friend of mine is looking for a translator from Polish to English for her company website. The translated text would be proofread by an English native speaker together with her, to point out any mistakes you may have made in order to help you to improve.

She is struggling to find the time to do it herself, so if you are interested, you could earn a few zlotych on the side, she would get her translation and you would get your practice. Win - Win situation :)

Let me know if you are interested.
mmmpol 2 | 6
27 Dec 2014 #17
Merged: English for Polish


i am living and working in Toruń, looking for someone who can teach me Polish, in return i will help them to improve thier English.
29 Dec 2014 #18
Hi, if you want to improve your polish or practice some polish conversation, I can help.
In exchange I would like to improve my conversational skills in english :)
30 Dec 2014 #19
Hey, my name is Oliver, I'm 18, live in Australia and want to improve my polish, which is currently quite limited. I can help improve your English in some way through simple conversation and correcting mistakes.

For now, only text chat via email or skype, because I need to improve understanding of polish letters/spelling.

Email me, clippeh@hotmail
JeremyWarsaw - | 6
5 Jan 2015 #20
Merged: French professional looking for Polish lessons: any Skype teacher to recommend?

Dear all!

I French professional, leaving in Moscow and I am currently learning polish by myself, as i plan to move to Warsaw in coming month, but I need to develop my level quickly

Could anyone recommend me a good "Skype" teacher?

Also, if someone is offering this kind of service, feel free to write me directly.


5 Jan 2015 #21
Yes, I can offer you free learning on Skype, as I'm a Native Pole. Add me: filip.bernatowicz1
JeremyWarsaw - | 6
6 Jan 2015 #22
I don't know why my post is moved to inappropriate threads for the second times!

I am not looking for language exchange but a Teacher who is experienced in Skype lessons, who has a methodology, and who can teach me business polish in short term period.

Thank you!
Edern - | 1
9 Jan 2015 #23
Merged: French-Polish language exchange Krakow

Hi, anyone who could be interested in exchanging French for Polish ?
I'm a French native, speak English and Spanish but nothing from Polish. I'll be in Krakow for the next 6 months. Thanks !
12 Jan 2015 #24
I'm from Ukraine. I can teach u Russian or Ukraine. I just need Polish :3
My skype vova.krushinsky
shy123 3 | 10
20 Jan 2015 #25
Merged: Exchange Language Learning English/Polish

Anyone who is willing to learn English, And in return will teach me Polish Language.

guage ex

I want to learn Polish, in exchange I will teach you English
Adi - | 12
20 Jan 2015 #26
I can help with Polish language. I'm interested in exchange for Spanish, Czech, Croatian, Ukrainian and English.
My skype adi_silesia-pl
Hrvatwithapolak 1 | 23
21 Jan 2015 #27
Hey Adi,

I speak Croatian quite well and i'm doing everything (right down to buying polish for kids, seriously) to learn Polish to impress my girlfriend and her family. Lets talk :)
bond 3 | 10
29 Jan 2015 #28
For all those wanting to learn English, I'm a native English speaker and started a group on Facebook to help people and explain stuff. If there's something you don't understand about the English language, you can always post, ask questions and I will try to explain them to you. I also post new words worth knowing once in a while so you can add to your vocabulary from time to time. So why wait, join my free Facebook group now.

5 Feb 2015 #29
Hi. My name is Zbigniew (Zibby for those that can't pronounce my real name correctly :) ) and I am native polish speaker.

I can help those of You that want to learn Polish. I think about my Polish as quite good and i originate from part of Poland where "pure" Polish is being used (no dialects and no "silly" accents. Western part of the country). I am in no way trained as a teacher but i will do my best. Looking for someone that can teach me advanced English (i.e tenses and different ways of pronouncing) but its not mandatory. I consider teaching/promoting Polish a mission.

Feel free to msg me on facebook (Zibby Barszczewsky)
Lyzko 45 | 9,394
2 Mar 2015 #30
Ciao there, Zbiszku!

If you have mutual interest in exchanging your educated, native Polish for a few pointers in English from a native English-speaking equivalent, I'd be only too pleased to offer my humble services:-) I also speak Polish, and therefore, might be able to show you things which a monolingual Anglophone (or a Polish native speaker) might not.


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