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Polish Language Exchange Thread

PolandBoy - | 7
5 Mar 2015 #31
Merged: Pole is looking for an English friend to mutual learning

Hi or Dzień dobry
I'm from Poland, my name is Mateusz. I looking for person, who want learn Polish language. My English is not the best, I am beginner, but I want to study, so I offer Polish language classes in exchange learning English :)

I am 21, My hobby is programming, I study at university in Poznań.
If anyone is interested please reply in this topic.
Lyzko 45 | 9,391
7 Mar 2015 #32

Co studiujesz na uniwersytecie? Urodziłes się w Poznaniu? Zrobisz błąd typiczny wszystkich Polaków: Zapomniałes rodzaj "a" w Twojim drugim zdaniu "I am A beginner.."



Please note that Polish language is only acceptable in the Rozmowy Po Polsku forum or when explaining translations.
Looker - | 1,134
7 Mar 2015 #33
Good try Lyzko, but there are mistakes in your sentence:

Zrobisz błąd typiczny wszystkich Polaków

Zrobiłeś/Robisz błąd typowy dla wszystkich Polaków


Lyzko 45 | 9,391
7 Mar 2015 #34
Dzięki, Looker!

To byli prawdopodobnie tylko błędy typograficzne przecież się uczyłem regułów gramatyki polskiego już w szkole, ale jednak jestem bardzo wdzięczny za Twoje poprawienia:-)

Bearing the mods' warning in mind, I wish to thank you once again (in English) for kindly pointing out some basic bloopers which I shouldn't have made, being as I DID learn them in class, once upon a timeLOL
PolandBoy - | 7
8 Mar 2015 #35
Hi Lyzko.
I am studying Informatics. I was born in small city about Poznań. Thank you for pointing out the error. :)
Lyzko 45 | 9,391
8 Mar 2015 #36
Informatik = Information technology (I.T.)

Hmm, sounds interesting! Zatem potrzebujesz jezyk angielski dla tej pracy:-)

Are you from a suburb (przedmiasto) of Poznań? I unfortunately only know Szczecin from first-hand knowledge.
I'm happy to point out mistakes, as I trust you in turn won't hesitate to point out mine!

I learned Polish for mostly practical purposes. Whilst I have no family in Poland, I do have acquaintances (znajome) with whom I'm still regularly in touch. Frankly speaking, their English is so halting, I find it easier to simply talk to them in Polish.
DannyF 1 | 6
10 Mar 2015 #37
Siema Mateusz,

I'm looking to learn Polish and I'm happy to join in with these guys to help you work on your English.

I'm an English guy living in England with a Polish girlfriend.

Lyzko - I'm impressed; I don't know anyone who isn't Polish whose Polish is so good that it's easier for them to speak to Poles in Polish (there're a lot of Poles in that sentence!).
Lyzko 45 | 9,391
10 Mar 2015 #38
Believe me, Danny boy, it's no big deal! Same in Germany! Soooooo many Germans insisted on speaking English with me until they heard my German. They never had to revert back to English:-)

For one thing, I took the trouble to read Goethe, Grass and Boell! The Germans I met, didn't even bother to read Stephen Crane, Hawthorne or Emily Dickenson. American "culture"??? 'Coulda knocked 'em over with a featherLOL
DannyF 1 | 6
10 Mar 2015 #39
Well, I'm still impressed, Lyzko! I'm a long way off that level.
I don't blame the Germans for not reading Dickinson, though; she's not my cup of tea either. As for Grass and Böll, I won't pretend I've heard of them - they sound more like nouns used by cricket commentators than authors' names, to my ear. What brought you to studying Polish?
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
11 Mar 2015 #40
Zatem potrzebujesz jezyk angielski dla tej pracy:-)

Niby dobrze ale nie dobrze :) Zatem potrzebujesz młotek dla tej pracy. Pomińmy młotek/młotka ale dla/do. Żaden Polak nie powie dla ;)

English is the language on these forums.
Lyzko 45 | 9,391
11 Mar 2015 #41
Dzięki, Piotrowi Olsztynu aka 'Peter Allenstein' LOL

I readily realize the mistake....(yes, it was a basic one, apologies)


As I said, I started running out of patience with the halting English of my friends from Rzeszow, and so I decided I'd better simply bone up on my Polish.

While I'm scarcely chastising the Germans I encountered for not knowing Emily Dickenson, if one doesn't know literature, how is one to (literally!!!) sound literate in the language they are speaking?? Once there was a higher standard in America. Even TV was once the gold-plate ring which we all strove to emulate, e.g. the late Walter Cronkite, Jack Paar etc..

See any of those guys on the horizon?? I sure don't!

Back to Polish, I always loved Jan Brzechwa's verse, used to play Chopin and was hooked on Polish cinema. So, there ya go:-)
Borek Falecki - | 52
11 Mar 2015 #42
Zatem potrzebujesz

Zatem is too bookish for that context.

Zatem = therefore (cognate of the German dafür)

be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves
DannyF 1 | 6
11 Mar 2015 #43
If I wanted to say "So you need English for your job?" in Polish, my (admittedly basic) attempt would be:

"A więc potrzebujesz języka angielskiego w tej pracy?"

If I was rushing, I might say:

"Czy musisz mowić po angielsku być informatikiem?"

I'm sure I've made loads more errors than Lyzko - I just want to learn how to communicate with people in everyday speech- I don't use "therefore and "ergo" in my casual spoken English so I wouldn't want to try to in Polish.

Lyzko, you seem like more of a man of letters, so maybe you're looking to portray that in the Polish you use?

Mateusz, are you following- or have we bored you with Dickinson and cricket?

This forum is for those who are looking for someone to exchange details with in order to learn Polish language. It is NOT a message board, so if you ( and other posters ) want to chat, please use the PM function. Thanks.
ErikaLee 1 | 6
16 Mar 2015 #44
Hey guys, I'm Erika from South Korea.

I'd love to learn Polish from native speaker. Once I tried, it was soooo difficult that made me give up, but I wanna give myself an another shot.

I can provide my Korean in return but if you are not interested we can try to improve our English too. I simply need new friends right now as well.

Skype: leebn0915
Lyzko 45 | 9,391
16 Mar 2015 #45
Erika, I take it you're also looking for a native English speaker to help improve your English?

Don't be fooled by the moniker, I'm an English native speaker:-)
min - | 1
25 Mar 2015 #46
Hey guys,

I'm min from South Korea.

I'd love to learn Polish from native speaker. now im living Poznan

who want learn Japanese or Korean language? im from south Korea but i was living Tokyo so im native Japanese and Korean

If anyone is interested please reply in this topic or mail me
MagdalenaM - | 2
6 Apr 2015 #47
Hey! My name is Magdalena nad I am from Poland. If you need converstion to improve your Polish just let me know. With pleasure I will help you. I am so impressed that you guys are learning Polish because it is difficult language even for me (orthography for example I mean) :)) Me, I would like to improve my English so If you would like to make tandem write to me please: We can contact via Skype or e-mail. I keep my fingers crossed :)
10 Apr 2015 #48
Dzień dobry!
I am living in Dallas, Texas and have been trying without luck to find a Polish tutor in my area. Although I would prefer to meet with someone one-on-one, I am very interested in trying some informal exchanges with native Poles and in turn would love to help anyone learn English!

My skills are very basic at this point (and I'm currently very intimidated by learning Polish grammar :/ ) but one day I would love to be fluent so when I visit my family in Poland I can speak with them in their language!

Please feel free to email me if you would like to try this out or if you know of anyone in the Dallas area willing to give personal lessons! My email is: mborninski@gmail

We could also arrange Skype as well!

PS: I'm hoping to get started with someone soon, and keep it up for as long as I need the help! I would like to be able to have a good vocabulary before my next trip in 2016 :)
13 Apr 2015 #49
I am an American learning Polish. I've been going to Polish school for the past 4 years. I wish I went when I was young because it would have been so much easier than it is now. I'm looking for someone to help me talk in Polish. I'm OK with written Polish and reading it (sometimes), but speaking it is a challenge. Vocabulary is hard as well, but grammar wise it makes sense to me the cases, well at least some times! I'm willing to help in learning English. Let me know if anyone is interested.
Norwegia - | 3
18 Apr 2015 #50

I am a norwegian girl trying to learn polish. I have been teaching myself for the last flour years, with a little help from friends and my partner. I know many words and phrases in polish, but I need to learn how to connect the words into sentences correctly. I also want to have correct form in verbs and how to bend according to male/female. I am very eager to learn, and little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to writing.

My english is quite good as I speak english daily at work, and lived a year in Scotland. But I can also offer norwegian as I am born and raised in Norway.

18 Apr 2015 #51
Being a perfectionist with an eager to learn a foreign language is the best mixture. :) I understand that Your partner is Polish/knows Polish well? I live in England for almost 10 years. My English is far from being perfect although i can communicate on a sophisticated level. Feel free to ask me any question about my native language on facebook: Zbigniew Barszczewski (could my name be any more Slavic? :) )
PannaWanna - | 1
20 Apr 2015 #52
Merged: polish/english lerning

Hi. Im Anna from Poland. Maybe someone here want lern polish? I wana lern english so we can practise togewer on skype for free. I prefer british men or american.

polish for english
I have 24 y o and I want to lern english.
I live in Lublin.
Im nice girl so dont afraid and just write to me:)
25 Apr 2015 #53
Hi i'm from Brazil and i really would like to learn polish with a native speaker. I love Poland and the culture. In exchange i can help you practice english, and i can also teach something in portuguese and italian. I study physics and i've living in Rome for a few months. So feel free to contact me ;). My email : ismaelribeiro9@hotmail
Pawlot - | 2
26 Apr 2015 #54
Hello she123,
Please contact with me bay e-mail to start exchange teaching:D
my e-mail:pawlot86@gmail

regards to all
29 Apr 2015 #55
Hello, my name is Zibi (read: Zeebee) and I a native polish speaker.
I am in a process of learning english and it will be lovely to have have someone to practice my english with.
I am offering polish lessons in exchange :)
Please Skype me if you are interested: magormx

I look forward to hearing from you!
magormx - | 1
29 Apr 2015 #56
Hi there,
will you be interested in teaching me english in exchange for polish? Skype me: magormx
chefy 1 | 3
3 May 2015 #57
everyone who are reading this post. I am really interested to learn polish I had dozons of polish apps in phone but I really didn't learn that much. so I need someone who could guide me and talk to me in polish plus we can practice English too. My English not the best but not bad tooo. Give it try text me or mail we can chat through Skype
sancho8 - | 2
5 May 2015 #58
I'm looking for someone who is learning polish. In exchange I would like to learn english so if You have a time and patience mail me. My skype sancho8
Orval_Winston - | 1
8 May 2015 #59
Merged: English for Polish?

I don't know if this is cool, but I would like to learn some Polish, and will gladly teach English in exchange.
I literally just want to watch Wiedzmin series, because it looks awesome as ****.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,278
8 May 2015 #60
It is hard to teach someone on the internet, even using Skype. A good self-teaching course is better, though a good one is often not available. For me TV courses are the best. There was one broadcast on the TVP "Polonia" chanel, maybe it is still available on their website?

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