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16 Nov 2014
Work / Australian looking to teach English in Poland [25]

I'm sure you will find something as long as you will be living in one of the big cities. There are plenty of jobs for IT specialists . How about tour guide ?
29 Jan 2013
Australia / I am moving back to Poland - to live from Australia. Is it a good idea? [29]

Hi All ,
I live in Sydney and work in a building development company as a Quality Inspector I am female 35 years with a bf who gets on my nerves .

I finished and matriculated from High school in Poland and came over here when I was 20 . Have an arts degree major in Graphic Art.

However my mum passed away few months ago and I have no other family here
just few friends who have their own lives and family .
Well I am thinking of moving back to Poland to live and work there , I have enough to purchase my own apartment in a smaller town where

I am from - Radomsko . Also I have inherited some farm land from my great great uncle . Is it good idea to leave my life here and move to Poland where my roots and my family are ?

tell me what you think .
( I have cousins and maternal side of my family )
Everyone I talked to ( from Poland ) says I would be crazy to do so . Other people say I should try .
I dont know ... Please tell me what you think ....
6 Jun 2011
Australia / Best Polish Food in Sydney? [31]

The best and somwhere where it wont break your budget is at Home !
I noticed a lot of Polish guys know how to cook very well , ask for advice , search the net sure u find good recepies.
5 Jun 2011
Language / Polish sayings [229]

it a saying or a joke " człowiek urodźił się zmęczony , więc żyje poto by odpoczywać "
one is born tired , so one lives to be resting "
4 Jun 2011
Love / In Polish relationships who is the boss? [46]

I haven't met a couple yet , who shared the power !
Its always the way where one person is dominant.
It can change with time for example when my grandparents were young and grandpa was the main family provider
he was the boss but later when he was getting a pension my grandmother became the boss !

Monia hit the nail in the head !

Do you know who the boss is ? A person who loves less ( a partner becomes more dominant if he/ she feels an advantage by better look or better financial position . It is always like that , there is no real partnership , always one person gets more power .

5 Nov 2010
Language / I need to find a name for my cartoon character (similar to Chuck for a Buck and Sid)? [8]

Jacek i Agatka

Bolek i Lolek

zuraw i czpla

Przykro było żurawiowi,
Że samotnie ryby łowi.
Patrzy - czapla na wysepce
Wdzięcznie z błota wodę chłepce.
Rzecze do niej zachwycony:
"Piękna czaplo, szukam żony,
Będę kochał ciebie, wierz mi,
Więc czym prędzej się pobierzmy."
Czapla piórka swe poprawia:
"Nie chcę męża mieć żurawia!"
Poszedł żuraw obrażony.
"Trudno. Będę żył bez żony."
A już czapla myśli sobie:
"Czy właściwie dobrze robię?

bocian nie moze byc sam to powinno byc bocian i zabka

You need to make two characters stork and a frog
all the good characters are in pairs !
18 Sep 2010
Australia / Polish travel agent in Sydney [7]

Voytek Lasek @ Pennant Hills Ph 02 9875 1333 he will go out of his way to help you, not only the best prices but the best airlines !
13 Jun 2009
Australia / Polish community in Sydney, Australia [93]

I don't menan to put down Polish places but

Excellent ? I give it about two and half stars - its not excellent at all . I rather eat
anywhere else even Korean place on liverpool road is heaps better than there .
Everything about that place is less than ordinary. Fitout , no windows in that place, food is
less than ordinary.
I appeal to Polish ppl who run the place to put their act togehter charge more
and be more professional.
29 Nov 2008
Australia / Adult Polish Lessons in Sydney? [20]

At the Macquarie Uni there is language section Polish Language , you can enroll and study there.
If you doing an arts degree it can be counted or if you're in High School you
can do it by correspondence.
1 May 2008
Australia / Polish Tutoring Options in Melbourne [77]

Is it cool to speak po Polsku only because Poland is in EU ?

also to anyone who is trying to learn polish why not download polish
songs it is the fun way to learn !
30 Apr 2008
Australia / Polish Tutoring Options in Melbourne [77]

I find this thread very very interesting. I am amazed how many people like
to learn and speak po Polsku. If only it was like that when I came to Australia
over 15 years ago and all the polish/ozzies teenagers looked at me with contempt
because I couldn't speak English. ;-P and now look , some of those teens who didn't want to even say dziękuje looking for tapes to learn how to pronounce

polish words ! Suddenly it is cool to be Polak / European ..... hmmmm
14 Apr 2008
Australia / Anyone from Sydney, Australia? [44]

Czesc Wszystkim Ozzie Polonusom
JEST DYSKOTEKA W SOBOTE 19-tego Kwietnia w Bankstown Nie wiem ile kosztuje wejscie ale zaczyna sie okolo 8 PM .... Slyszalam ze jest bardzo fajna muzyka
wiec Zapraszam ....
5 Jan 2008
Food / Borscht - Zurek / Bialy barszcz recipe [153]

Ok I know exacly what you mean biały barszcz -white barszcz
It is like a special start to make the " soup barszcz " you have to make it in advance
of makeing the soup .

I haven't made it for a long long time now but
that is how you make it more or less.

first boil 1.5L of water and leave it to cool. then in a large stonware saucepan or jar take wholmeal flour- with wheatgerm about 1.5 cups , about 1 tea spoon salt .

and one clove of garlic - pour the water over the dry ingredients and stir ( you can add extra wheatgerm flakes if you like ) then most importantly take few (1 or 2 about 3 cm long) crust from sourdaugh or rye bread and put in mixture also .

taste it it should be salty , add more salt if it is not.

leave it in a dark place for 2 or 3 days , remember to stir it . When it is done it should be
sour and salty in taste.

Once it is done you use this to cook the soup . In polish deli you can buy it in a packet
it is called Żurek .

Good luck
15 Dec 2007
Life / Poles - the Nation of Liars? [380]

Just a work of advice if you dealing with offices,baanks red tape in Poland "nie posmarujesz nie pojedziesz " ask your native polish what it means
12 Dec 2007
Language / Polish sayings [229]

"prawda jest jak pupa, każdy ma swoją "

= the truth is lika a buttie everyone has he's/her's own.
11 Dec 2007
Food / Polish Potatoes [41]

to make mash potato extra tasty add some real butter not marg.
after they boil drain the water
put back on hot stove (not too hot ) for a 60 secs so the steam comes out of them
add butter and mash !

mmmm Pycha !
27 Sep 2007
Love / How Polish boy will show the symptom that he is love? [27]

polish boys when in love will
1. give you flowers for no reason at all
(even wild ones picked from your neighbour's garden or from a park ).
2. will give you compliments eg you have nice smile , eyes
3. look deeply into your eyes
4.hold your hand
5.wait until you kiss him first
6.ask you out to the movies
7.carry heavy bags for you
8.offer help you with whatever you doing/studying
9.take you for long walks in romantic places
10.and most importantly remember your b'day or name day !
22 Sep 2007
Classifieds / Asian community in Poland [104]

Just to clear something up do you know that Indians are Asians ! India is in Asia.
15 Sep 2007
Life / Why are Poles always so miserable? Why do they never smile? [512]

I totaly agree with the author of this post . Just look at the avator pictures all girl's faces
look totaly serious miserable even, or ppl display animals - who can tell if that cat or dog
is smiling ....
I think polish ppl think that when one is smiling , loughing and happy in public one looks
or is stupid .
I remembr I used to laugh uncontrollably with my cusin about nothing - it always made her dad really mad and angry - told us to be serious and act with dignity and respect.
9 Sep 2007
Language / Polish Swear Words [1175]

geco ??? maybe = dziecko = a child

beete ? maybe = bic ( c with an accent) = hit

otherwise i have no idea what "alabeete" is
8 Sep 2007
Australia / Anyone from Sydney, Australia? [44]

Maybe this forum is not very popular in au. of maybe the ozie polacy are very shy !