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27 Jan 2022
History / Why Poland is not Russia [192]

belarussians claim he was theirs, lithuanians theirs, and polish that he was polish.
27 Jan 2022
Off-Topic / Have you ever gotten teary eyed about leaving a foreign city? [36]

"writing poor English while insisting that foreigners who write in Croatian, write correctly."

thats what these polish women especially teenager girls from Poland do to me on twitter all the time. they dont even understand or can speak one foreign language or have English skills an international language I am a master of and whoa re they to criticise me because I dont write in their crappy no one outside of Poland cares about language absolutely fluently due to having been raised abroad since I was like 8? How do they feel when someone criticizes their English I wonder? I cant stand polish teenagers man...
27 Jan 2022
History / Why Poland is not Russia [192]

why are all polish people including supposed liberal by poland's standards pawians so nationalistic? or such dirty nationalists? what makes them think anyone cared about poland or the polish view of things or even history?
27 Jan 2022
Love / Are all beautiful Polish girls as crazy as this? [262]

pawiam, who reads you? i cant believe you are a representative of poland and the polish youth as a teacher with your coming from cold war propaganda american or holywood movies on soviets.
27 Jan 2022
History / Why Poland is not Russia [192]

did poland really charge german tanks with lancers? I believe russia had penal detachments as did germany to go through mines but i cannot see any proof regular soldiers were forced to on a regular basis do anything of the sort.
27 Jan 2022
Life / Lekarz pierwszego kontaktu (POZ) vs lekarz rodzinny. Any difference? [NEW]

anyone know the difference between these two? Which do I look for if I need someone just to see check ups or want medication or something and either want to do it via medicover or nfz (for free)? vs privately you can just go to anyone right? Also does medicover have its own hospitals or is everyone forced to use the state ones in poland and wait 6 hours and sor and such?
26 Dec 2021
News / The ruling party in Poland tries to take American owned TV news station off the air [528]

"Always pointing the finger at the other guy and never looking in the mirror is not a way to move forward."

Very typical polish trait though. even from the little man or bottom up form the store clerk or postal guy here.

"I don't care about paper-work. If you are a foreign crminal you should be deported."

I was form the land of the free and the brave apparently.
26 Dec 2021
News / Poles say a big YES to our European Union [957]

Oh believe me russia is very respected particularly by the US unlike the eu by the US. they are a force to be reckoned with and even in the middle east have a presence unlike europe. and unlike poland and much of the eu they have a clear presence with bases and allies and strategic partnerhsips worldwide. They also have europe iun economic grips due to gas pipelines and nordstrom 2;
14 Dec 2021
Off-Topic / The Metaverse is more than you think [2]

People like to ponder the fermi paradox and wonder why earthlings haven't made contact with E.T.

I'm here to tell you why

and this has to do with the nature of reality and the upcoming Metaverse everyone is raving about particularly related to Facebook or its plans for it.

This universe, this planet and your biological bodies are a sort of egg that will be hatched once this civilization enters the metaverse.
The truth is most civilizations exist within virtual reality and they are already HERE among us but within a different dimension, which is the metaphysical reality brought about through uploading consciousness to technological substrates.

Before our planet was even born there were already civilizations in the galactic internet. Beyond just modems and even satellites. This is where the true contact will be made is through a global internet and virtual reality with ETs.

Once we can detect their quantum intergalactic/interdimensional transmissions they will know we have reached the civilization type that is appropriate for joining their civilization. Until then, planet earth and this civilization need to be conditioned and eased into this through more primitive means of virtual reality, which is accessing the earth's metaverse through head mounted displays.

Within a few decades though we'll be beaming our consciousness to VR with brain implants.

And now you know
Life is literally a video game
How does that make you normie shitbags feel?
To know that reality itself is descended from the same sort of mindset that lead to gamer culture.

It's going to be interesting to see how type 1 VR affects society
I mean look at things already, transgender ideology is being taught in public schools
Imagine how things will be when reality is completely SUBJECTIVE and can be molded at the whims of whoever
8 Dec 2021
Love / Sexual appetites of Polki (in the 21st century) [31]

Guys watch the show You on Netflix the first episode. This is how women in America are and how people meet over there. So much better and easier than Poland. You have women flirting with you at a library even if youre just working at the store or a librarian or whatever. no one judges you and women are way more into sex or understand their needs and sexuality than these mongrels you call Polish women here. People meet without being part of any group or groupies. Women go out alone to cocktail bars. it is nothing like this traditional backward and catholic country or its women called Poland. I literally can walk around all day go everywhere do everything and will never meet or have anyone interested in fuking me or even getting to know me without money or some personal benefit they see in having an interaction with me here. Theyre all asexual robot communists and lames and users of men. And the men beat women here I bet. It is a sick country. Like sick man of asia china used to be Poland is like sick man of europe.
7 Dec 2021
History / Vikings in Pomerania (near Gdansk area)? [19]

Damm this is a great mini documentary on the vikings in America and fighting native Americans:

The vikings it seems were like the mongols but a couple hundred years earlier and almost conquered the world. I wonder how they would have fared against the mongols or if they were still powerful by that time or the 1200s?
7 Dec 2021
Po polsku / O co chodzi z tymi Żydami. [127]

Masz racje Crow czemu ci Polacy tak żydów nie lubià czy innych słowianów jak na przykład Ukraińców a tak uwiebiajà amerykanów i anglików i tyłki im liżà?
6 Dec 2021
History / Chances of Moscow becoming part of Poland again? [102]

I dont see how anyone especially Polish claim Russia wasnt or isnt a European power. Unlike Poland they had colonies and were part of the boxer rebellion in China or nations that put the weak man of asia under their wing and divided it during the 1800s and early 1900s. Only europeans did that not Poland and Russia was one. They were also parts of most of the major wars and trade agreements with real western european pwoers and divisions that happened post wars like the great war while poland didnt exist. plus they had a big aristocrasy class and wined and dined with the french and european elites during the 1800s while again Poland dint exist. Watch some movies in holywood for godssakes Polish. not your fake crap history.
4 Dec 2021
Love / Should I forgive my cheating Polish girlfriend? [73]

Polish females are so ****** up you guys dont even know

They are like f-ing witches or from another planet of every age literally. They also lie to themselves thinking they have some morality. Yet they sell themselves for money and use sex as a weapon or a commodity but think they have some ******* morality.

yes such moral people where their teen sluts sell vids of themselves or hooking and throw themselves when on vacations abroad at foreigners but they feel inside they are so moral doe.
28 Nov 2021
News / Will America send troops to fight a Russian invasion of Baltics and/or Poland? [281]

why doesnt america just put boots on the ground in ukraine like they did in poland? I mean if washington needs an excuse all it would have to do is have putin kill even by accident a us service personnel and it would give the american public excuse no? I mean if nato or the west is worried about putin expanding than why not put some trump style bases there why just poland?