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Amazing Stalingrad footage and images

Strzelec35 33 | 1,055
3 Aug 2021 #1
Who ever compared any battle of Poland even the entire country with its govt unlike Stalin cowardly fleeing the capital and country way early in the war when Germans invaded and the whole country wasn't run down yet and that stupid Warsaw Uprising to it is a moron I dont want to be banned again so I wont name names on that Warsaw uprising thread but you're a moron if you think anything Polish people ever did was comparable to the greatest battle humans have ever fought and who ever won it won the war:

I have to go here and see this monument and museum:

i have to see this monument and stalingrad or volgograd how it looks all the places ive been reading about fir so many yrs.

Read about the battles for Pavlovs House, The Grain Elevator, The House of Specialists, Manayev Kurgan. These small battles within the larger battle of Stalingrad were more significant to the war than anything Poland did including Warsaw Uprising.
amiga500 2 | 901
3 Aug 2021 #2
You should go. I must say I've been disapointed , I thought some Polish Hooligans or Ultras would beat the living **** out of you by now. But the russians will do the job on your incel pedo ass for sure.
OP Strzelec35 33 | 1,055
3 Aug 2021 #3

Greatest battle of all time. Ive srtudied it thoroughly.
amiga500 2 | 901
3 Aug 2021 #4
amazing how incel culture and soviet propaganda are intertwined. It's almost as if someone organised it that way
OP Strzelec35 33 | 1,055
3 Aug 2021 #5
"IM disappointed"

says the cop calling lying snitch. Says a guy who claimed to call cops on me or anyone being a snitch.

See the thing is I admire both the Germans and Soviets. I like both and both were warriors of the highest caliber. Im not only pro soviet or anything I actually also get off watching just how far they went like the battle of caucuses or the mountain peak they conquered highest in Europe:

Plus they were hella handsome those Germans and fearless. I actually admire both sides. Just not Poland. Only because the govt ran before the country was even encircled yet. Stalin stayed in Moscow even when German tanks could be heard. And only because of how nationalistic and lacking self awareness those veterans and old people in Poland are.

This is a pretty amazinfg audiobook I just discovered to anyone interested in the Eastern Front or Ostfront called "where the iron crosses grow" amazing book really:

My bad part one is the one I meant to post way better more deep beginning:

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