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4 Mar 2019
Love / Foreign Older vs Younger Relationships In Poland [7]

yeah, age doesn't really matter if BOTH parties are genuine and legitimately interested in each other, unless, of course, it's an obvious mismatch such as 18 and 50!? But a 20-25 year difference has the potential to work out depending on maturity levels.
2 Mar 2019
Law / Custody Issue and Travel Abroad of my Girlfriend from Poland [17]

Thank you for all the constructive answers. Yes, I am aware of the many difficulties and impossibilities in a case like this. As for finding a girlfriend in the U.S.A., I sure can, I just choose not to. Tired of the culture here. I was born in another country anyway and speak 3 languages, just not Polish. I am a U.S. citizen. Yes, I could find some American woman. (I am divorced, btw and have kids of my own) Yes, I see that this could be a very difficult situation. She is not trying to bail out of Poland to live the "great life" in America. Given the father of the child is a complete tool who visits 6 months out of the year, just enough to keep his parental authority and pays late child support, no xmas visits, no bdays visits and doens't care about the child's education or daily life, and yes, I maintain contact with both mother and child. The child loves me and so does the mother, as far as I can tell.

I have also been to Poland and yes, long distance relationships are difficult but daily video chats for months have been useful. I think that many of you may be right. This is a BIG problem. I cannot afford $75K for a lawyer and I would never pay that kind of money or any money to Polish lawyers. The child's father has moved on, has his own steady girlfriend but as soon as he finds out that the mother has a chance to take the child away to America, I am sure the ahole will show up.

She had a Polish boyfriend before and the ex boyfriend got in the middle of it and scared the guy away from the relationship.This girl is SO unfortunate to have mated this POS - she was young - and fortunate she had a beautiful child with him. Part of me tells me that she may be condemned to only finding and possibly marrying a Polish man that's willing to put up with the ex and the situation.

Even then, that could be difficult for the new guy to have to deal with her ex. I am white and as far as acceptance by her parents, it's not an issue. She lives them and they accept me. I can see that it would be much easier to find a woman that is no encumbered by a child custody battle that could take years. OR have to wait for the child to turn 18, which would be 14 years from now!

Basically a woman that has a child out of wedlock in Poland heavily limits her options to find a good man, especially someone living outside Poland because of this issue with ex's that create hell for the women they mated and had a child or children with.

I also assume that once the ex finds out that an American guy is involved he would want to raise hell for his child's new "Daddy"... Yeah, it can get ugly. Sad situation. In the end, the child is suffering. She dislikes her Dad. Runs away from him. The mother too but she is poor and needs the meager 600 sloty every month. I don't know, if it were my child, I would let her go to a better life, one that I could never give her, even if it were far away. That's what my parents did for me. I left another country for America when I was still in my early teens, by myself, parental permission and all. Long story. They weren't even married.

So, that's why, in a way, I got more connected to this single mother and child and am/was trying to pay it forward. No, she's not after a Green Card and yes, she could bail once she got established in America. But that's everyone, here, 50% divorce rate in this country. No surprise. So you need not be a foreign woman to ditch some guy after a few months or few years into the marriage. I love her but I can see that a future together is pretty slim. Unless God was merciful and knocked some sense into the pest that causes all these problems for the mother and her/his innocent child. Life isn't fair and after all the child IS his child, not mine. I understand that.

Also, many Polish women need to understand that having a child out of wedlock or getting separated/divorced can really mess up their futures if they want to leave Poland and try a better life/money/lifestyle anywhere if there are difficult custody issues. I have lost sleep over this due to love to both mother and child. But what can I do? I am not some rich American. This may be doomed to failure, occasional visits to Poland and nothing happening. Plus the risk of an eventual physical confrontation with that POS and not knowing Polish on top of that. Yes, the odds are heavily against me. She's a good person. She doesn't sleep around and she is a great, dedicated mother. She has not been chasing American/British men to get out of Poland. Any guy, once he realizes the situation, would give up on loving her. She is aware of that too. This world is full of POS that make the lives of their ex's miserable and the lives of their own children, preventing them from moving forward, even with a new local spouse. Sick and frustrating. This happens here in America too but the laws are more strict and more favorable towards the mothers and totally about what's good for the child.

Thank you so much for your replies.
28 Feb 2019
Law / Custody Issue and Travel Abroad of my Girlfriend from Poland [17]

I have a girlfriend in Poland that was never married but has a 5 year old child from a previous relationship. She's allowed to travel to Germany to visit family. She can also travel within Poland with her child. If we got married, what are the chances of her being able to move to the U.S. with her child? The father is a loser that only visits the child 1/3 of the year but he does pay child support, even though late. Is this a hopeless case? I understand that without the father's consent, that child cannot leave Poland. If my Polish girl marries and American (or anyone else who is not Polish), does she have any chance of moving away from Poland? I am concerned that this would turn into some ugly - and expensive - court battle without end and that the relationship would suffer. Since I don't speak Polish and have no job in Poland, I couldn't stay there while waiting for this to happen. I understand that if we got married in Poland, that I would be granted EU residency. Since I don't speak Polish, any confrontation with the father - who has his own girlfriend - over his daughter could be disastrous. I can picture the guy telling me to **** off and go back to America or threatening violence because of jealously for his daughter. Sure, finding a childless Polish girlfriend would be enormously better but I happen to love this one. Any suggestions? Stay or bail? Thank you.
28 Feb 2019
Travel / American Visiting Polish Military Base. Issues? [11]

I am an American citizen and have recently been to Poland. I honestly loved the country and the people. I don't speak Polish but I have learned the basics to get by. I have made a few good friends there and they are great. One of them wants me to visit another friend who works at a Polish Military base and he has a recording studio there.

My friend said, you can show them your U.S. Passport as an ID to get in with me. I became a little concerned. I did not notice ANY anti-American sentiments at all while I was in Poland (I guess they generally like us Americans as long as we don't act like aholes while visiting). My question is: would I have any problems with the military by visiting their base? I know I would not do that in Russia! I found that all the Polish people I encountered went out of their way to help me in Warsaw when I got lost as my GPS wasn't working there. Thank you.
20 Oct 2018
Law / No Minors Allowed To Leave Poland Without Parental Legal Consent? [4]

I know a woman in Poland that never married and has a 4 year old girl. The father comes and visits once in a while, sometimes he doesn't pay any child support. The woman is raising the child and living at her father's house. She tends to have a less than friendly relationship with the ex-boyfriend who has since moved on to other girls.

What are the chances that this woman could leave Poland with her child (no passport for the child) without the express consent of her ex-boyfriend? She can go to Germany, I guess, but I am not sure she can take the child with her on those trips. Will she have to wait until that child turns 18 in order to be able to leave Poland with her, IF the child's father never gives the little girl permission to leave the country with her mother. Are Polish girls that have never married or that are divorced with minor children may be STUCK in Poland until such children turn 18? Sounds to me like, for an American, he or she is better off dating childless singles or men/women with no children under the age of 18 if they want to bring them to America or elsewhere. True?
20 Oct 2018
Love / Foreign Older vs Younger Relationships In Poland [7]

I don't think any of us plan on getting older. It just happens and one day, you are there, over 40 or 50 as life happens. Then you decide you want to go to Poland and perhaps find love again. Recently I fell in love with a 29 year old Polish girl, who after 2 months of daily interactions said she loved me more than I would ever know. Even her 4 year old was saying I love you in English. The girl spoke English, comes from a small town near Warsaw we got along great! She wasn't much into getting a Green Card or coming to America, especially because she can't get her daughter out of Poland without a court battle with her ex-boyfriend. She was never married. Long story short, after saying that age didn't matter and that we were meant for each other, she dumped. told me I was too old (45) and that I should go find some lady my own age, ended blocking me on Facebook and Messenger and that was that. I was left confused and broken hearted for about 3 weeks. My question to the members who really know Polish culture and women: Is it a waste of time to court and hope to have a relationship with younger Polish girls, and mean girls over 28-30? What if you are not Catholic? I seem to see a growing number of single mothers in Poland. How can they get their kids out to live in America, for example? I don't speak Polish but I could possibly learn since I speak fluent Portuguese. I have already been married and have 3 older kids, High School (1) College (2) and I am separated and finalizing a long-drawn out divorce. I am a U.S. Citizen and can spot a Green Card chaser a mile away. I am not rich. I am physically fit and look younger than my actual age, not but much though. 38 maybe. I am tired of American women in general and I am sure they are tired of me so I want to possibly live and work in Poland. Have friends there. Your opinions, please. Thank you.