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Health Insurance Requirements for Poland Residency

grspring 11 | 55
8 Aug 2015 #1
I have been looking for information on health insurance requirements for myself to go along with my long stay visa application. My wife is a Polish citizen and I am from the US. We will also be traveling to other EU countries.

It seems like I have to have insurance before submitting my application for long stay? If that is the case can someone advise on health insurance requirements and comment on which companies are considered best for and that non-citizens prefer.

Looker - | 1,134
10 Aug 2015 #2
Yes, one of the requirements to obtain the long term residency in Poland (karta stałego pobytu) is to have a health insurance.

A long-term EU-resident permit may be granted to a foreigner who:

- has been staying in Poland legally and uninterruptedly for at least 5 years (what is an uninterrupted stay?);
- has maintained a stable and regular source of income (what is the stable income condition ->?) for the 3 years of their stay in Poland immediately preceding the submission of the application (in the case of Blue Card holders (what is a Blue Card ->?) a 2-year period of stable income is required);
- has health insurance (documents confirming the possession of health insurance ->);
- has a place of residence in Poland; [...]

Regarding which insurance to choose, check this thread:
OP grspring 11 | 55
10 Aug 2015 #3
Thank you for the information.

I'm having a difficult time defining my category on the migrant site.

I am the retired husband of a retired, newly granted polish citizen. We are coming from the US. We own property in Krakow (an apartment) and would support ourselves with retirement investments and US government Social Security Benefits. We are also putting a two year max limit on our travels for my wife to explore her family's homeland.

We will not have/need jobs but we will need insurance. I guess my wife can get a Polish Government plan and supplement that with private insurance. Can I just pay the government for insurance or do I go the private route. We are arriving in September so I'm trying to get as much information collected before arrival.

jewellover 1 | 3
29 Oct 2015 #4
Merged: health insurance for residence permit in Poland

Hi Guys

I am a newcomer here Poland, and i am here to do business. company is established 2 weeks ago, and i am trying to apply for residence permit now.

Is there anyone who get residence permit? if so, could you please advise me how much guarantee amount should be efficient and what insurance company can i choose?

Please advise.

Thank you.
OP grspring 11 | 55
11 Mar 2016 #5
We arrived in Poland for 5 months ago. My wife is a Polish citizen and I obtained a short stay visa based on our marriage. She is eligible for government health insurance and I read that as a family member (husband), I am entitled to apply for it also. Currently there are no problems and I am using Enel-Med for prescriptions and check-up on pre-existing conditions.

Is it true that I can apply. If so I can't find forms to do this.

25 Jul 2016 #6
Merged: Medical insurance for Poland residency application

Can anyone help. I am an EU national who wants to Register for residency in PL.

I am supposed to Show that I have health insurance as part of this process. I dont have a European health Card now as I was living outside the EU for some years...

What will they accept instead, ie private insurance , must it be fully comprehensive or Basic or with a Minimum Limit ?? Best Company recommendations ??
Thanks for any help
Videobroker 11 | 22
3 May 2022 #7

Best Medical Insurance and Temp Residency

Hello. I am from USA. My fiance is Polish.

Issue # 1 - True or False?

I have a temp residency card based on studies and it expires this month. I read and have been told by a broker that border guard no longer looks at the expiry date in your card until the pandemic is officially over so you can re-enter Poland with an expired card as long as you travel directly, transit flights okay. Can't go to other Schengen countries.

Issue #2

What health insurance can one get without a PESEL number? How much per month for no pré existing health conditions! What do you recommend? What company/agent? English speaking.

Thank you

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