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Health Care Quality in Poland - NFZ vs Private

trontob 1 | -
8 Jan 2020 #1
Looking on opinions on quality of health care in Poland, NFZ vs Private - in particular on orthopedic surgery. I'm in need of an ACL reconstruction and am not sure whether to go private or through ZUS as I heard the national system isn't well funded. I've spoken to 20 differed orthopedic centers in the region and none of their doctors will consider doing a surgery through NFZ. I'd prefer not to pay out 10-14K for the cost of surgery privately (average price in Krakow) as it would require taking out a loan. If anyone has 1st or 2nd hand experience, would be very interested in hearing it.
Looker - | 1,043
8 Jan 2020 #2
The public health care is now better than it was in the past.
However I don't trust NFZ' dentists for example - private specialist in the dentistry field are still affordable and of good quality.
Another major drawback of the public healthcare is long waiting time and lines.
I use NFZ just for basic family care, labs, some check-ups. Then I look for specialists in the private sphere.
Of course, more serious treatment is already expensive in private, so hospitals, etc. - such facilities rather with the NFZ deal.
Atch 17 | 3,151
8 Jan 2020 #3
Have you looked into the EU health care directive? It might be a solution for you.


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