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Health insurance in Poland - your suggestions please

4 Apr 2012 #1
I am currently pursuing a work visa and need to get some sort of health insurance to fulfill the requirements of the application. Just your basic plan - I'd like to find the cheapest premium, rather than best services.

So, expats, I know some of you have survived this process and was wondering if you came across any budget-friendly health insurance - if so, do tell!
MoOli 9 | 480
23 Jan 2013 #2
Merged: Anyone know good health insurance in Poland besides the govt one that takes ages

I tried medicove /damian quotes they quoted me 470 for a mnth gurantted for a yr minus 15% discount if paid all at once.I hear from pals they will jack up more every year and other insurances will not accept pre existing conditions for an year,as I am mildly diabetic which will ofcourse grow by age.
pip 10 | 1,659
23 Jan 2013 #3
we use luxmed when we need it fast and public care when we don't. I detest medicover. generally speaking, we as a family don't get sick, but my youngest has had a few accidents and my husband broke a bone. Not enough to warrant the fees required for private care, but if we need blood work right away or an xray or something, we go to luxmed and pay as we go.

luxmed and medicover are the top 2- I don't even know if there is anything else??
Warszawette - | 128
23 Jan 2013 #4

I had Allianz through my bank for 2 years and paid only 60/month. Unfortunately Allianz and bank stopped working together as of January 1 (neither Allianz nor the bank bothered informing people, I just found out at doctor's ;)) and I got stuck. All the insurance companies are too expensive (Medicover over 450/month) or turned me down since cancer 3 1/2 years ago and they demand 5 years. Not easy when current or recent (my case) health problems but I have just bought Polmed, a new product offered by Signal Iduna (German firm) which had turned me down. Polmed is only 59/month, covers almost everything but needs to be renewed every year, can only be used in around a dozen clinics in Poland including 4 (or 5) in Warsaw but there is NO health questionnaire. It costs 206/month for a family.

It can be the answer to your problem since like I said all others shall turn you down or shall be too expensive. Health insurance is very expensive in Poland when not 25 years old and not in fantastic health but considering the State's system, best to have private insurance (I would be dead if I did not have any....)

If you need more info, send me an mp.

All the best!
23 Jan 2013 #5
I am mildly diabetic

Find a link to a foundation in Poland which act as a watchdog for complaints If you contact them and explain your full situation they may suggest the best option. The other alternative is to take out medical insurance in Germany or the UK for EU cover. It is also possible to take out Critical insurance within the EU.

Good luck.
Wroclaw Boy
23 Jan 2013 #6
All the insurance companies are too expensive (Medicover over 450/month) or turned me down since cancer 3 1/2 years ago

sobieski 107 | 2,128
23 Jan 2013 #7
I am with Medicover since 2003 and do not have too many problems with them, only that waiting times are getting longer (because they are taking on too many new customers). I pay 360 PLN, and that is for their best package which includes hospitalisation in their Wilanów hospital.
Maluch 30 | 95
21 May 2014 #8

so ironically enough I need Health insurance to get residence card so i can get a parking pass :)

male 32 years old, healthy

I want bare bones covered - just enough to legally allow me residency status.

NFZ quoted 7700zl down payment plus 350 a month which is ridiculous! (maybe I don't need that parking pass after all haha)

where else is good?
jon357 70 | 19,626
21 May 2014 #9
Medicover is OK. Not the best, but also not expensive for the basic cover. Damiana also do it at a reasonable price.
perkujki 4 | 26
15 Nov 2014 #10
Merged: Monthly cost of National Health insurance premium

What is the monthly cost for a family to join the National health insurance, thx
Monitor 14 | 1,820
16 Nov 2014 #11
If you're unemployed you can register in Job Office and get free health insurance for you and your family. If you're employed then part of salary covers obligatory health insurance. If you're neither employed nor unemployed read that:
AhmedAly 6 | 13
10 Mar 2015 #12
Merged: best medical insurance company

Hello guys do anybody know what is the best medical insurance and also not expensive for covering all medicals check ups ?!

And which the best mobile phone contract ?! Play or orange
pigsy 7 | 305
10 Mar 2015 #13
Medicover, we pay 5300 pln a year per person included Damian insurance also but no prescriptions, very happy with it.covers all major medical and regular day to day.
jon357 70 | 19,626
10 Mar 2015 #14
I have insurance through work but have so far never used it - if I'm ill, I just go to the doctor and pay 120 zl.
sobieski 107 | 2,128
11 Mar 2015 #15
I pay my own ZUS health contributions (the amount varies every 3 months, presently it is 370 PLN per month).
Also have Medicover which covers at 360 PLN per month pretty much everything (all specialists and treatments, operations and staying their own hospital).
Damian is also included. For example when last year September I broke my arm in a bike accident, the rehabilitation was also included (20 sessions) but was done by Damian.
11 Jul 2015 #16
Merged: private health insurance for international student to apply to karta pobytu ??

Dear everybody, I'll start my undergraduate studies in Poland next semester and one of the most important documents to apply for the residence permit is the Health Insurance certificate. I come from a non EU country btw so is it possible to apply for the karta with a health insurance from an international company such as '' Allianz'' or is it a must to buy the polish students health insurance?

I read on many websites that '' The students from Non EU/EEA countries are recommended to buy medical insurance in their home country before arrival to Poland''

so what's the right thing to do ??
Sebb13 - | 13
25 Aug 2016 #17
Merged: Health insurance for Non-EU Student


I'm an international student living in UAE. I have received admission from Politechnika Krakowska in Krakow. I have few questions about the health insurance for non-EU citizens.

In the visa application they require health insurance. Can I obtain health insurance from NFZ before arriving at Poland?. Or I should purchase health insurance here in UAE, if so from where I should purchase it here ?

Is it more likely to receive visa, or there's a possibility for visa refusal?
kpc21 1 | 763
25 Aug 2016 #18
It's the website of the NFZ department in Lublin, not in Cracow, but the rules are the same in the whole country:

So it seems you need come to Poland first to get the health insurance from NFZ.

Some information is also available here:
Sebb13 - | 13
26 Aug 2016 #19
In the visa application they require health insurance, if I can't obtain NFZ health insurance before I arrive at Poland, where can I get health insurance required in the visa application??
kpc21 1 | 763
26 Aug 2016 #20
I would ask the university. It might be so that you need to buy a commercial health insurance (as if you were travelling to Poland as a tourist) for the time until you get your visa, come to Poland and do everything in NFZ.

But I don't know, I would ask the university.
Sebb13 - | 13
26 Aug 2016 #21
If I would purchase commercial health insurance, how much it would cost me approximately?
terri 1 | 1,664
26 Aug 2016 #22
The cost of any insurance depends on your age, your previous health history and any operations, your intended behaviour ie. dangerous sports. Each of the organizations must have a web page, where you could ask those questions. I would estimate that for around 250-300 pln an average, young, healthy, non smoker, non drinker, non-abuser of hard drugs can be covered.
Sebb13 - | 13
26 Aug 2016 #23
Can you recommend tourist insurance companies that I should contact?

If I would purchase tourist health insurance for the visa application, the insurance would be valid for a year or less?

Can anyone recommend tourist health insurance companies that are cheap and reliable?

Any suggestions??
kpc21 1 | 763
29 Aug 2016 #24
1. Ask the university if you really need to buy a touristic insurance for this period, because it looks a little bit weird
2. Google offers of such insurance which are available in your country, but first of all, google what kind of insurance you actually need for your visa!

(if you haven't got any answer yet, this means, people who have had such a problem before don't look at this forum often)

3. Compare the prices offered by different companies
4. Choose the cheapest offer (unless you have reasons to choose a more expensive one)

Sorry, but these are things you can find in the Internet by yourself. Whatever you buy, deal with, whatever problem you have to solve, this is the basic procedure. This is how the life works.
terri 1 | 1,664
29 Aug 2016 #25
I was under the impression that 'all' students studying at a Polish University are automatically covered by medical insurance.
Is this not the case, or does the medical cover depend on your EU or non-EU status.
Sebb13 - | 13
29 Aug 2016 #26
Well in the Polish embassy they require health insurance before traveling to Poland, to apply for a visa you need health insurance.
Students studying in Poland are covered by Voluntary health insurance from NFZ. I can't obtain that insurance before arriving to Poland (because it requires residence permit). So I have to purchase travel insurance to obtain visa, then when I arrive at Poland, I apply for Voluntary insurance from NFZ.

So anyone would recommend travel insurance company that are cheap and reliable?
terri 1 | 1,664
29 Aug 2016 #27
If that is the case, then the Health Insurance must be purchased in the country of your origin and not in Poland. You only need your insurance until the day you start studying.

I cannot recommend any health insurance providers in your country of origin.
19 Jun 2017 #28
Poland is a beautiful country. Unfortunately it has a problem with foreign insurance policies. This is why I had problem with proper medical care after the accident which I had during my stay in Cracow. Anyway, the American Clinic was able to help me with my problem.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
19 Jun 2017 #29
Of course, of course. The American Clinic is so bad that it has to spam forums to try and find clinics.

BTW, your lack of articles is very Polish. Why would someone with medical problems go from Kraków to Wilanow for treatment anyway?
30 Dec 2017 #30

Can anyone recommend health insurance for poland ?

I live in Poland for about 7 months each year British. ..and don't actually work in Poland - tho will probably start paying taxes on foreign income .

I haven't used the health services here yet , and in my 40s and don't have any health problems...still. ...not a bad idea to be insured.

Anyone know the best way of doing this .?
It seems you can make voluntarily payments to ZUS ( based on a about 10 per cent of your income ) ... anyone know of any other alternatives ???

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