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Health insurance in Poland - your suggestions please

kaprys 3 | 2,415
30 Dec 2017 #31
How about the European Health Insurance Card? Can't you use it?
If not, think of dobrowolne ubezpieczenie zdrowotne - about 400 złoty per month.
pol2pol 1 | 3
15 Jul 2018 #32

Health insurance for students in Poland

I am a student in Lublin and need health insurance for expats or students. Can you recommend something good and cheap?
14 Jul 2019 #33
If you don't have any long-term disease, it may be best to go without health insurance and go to a private clinic, as needed. That way you'd only pay when you need to use a health professional. That includes dentists too (private ones are much better than public anyway).
Cargo pants 2 | 419
19 Jul 2019 #34
Can you recommend something good and cheap?

Gothaer is a cheap health insurance Policy you can buy for around 120Pln a month,but you have to pay out of pocket and claim from them.A good substitute for non eu foreign students.Google:GOTHAER TOWARZYSTWO UBEZPIECZEN S.A.
29 Jul 2020 #35

Health insurance


I currently live in the United States and would like to live in Poland. I obtained Polish citizenship at consulate in NY. I would like to know how public and private health insurance works in Poland, is there anyone that can explain this topic?

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