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What is the state of physique health of Polish people?

7 Aug 2013 #1
Are most of Poles in (still) good physique health and what is the trend? I noticed there are less and less physical education classes in school and it's easy for parents or students to skip PE (WF) lessons completely.

One good thing about living in Poland is that people walk a lot (which is a great form of exercise). But will it be enough in the long term to maintain good physique?
7 Aug 2013 #2
Are you in Poland? If so, you can notice that most Poles past the age of 50 look much older and are in very poor health (poor diet, poor medical facilities, often not enough money to buy prescribed drugs, alcohol...). At the same age, Poles look much older than their counterparts from Western Europe, North America, Australia... Except for the very rich, Poles age very quickly....
OP Radion
7 Aug 2013 #3
most Poles past the age of 50 look much older

I tend to agree.. many Poles who are over 50 think they are old (and they should look old/fat). In reality, they should be still considered young by the 'Western' standards. Most of elder Poles don't take care about their physique...
Kowalski 7 | 621
7 Aug 2013 #4
many suffer on Poland syndrome ,
birth defect characterized by underdevelopment or absence of the chest muscle
7 Aug 2013 #5
As a Westerner, I'm really shocked by the look and state of health of most Poles aged 50 and older. I've also always been shocked by the number of amputees (legs or arms, women as well as men, old or young) and in good sunny days, most exhibit their amputated body to beg for coins (in Centrum Warszawa a lot of them any day). In North America and in Western Europe, amputation is extremely rare but here it seems a common "remedy". I personally know the case of a young girl who got run over by a truck and who had her leg broken and believe it or not, the surgeon wanted to cut her leg off but the parents refused....It was 3 years ago (not in the 19th century;)) and the girl with both her legs is alright now.

I don't know about that but heavy drinking + poor diet + medical neglect + bad living conditions surely don't help. Compare people of same age groups in Poland and in North America/Western Europe and that's it....
johnny reb 40 | 7,725
30 Oct 2022 #6
The E.U. is not happy with Poland burning toxic materials.
Poor air quality was the cause in 2019 of approx. 40,000 deaths in Poland, one of the highest rates in the EU.
Yet the Polish keep right on doing it.
Alien 12 | 2,773
30 Oct 2022 #7
@johnny reb; burning toxic materials.....
That is why you shouldn't come to Poland in winter. This winter will be especially bad.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,486
30 Oct 2022 #8
Yeah and there is heat turned off for the last 2/3 days even so its not that heated as it use to be.I am using my electric heater after midnight to wee hours.Never was like that in my 22 years of coming to Poland.

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