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17 Oct 2018
Off-Topic / Ukraine - a country in Central Europe? [28]

Im sure you can google your way into the information of where to file your (useless) lawsuit, but then i wonder, are you also going to fight Google, every single time-related website and god knows who came up with the EET (Eastern European Time) zone that Ukraine is in?

As said above by someone, you're fighting windmills buddy. Calm down and find a new hobby
16 Oct 2018
Off-Topic / Ukraine - a country in Central Europe? [28]

Wikimedia Foundation, the organization behind Wikipedia, is based in California.

I'd say you dont stand a single chance as there isnt a legal definition of Eastern Europe, and Wikipedia even shows, on mouse-over of the word Eastern Europe on Ukraine's page, an explanation about the wide range of connotations of Eastern Europe.

Hence filling in your request to mention an alternative point of view.
16 Oct 2018
Off-Topic / Ukraine - a country in Central Europe? [28]

Thats the thing, "we" already agreed that Ukraine is categorized as Eastern Europe.

Most of us are fine with it. You are not, but that doesnt mean the rest of the world is gonna change. Take for example your wikipedia-change-denied as an example.

I mean, how much effort do you want to put in it, and what is your eventual goal to achieve. For the common man Poland is also considered Eastern Europe. Is that your next fight?

Why are we discussing Ukraine's geographical location at all on an American Poland forum. Pick your battles, and im guessing this is not one you're gonna win.

Apart from that your quoting on centre-of-europe location is very selective. There's a bunch of claims.
16 Oct 2018
Work / Poland - Corporation in corpo, what to do if you work for 4 languages and you are not paid for? [7]

You choose to do it to begin with. Either you suck it up or you change to another job where they DO pay you for your language skills.

If your employer says no, you can do absolutely zero squat nada to get extra money.

What you can do, if your contract doesnt state the use of any other languages, is refuse to speak them any longer.

Your sickleaves dont really give you a moral highground tho. I'd also not want to pay a guy more that takes sickleave while not being sick just to avoid doing his job. Even tho you say its someone else's job, its still the bosses time. Dont like it, dont do it. But dont use the sickleave method
16 Oct 2018
Off-Topic / Ukraine - a country in Central Europe? [28]

To be exact, to Lisbon its closer to 3400 km.

Your point about Russia pretty much validates the reasoning behind saying Ukraine is Eastern Europe tho.

Im guessing here, that your problem with the term is that its your opinion that its a derogatory term. Its only that, if you see it as such.

For the rest of us, "Eastern Europe" simply means the geographical location in the east. Getting rid of a geographical term as a cold war relic doesnt seem like a logical step to me, but then again, i dont mean anything else than a location with it.

I think it will be easier for you to accept the fact that people call it Eastern Europe without meaning "shi---" than it is to convince the rest of the world to start saying its Central Europe.
4 Oct 2018
Law / Technical inspection for an American Mustang in Poland [6]

Its not easy or cheap at all with Xenon lights, they have a lens in front of them.

It is correct that they have to be pointing to the side tho. No matter what type of lamp you have.
This is also why lights from UK parts cars are not usable in EU.

Your easiest way is replacing the whole light unit. Will be expensive tho, but im not sure you will get your lenses adjusted anywhere
19 Sep 2018
Law / Selling 'imported' car within first year in Poland [7]

i've sold multiple cars on Dutch license plates while living in Poland, just wrote down my dutch address on the bill of sales and never heard anything about it.

I'd ignore the post above here that says almost nobody will buy your car, it'll have a minor impact on the price, yes, but you'll easily sell it anyways. I never had any trouble and sold the most random and uninteresting cars on Dutch (export) plates.

Ofcourse what happened with your stamping stuff i cant judge as i've never had that situation, but my guess is you'll never hear of it again
16 Sep 2018
Law / Selling 'imported' car within first year in Poland [7]

Let me see if im getting it correctly/

You moved the car excise-free as you already owned it in Slovenia, so its a "moving good". But since you werent actually registered properly in Poland, you couldnt finish the import process and you now have a car that has no Polish registration.

Here's what you do: Sell the car, but make clear it isnt imported yet. On the sales agreement you sell it using your Slovenian address, even tho it might be outdated.

The buyer of the car can now import it himself and will have to pay the import tax. Problem solved.
13 Sep 2018
Law / Non payment of child maintenance & court in Poland [17]

I really wonder where you got the idea that a child is the mothers responsibility only. Just because the dude didnt marry her, he doesnt have to pay for sticking his dick in without protection?

Lets hope for the poor girls-out-there sake you are either married (sorry for your wife) or forever alone (not sorry for anyone)
3 Sep 2018
Work / Salary for entry level Scandinavian / Finnish speakers in Poland [10]

quick answer as i dont have time for the long version:

do NOT work for Wipro. Its in the building next to where i worked, had many friday-after-work drinks with the guys and it is by far the most horrible company Gdansk has to offer. Their only + is higher salaries, which they have to offer to even out the horrible working conditions as otherwise their office would be empty.
30 Aug 2018
Work / Salary for entry level Scandinavian / Finnish speakers in Poland [10]

Bit different as i am Dutch guy that worked in IT for 2 years in Gdansk.

The thing with career progression in Poland is that foreigners tend to "progress" their career into another country.
Higher position salaries simply arent that interesting in Poland if you are not bound to the country in some other way.
Added to that is the fact that there simply arent that many "higher" positions in Poland. Most foreign companies have their service centers there, but are still managed from abroad.

Same goes for me. When progress came, it meant relocation. I live in Finland now.

I can put you into contact with some Fins if you want, in Gdansk working in IT. But they're mostly low-level jobs and all bigger promotions take them to other countries.

unrelated addition: With a 10k salary (gross i assume) you can live quite comfortably in the Gdansk area. It'll take you far above the average salary. Bit surprising as Gdansk is usually on the lower end of the scale when it comes to salary offers vs Wroclaw and Warsaw. Perhaps times have changed for the better
24 Aug 2018
Life / How's the life of an LGBT person in Poland? [90]

I can conclude that there is more hate in Poland than support.

Bud, i have some good news for you. All the hate you just saw here, you will see in any other topic on this forum. This forum LEAST represents actual life in Poland.

Most hate you got from Mr Rich Mazur who is if anything, a complete bigot who doesnt live in Poland and has not for a long, long time.

As a foreigner that has actually lived in Gdansk i can tell you, ignore this forum, you will absolutely be fine. If you want you can send me a message and im sure i can find you someone from the Tricity LGBT community to talk to and voice your concerns.

p.s. short stab @ Rich - we're currently at a point of overpopulation that a good part of non-reproductive LGBT's would actually do the planet good. But as your "fake" life you've invented on here has stated, you're a 70+ year old pensioner in America. Too late to change your mind, but you'll die soon. All will be well.
23 Aug 2018
Life / How's the life of an LGBT person in Poland? [90]

You should be fine in Gdansk. Lived there a few years and met a few gay people, never heard any negative stories from them.

There's not many gay bars to my knowledge, i know there is one on the beach in Sopot.
8 Aug 2018
Life / Any one in need of a bulldog? A dog's life in Poland [39]

Maybe its time to find a new neighbourhood to live in? :P

But if anyone is getting a dog, go to the shelter. There's fuckin millions of abandoned dogs in Poland. They dont need puppies, they need to learn to take care of their dogs, not kick 'm out on the street when they move abroad.
30 Jul 2018
Love / Moroccan / Polish Dating, we need some informations to reunion [2]

1: you need to get a work permit before you can work in Poland. To get a work permit, you first need a job. Your (future) employer will then apply for a work permit for you.

2: Not gonna hold your hand through the whole process. Find something that works for both of you. p.s., moving in together after never having seen eachother is gonna end badly. No matter how in love you think you are.

3: No, you should get a job before you come, or your visa might run out and you have to return. Having some savings with you is always a good idea.

4: No it is not. Dont mind what other Poles say here, but if you stick to the big cities, your French will be a big asset and you can get a job in IT (Service Desk area) or Customer Service easily in international companies. I'd recommend sticking to IT. It is NICE to learn some Polish along the way, as it will make your communication with locals easier. In the beginning your girlfriend will need to help you out with official documents and registration and stuff, as people at the government tend to not speak English. Or dont want to.

5: How should we know. We dont know where she lives and where you live, and even if we did, you can look for ticketprices and such yourself.
24 Jul 2018
Life / Cost of converting cars in Poland to left-hand drive [58]

Buddy, if it was that easy all your UK cars would already be here, converted and for sale.

Only the parts you'll need for your 987 will set you back over 10k pln, plus the labour by a good mechanic will be a neverending search. They've all moved abroad.

But yeah, kicking a 9 year old topic will make you believe you found a pot of gold.
28 Jun 2018
Real Estate / Question about real estate purchasing permit in Poland [3]

Hi all,

i've googled this a whole bunch of times, but i seem to be getting very conflicting answers from different websites.

Some saying its fine, some saying i cant because border area, and some saying i can since 2016 all permit req. are lifted for EEA citizens.

So here's the question:

I currently own a flat in the Tricity area, together with a Polish national.
I'd like to be the only owner of the flat, and buy out the Polish national (on mutual agreement, ofcourse).

Now, do i need a Real Estate Purchasing Permit for this, or not?

additional information:
EU national, currently not living in Poland.
12 Jun 2018
Life / How do Polish people see homosexuality? [152]

@Dirk diggler
You couldnt be more retarded if you tried.

That sort of bigotry cannot even be discussed, history has shown already many times that time will cure it. Probably why Poland is also far behind on the race acceptance.

What we can discuss is how you're wrong in measurable facts. Im not from UK, nor do i live there.