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13 Jul 2023
Travel / Driving from UK to Poland [9]

Having done this numerous times I would not recommend it. Once you do the math a flight and a budget rental car are way cheaper. The only reason we did it was we had a dog and needed to bring him with us. You can do it in one go depending on which part of Poland you are travelling to but it is dangerous. The advice I would give is to get a ferry early in the morning or at night and try to catch a couple of hours shut eye on it we always did the Dover-Dunkirk route for this reason. Also, you want to be disembarking early in the morning so the majority of the journey is in the daylight as driving at night after a 24hr stint at the wheel is asking for trouble. The really is nothing so interesting on route to see, perhaps Berlin is a good stop off as you have broken the back of most of the journey and hotels are plentiful. I went from London to Czluchow, I did it in a 2007 Mazda mx5 2 litre which took 2 tanks and also a Mercedes 2009 2.2 diesel which took 2 tanks a Renault Megane 1.6 diesel 1.25 tanks a vw passat 2015 2.0 diesel which took 1.5 tanks of fuel. It is a straight run not complicated expect traffic around Antwerp and Berlin and be aware of scammers on this route they will flag you down to and say something is wrong with your car then rob you so only stop at a petrol garage with CCTV.
22 Jun 2020
UK, Ireland / Buying a Polish vehicle in the UK [28]

Ok so you will basically be in the same situation as I was. I bought a Polish registered car and then drove it to Poland and registered it there. I have now lived here for 5 years and I have discovered that the myth of OC (insurance) staying with the car is just a myth. Some things to know

1. You have 30 days from purchase to register the car all car purchases are done with a standard document with a date on it so be careful as if you don't register this car within the 30 days you will not be able to without redoing the paperwork.

2. The OC is supposed to stay with the car but in reality it doesn't you are required to register that you are the new owner with the existing insurance and you will always be charged a premium for change of ownership. This also cannot be done without a PESEL (Polish version of an NI number ) so if you haven't got one of these no chance here.

3. As I said before I drove to Poland on the old OC but if I had a crash I am sure that this would have been a living nightmare I believe the law says you can drive on the old OC whilst awaiting registration of the car in your name but this is designed for people who will drive their new car home in Poland and the next day go to the town hall and register it. So a crash would be a nightmare.

4. Also be careful who you buy from many polish owners get parking tickets and fines and think that they can just ignore it I heard a story of a guy buying a polish car and getting stopped at the border because of 2000 pounds worth of parking tickets or fines and ultimately loosing the car even though they had just bought it.

5. I get that the only way to get here now practically and safely is by car but better off doing this in an English car to be legal. you can register an English car here now if you don't mind the steering wheel being on the wrong side of the car which I don't recommend.

It all depends on your budget etc etc but One option could be an English Landrover freelander which can have the steering wheel swapped to LHD relatively inexpensively here.
15 Jun 2020
Real Estate / Buy Land in Poland and Build a House from Wood [6]

Ok I have done this so here is my advice for what it is worth and I will tell you the mistakes I made to try and help you to avoid what I did.

First you need land. You need it to be building land but this means it will be quite difficult to get something in the middle of no-where, but going the agricultural route I think will just end in tears. We had the opportunity to go this using free land from my wife's parents and in the end, it was just impossible but the compromise you will have to make is a plot will not be singular and you will probably end up with neighbours.

There are lots of plots and the more rural ones will be sold without very important things like electricity, water or access to communal drainage. We bought one without water or drains but you have to factor into the cost the initial investment plus on-going upkeep.

A well will cost around 200 pln per metre you will need to dig down to get water and to get anything like decent drinkable quality you are looking at 30 meters plus. Mine went far deeper than this so do the math if the land has no water. Then comes drainage most town planning officers are only giving permission at the moment for sealed systems which means when it is full you will need them to come and pump it out and until they do, no going to toilet. Mine which is around 8000 litres lasts just over a month and costs 200 pln to pump and you have to monitor your waste water carefully and factor in for a broken government tractor for 3 days when you order the pumping trust me it is a nightmare.

Also, road access again my plot I thought it was wonderful having to drive 2 km through the forest to get to my wooden house but then the winter arrives. When we moved in, we had 2 normal cars after the first winter bye bye normal cars 1 4 x 4 normal car and one 4x4 all-terrain with the full tyre setup were required so factor this in as they are way more expensive to run and maintain.

So now we come to the wooden house bit. You have 3 options a first a big company with full factory facilities who will basically turn up with a ready-made house and put it together on your land. 2 medium sized company who will make your house from pieces. 3. A local one-man band who will make your house himself.

So, option 1

This is the best option but will be the most expensive about 30 percent more when I looked into it but will give you guarantees etc and will have good quality control and be professional. (I didn't take this option) I would recommend Sendom

Option 2

This was the one I went with my first place, Big mistake! One of the biggest problems in Poland at the moment is getting decent workers and the medium sized companies struggle the most with this. They end up scrapping the bottom of the barrel so the people that built my house were basically constantly drunk and sometimes didn't work because they hadn't finished partying nightmare. Also, medium size businesses have money issues and the guy who built our house 3 months later went bankrupt leaving 3 houses not finished, so no guarantee what so ever.

Option 3
We built after our house a building where we have an Airbnb business and we thought let's get a local guy who is recommended and will not be drunk or bankrupt and will take care to build our house well. So, here are problems too we live 3 hour's drive from Germany which means that all decent tradesman disappears often to Germany where they can earn3 times the money they can here. So, our guy although good and not a drunk did disappear 4 times for 3 weeks to make money in Germany without even a phone call to let us know very frustrating when the roof is not on and it's raining buckets.

So wooden houses things to know

They are warm but move for the first 4 years so look out for cracks that will let drafts in ruining your warm cosy house.

You have to paint them with paint that will cost you more than your car. We have to paint our house once every 2 years on the sunny side and once every 5 years on the other side. The paint costs 2000 pln for 25 litres and 50 is needed to do the painting plus your time and you will have to buy scaffolding or pay someone to paint it.

Your insurance will cost you 4 times as much. Our house is 150 metres square a concrete house you could probably insure for around 500 pln, ours 2200 but when a wood house burns it all goes so don't skimp here.

Don't skimp on windows and doors spend as much as you possibly can in this area as this will come back in any heating bills.

Wood moves so tiles in the first couple of years are a bad idea as they will crack as the house moves and they don't.

Ok so above are all the reasons not to do what you want to do, but the dreams of a wooden house next to forest are strong. If I did it again, I would still do wood but with allot of changes.

If you need any specific advice let me know
14 Jun 2020
Life / Neighbours complaining about Barbecue - what is the law in Poland? [5]

Hey there wondered if anyone can help me on this.

I have lived peacefully in my house for four years but recently the land next door was sold and now my new neighbours complain constantly about everything. They built a garage 3 metres from our fence which we didn't object to, I know I could of. I have a brick barbecue built 3 years ago 4 metres from my fence so distance from barbecue and there garage is 7 metres. They have told me I cannot use this as it could stain their paint on the wall of the garage.

My first reaction was F off but I wondered if anyone knows the law as they are the type of people who would make this an issue.

Thanks in advance for any advice
1 Jun 2020
UK, Ireland / Buying a Polish vehicle in the UK [28]

Hey there,

I have bought a Polish car in the UK but it depends on what your intentions are. I was able to do this as I was then going to travel to Poland and in Poland I registered it to my name at my Polish address. I since discovered though I drove the 1500 km on the old OC and if I had had an accident I am pretty sure I wouldn't have been covered as the OC stays with the car I think is just a myth. So it depend on your future intentions but I would say to do it completely above board would be difficult
15 Feb 2020
Work / Excel Template For Faktury (invoices) in Poland [2]

Hey , I am sure someone on here issues invoices electronically for the last 3 years I have been using a carbon copy invoice book like something out of the eighties anyone got a good excel based template slash free system. Thank you in advanced
9 Feb 2020
Work / Is starting a language school doable in Poland [9]

The real problem is the maths here let me walk you through my calculations, I am happy to be corrected here. Minimum cost: Rental of a school e.g

Rent 2000
Bills 1000 (heat light insurance Property tax etc I think this is on the low end)
Zus 1500 (I know you start lower but lets take the figure after the discount period)

Total outlay 4500

Ok so now look at possible earnings

The major money is always from Kids but kids have restricted hours I know there are Adults that don't conform to these hours but they will be supplementary income not the core of your business.

Teaching hours 15:30- 18:30. These seem to be the hours you can teach, due to the fact that the kids need drivers as Polish children don't walk anywhere especially not alone. Standard office hours are 7:00- 15:00 and later than 18:30 they can't focus. Also the School year is not 52 week and children will not come in school holiday times. They have 2 weeks for Christmas, 2 weeks for winter holiday, 1 week at Easter and 9 weeks in the summer plus various national holidays etc etc so lets say 15 weeks.

So 37 operating weeks. Cost per week = 4500 x 12 dived by 37 weeks which equals 1459 pln weekly. This business premises has 3 rooms so 1459 divided by 3 equals 486pln per room per week. Possible teaching hours 15 per week so the room has to generate you 32 pln per hour to make it worth it. This is at 100 percent capacity. So lets look at earnings per hour


Going rate for 121 English (polish teacher) Native will earn more but you are talking about a business so you will not be able to teach more.

Market rate is 75 pln per hour
Cost of teacher 50 pln

Plus you will have to pay tax or zus etc so 121's are a waste of time


Group of 5

Going rate 25 pln per member 125 payment per hour minus 50 for teacher minus 32 room cost 43 pln for a group

Ok so worth it
Lets say you focus on groups. To hit this 4500 payment

You would need 104 hours per week of groups which means attracting over 500 students in your first year not unachievable but very very challenging.

Bear in mind I am using here best case. There are loads more costs receptionist materials IT equipment etc. I am happy to be corrected but this is how I see the situation.
5 Feb 2020
Work / Is starting a language school doable in Poland [9]

Hey I Teach English as a native about 30km from Tuchola. So let me give you the lay of the land, Tuchola is a bit small for a school, I think so you would be looking at Chojnice there are 5 or 6 schools there, but no Natives. There used to be 3 including me, but now only me. I looked into starting a school myself but for any kind of decent school you will be looking at over 2500 per month in rent of a business location, on top of that Zus Bills etc and I found that when I did the sums, the numbers of students I would need would be very challenging to achieve. The real money "sort of" is in Business English which has ups, i.e higher per hour rate and downs i.e this has to be fully legal so look forward to that wonderfull 1200 pln per month ZUS payment. You can survive but to give you and indication of income for the first two years I struggled to hit 3500 per month which is almost starvation, but now can just about hit the 4500k mark but you will never be rich trust me if you need more info PM me.
16 Dec 2019
Life / Amazon Alexa/Google Nest in Poland [10]

Hey I have a google home and nest it works just fine although when I set it up I do remmebr it didn't do much i.e had hardly any features then I chatted online with google and they got me to set it up and pretend I was in the USA some how now it works perfectly. I think now you can even speak to it in Polish,
14 Nov 2019
Law / UK Citizen - Getting Poland's temporary residence prior to Brexit [10]

Ok so if I was wrong I apologise I didn't have to show any of that stuff although I was married at the time maybe this was the difference. i would get health insurance anyway its a good idea. In terms of how much is enough to prove you can support yourself let say minmum wage is 2250 gross so 1650 net if you are employed so 12 months 19800 lets say 4000 english money. In real lif though tripple this

Good luck sorting it out. Man you choose the wrong time to come to poland the winter is the worst here. City or Country??
13 Nov 2019
Law / UK Citizen - Getting Poland's temporary residence prior to Brexit [10]

This looks like an old one now I hope you sorted it. But if you havn't I think you have been given bum advice the two conditions are for a non eu citizen. just pop down to your local regional government office with your passport and it should be very straight forwar. Good luck

If not marry your girlfriend this simplifies things plus Polish wives are the best :)
13 Nov 2019
Genealogy / Surname in the village - visiting the place in Poland where my father was born [4]

The best way is to contact the local Parish church if your family was catholic who may help you other than that if it is a village, the best way I have found is turn up in a strange car they havn't seen before and eventually some nosey villager will talk to you. You will have to speak a bit of Polish mind, but having done this myself I ended up in multiple peoples houses for coffee and cake just because a bloke speaking polish with a funny accent interested them.

Other than that post the name of the village I am sure if somebody on here lives near there they will help you out.
9 Apr 2019
Real Estate / Buying building plot/land for building a house in Poland [5]

Ok so I would not say I am an expert but I have done this so heres is some quick and dirty advice.

You want to be looking for "działka budowlana" this is land which has permission in principle for it to have a hous on it normally it will have some restrictions to it but generally these are flexible. My plot were things like uptp 13m tall max for a house with a roof pitch of 45 degrees and other things but I submitted plans with a roof angle of 50 degrees and it was approved.

Then you want to look at what this land has Electricity, Water, Drainage, Gas etc. Do not believe any seller who promises you that there will be these things we made that mistake and 8 years on we are still waiting for the 2 months time we were promised. If you don't have have these things you can still build a house but facotr in about 30000 for water and drainage. Electricity is a must I think.

The next stage is to get a project you can buy them online and thats cheeper than getting one drawn I would look for someone to help you with the town hall process like an architect the submitting of the papers and planning permission takes about 3 months all told and about 4000 pln for the person to help you.

Then comes the fantastic process of looking for a reliable building company good luck with that one!

There are loads more things to consider.

All depend on the region etc etc

where abouts are you looking to build?
6 Mar 2019
Life / Exam for Drivers License in Poland; English? [99]

All I did was a bit of googling for you in Polish so take this not as a recommendation only as what it is but maybe this will help
20 Feb 2019
Life / Work and Life in Krakow [11]

Ok so I am sure people will start to scream at you that you can't live off 2100 pln.

The fact is that you can, and many many people do but, don't expect a decent standard of living you will be budgeting every single day and you will have to watch your pennies hard.

If this is not the life you want then move on but I for 2 years from a similar amount and it didn't kill me.

Your choice
5 Feb 2019
Law / Is there a legal requirement for us to support aging parents in Poland? [26]

Ok so the law states you have a responsibility to take care of your mother in the event of hardship but there are some get outs.

1. If you have been estranged from her for a long period you can claim in court no relationship and it will be upto the judge to decide. I wouldn't hold out much hope here as generally they will find in the parent's favour.

2. In order for the Polish court to make a decision on the amount you wish to pay, they must assess your income and they have no power to collect it in a foriegn country so you can basically just not send any details.

3. If you go down the I don't want to pay route though you will almost certainly forfiet any inheritance due if this is something you want it might be worth making a small payment .

4. The payment has to be shared equally between all siblings based on their ability to pay so if you have some rich brothers and sisters time to talk to them.

That's about it but basically they can't enforce this law in another country. So relax, Just don't move to Poland
5 Feb 2019
Law / Fishing laws in Poland [4]

Dougpol is right almost all fishing requires a permit the best way to do this is to arrange a trip through a guide you may have to pay a little bit more but it will be worth it to have all the documentation straight. They do check these permits regularly and love to issue fine especially to foreign visitors. So if you know where you want to fish google the Local "Polski Zwiazek Wędkarski"
5 Feb 2019
Work / Why do so many Poles accept to do such hard works abroad? [6]

I think the acceptance of low paid manual jobs is very psychological. You have to think of it if you were in their shoes. The average factory worker earns around 300 pounds a month for a very physical job and every month he/she struggles to feed their family.

So imagine you are a factory worker in the UK and you are used to your 9 pounds an hour, and all of a sudden you could quadruple that salary for the same amount of effort. Now working in a factory for 36 pounds an hour doesn't feel that bad does it?

That I think is the psychology and when they bring this money home it has a lot more buying power. Imagine like many brits owning a home was just a dream because of your 9 pounds an hour job, and then you quadruple your salary and you know in 7 years you could own a 150 m2 home with no mortgage it would help the drudgery of working in a hard job a lot I Think?
29 Jan 2019
News / Poland exports 60 million tonnes of meat annually.. but.. [11]

I think this story speaks of a Polish attitude of making a little on the side.

I think that the slaughterhouse had no idea what was going on at night or choose to ignore it (making them complicit). I have come across this allot I think this is directly related to low wages especially in the countryside and the Polish tradition of finding a way to make some extra money. I am not excusing the video it was disgusting but I think there is a deeper problem here the fact that people will do extraordinary things to make a bit of side cash. The only way to solve this is to increase the low-level wages to a point where a family could survive on them. You try to live off 1500 pln per month with the prices here now.

As I said I am not excusing this video and if the owners did know they deserve the most severe punishment but I think there is a wider problem here what do you guys think?
29 Jan 2019
Law / Poland's Law: Paying Back Money Instead of Criminal Prosecution [3]

Ok thought someone here may know something about this. Recently it was discovered that a number of people were caught stealing on very organized basis products from a local company where I work.. This was a very organized operation and we are talking about thousands of pln, not just a biro here and there. My initial thought was that the would end up in prison and rightly so as this has been going on for years apparently. However 2 months on and despite a Police raid discovering thousands of stolen product in their homes and a book listing the orders for this stolen product they still are free without a care in the world.

The rumour mill told me that they have been ordered to pay back 185000 pln and if they do so the whole thing will be forgotten. How does this work I would have thought that if they committed a criminal offence they should pay a criminal penalty but what do I know about the law here can anyone shed some light on this for me?
18 Dec 2018
Law / UK born, want to move to Poland. Rules? [17]

After the comedy version maybe now some practical advice.

So buying land as a foreigner you can buy up to a certain amount of building land (that is, land designated for construction) without any special conditions. I can't remember exactly the size but I do remember you would need to be building a massive hotel for it to apply.

No foreigner can buy "farming land" even if you are a pole you need to have finished farming school or be a priest so you want to be looking for land which is called "działka budowlana"

The next step will be doing admin like insurances buying a car getting electric etc things and for this, you will need a PESEL

Currently, the process is but again this is dependant on Brexit

To get a PESEL you will need to do the following

1. Apply for a residence card at the regional office of the place where you want to live not the town hall the regional office mine was Gdansk. For this, you will need to bring your Passport a marriage certificate if it is a Polish one it has to be dated within 3 months I think the same for an English one so you will need to get a copy and then you will need to have this translated by a recognized polish translator with a stamp. then after a month or so you will receive your residence card.

2. You will need to register where you live if it is your home this will be fairly easy if it is not you will need a legal rental agreement and the permission of your landlord most landlords will not allow you to do this so you need to check before you rent a place whether or not this will be ok. They don't like it as it makes it much harder to kick you out if you don't pay rent

3. After that, you will have a 5-year permit which after this period you can transfer to a permanent one again this may all change.

The Pesel is the key to being a citizen here so once you have this the rest is easier.

You will need to learn Polish trust me life here is almost impossible without the language.

Again give me specific and I will try to help you out more
18 Dec 2018
Law / UK born, want to move to Poland. Rules? [17]

Having kind of done the same thing and to a village, I can offer some advice but I am a pre-Brexiter as the above say if our shambles of a government doesn't get their act together life will become much harder.

Ok so here is a rundown of all the mistakes I made so you can try to avoid them.

English thinking vs Polish thinking


I want to live in the middle of nowhere with a beautiful view far away from a road in a little cottage heated with wood fires ahhhh how romantic.

I will get a Job if the poles can live off 400 pounds a month so can I, We will have a house paid for and so I am sure we can live the simple life it will be nice to not be so consumerist.

I will get a job teaching English I am sure I can earn a decent wage whilst being self-employed and having more free time to relax.

Winter will be pretty Snow on the ground white Christmases sledding and horse riding in the snow.


You must be by the main road because in the winter how will you drive the 2 km of dirt track to your house. Beautiful view ha! but what about connections to electricity water and gas, I know the person who sold you the land said the would all be connected next year but I am sure he is lying. Wood heating are you crazy?!!! do you know how long it takes to chop stack and dry your wood, plus when you go out for the day, the fire will go out and all your pipes freeze, what will you do then you English idiot.

400 pounds a month, good luck with that English man, do you know how Kurva expensive Biedronka is??? One week's shop is gonna come to at least 80 pounds

Of course, you can teach English but remember that as you will be self-employed we will take 200 of your 400 pounds a month salary for Zus (National insurance) whether you earn money or not, because that is the law so just deal with it. Alternatively, work all the hour's god sends to enable you to live and work legally, or join the majority of Natives on the black market, but remember next time you have an argument with your neighbor he will report you to the tax office.

That white **** will ruin your life! Wake up every morning to shovel the f driveway and the path outside your house because if someone slips on the pavement outside your house even though you live on a forest road in the middle of nowhere, they will take you to court for not getting up at 6 instead of 7 and cleaning it so they could walk past your house in the middle of nowhere just for fun. O and forget driving home from December to Feb that's just not going to happen its a free gym everytime you come back from work hauling the 2 kgs of potatoes on your back through the forest.

Ok Rant over

A lot of that is tongue in cheek but there are definitely some things to watch out for. Be more specific and I would love to help you out
13 Dec 2018
Real Estate / Help urgently - problems with the owner of rented apartment in Poland [6]

Ok so the first question is do you have a "legal " contract I am presuming you do that is why you think you have to pay the remaining 3300. I would imagine though if he is not paying any tax on the rental agreement I would imagine he won't want to go through the courts with it in order to get the 3300 from you. I would just refuse to pay and if he starts being aggressive about it. Say you will talk to the tax office about this I am sure he will soon calm down
4 Dec 2018
Law / New car registration with old insurance after car purchase in Poland [5]

Enjoy the fun of the registration office a true Polish experience with lots of waiting, different rooms, paying and stamping of forms.

Have fun

For OC try Link4 or Aviva, they seem to be the best and if it is a beater car just buy the absolute cheapest, as OC is for other people not you.

Also you could try after you have done a quote online take it to a broker and see if they can beat it. I found if you go with quotes they will sometimes do you a better deal but without quotes you will pay through the nose
4 Dec 2018
Law / New car registration with old insurance after car purchase in Poland [5]

You have to register this car within 30 days unfortunately and the myth that the old OC will work I have discovered is just that, a myth.

Think a couple of years ago it was the case but having bought two cars here now, I can confirm you will need to inform the OC company that the car has a new owner and both times we have done so they have made an extra charge for this. This charge was very high and we ended up taking out new insurance as it worked out cheaper to do it that way.

I think technically you can drive on the old insurance if the Police stop you but god help you if you have a crash. Also, the old owner can cancel the OC at any time or not make a payment and you will have no way of knowing this as all documentation will be sent to the previous holder.

I would say bite the bullet and get new insurance and register the car but if you are a foreigner this may be a problem as well, as you will need a PESEL

Welcome to Poland buddy enjoy!!!!
19 Nov 2018
Classifieds / English/Polish speaking Canadian looking for work as Electrician in Poland [26]

I have read that skilled trades are in high demand in Poland is this still true, how is the economy are they expanding are they building a lot

I would say that this is true certainly if you have the right pieces of paper you will have to turn your phone off it will be ringing so much, but the pieces of paper are the key. Also, the economy is very different in different parts of Poland and the wages match this I have found that you can earn up to 3 times more in a city if your skill is in demand.

I would start at the Urząd Pracy but expect to be turned away with a shrug of the shoulders at first. I have found you need to use all your charm to get more than a brush off if you can find someone willing to help you I think they should be able to put you in touch with someone. You will probably be told like I was you need your residence card and confirmation of residence first though.

How I did it was bought a big cappuccino and used it to bribe my way past the initial refusals and eventually for the price of a couple more coffees I found a person who was willing to help me.

Good Luck

If you get it sorted and are going to live anywhere near Pomorski I may be able to help you with a job PM me if needed
13 Nov 2018
Law / Joint property law in Poland [7]

I don't know if the below will help you.

I posted on your other thread I would suggest I know this will be a pain in the arse but take a trip to Poland find a lawyer here and get the ball rolling with them. Find me the closest city to where he lived and get an English speaking lawyer and be quick because no doubt the x wife is doing everything she can to disinherit your daughters.]]

According to the Polish Inheritance Law, the heir acquires the inheritance at the moment of the opening of the inheritance (article 942 kc), that is at the moment of the testator's death (article 924 kc). However, the death itself is not enough to make somebody an owner of the real estate belonging to the deceased. Firstly, it is necessary to obtain a decision regarding the acquisition of Polish inheritance. Such a decision is issued by the Polish Inheritance Court. During the proceedings, the court examines who is entitled to inherit (in particular if the testator left a will) and to what share of the inheritance the individual heirs are entitled to.

To begin the proceedings to obtain a decision regarding the acquisition of the inheritance, a special application needs to be submitted. To draft it, the copies of the civil status records of the heirs and testator's death certificate are necessary. The application needs to be submitted to the court at the last place of testator's residence, and, if such a place of residence in Poland cannot be established, to the court at the place where the inheritance estate or its part is located (Polish Inheritance Court). In case the above-mentioned grounds do not exist, the inheritance court is the district court of the city of Warsaw. The payment of 50 zł needs to be submitted with the application.

After the proceedings, the court issues a decision, which will state who inherits after the deceased. Only when the decision goes into effect, do the heirs become the formal owners (or joint owners) of the real estate. An appeal from the decision can be taken by filing an appeal.

It is worth noting that since March 1, 2009, Polish notaries became authorized to issue a confirmation of inheritance in Poland based on the inheritance protocol. The necessary conditions for utilizing this institution is the presence of all persons eligible for inheritance and the lack of conflict between them in regards to the division of inheritance. In practice, all potential heirs meet at the notary's office to draft the inheritance protocol. Based on this protocol, the notary drafts a confirmation act of drafting the inheritance protocol. Next, he registers it in the electronic registrar of the confirmations of inheritance. From this moment, the act goes into effect the same way the court decision regarding the inheritance acquisition deed does.
13 Nov 2018
Classifieds / English/Polish speaking Canadian looking for work as Electrician in Poland [26]

You are right that eventually, you will definitely need to learn the language of any country you wish to prosper in and I am only sharing with you my experience and my learning in order to give you a real view of what happens here.

I came here luckily with enough money to last 6 months without employment and thank god I did because I think this is the minimum time you need just to find out if you can work or not and if not formulate a plan B. Lots of people come here because its a beautiful country and they expect that because it is in Europe it will operate very similar to other European countries. When you are talking about anything official this is simply not the case.

My advice would be to start the process as early as you can get an extended holiday from work and come here with the sole aim of establishing if you can convert your papers and if so how long will this take at least then you will arrive with your eyes open. I have come across a lot of people coming here to follow a dream just as I did and they end up going back with their tail between their legs 2 months later.

I agree with France but in Germany, the demand for foreign workers is so high that standards are very much lower and the pay is not affected.