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Work and Life in Krakow

Desp_P 1 | -
20 Feb 2019 #1
Hello everyone, I have just moved in and I feel I made a big mistake :( My mind is filled with concerns and I would hope you could clarify some things for me.

I am going to earn about 4700 zl per month after tax. The only apartment I have found is about 2600 zl per month including the payments, though I haven't signed a contract yet (Could I cancel it?).This leaves me with 2100 zl per month...are they enough for a decent life here in Krakow? Could I make it on my own?

Also my apartment has advance payments for water and gas but I was told that it depends on the meters. How much do they cost in the end?

Thank you and I'm sorry for the long post.
Richthecat 8 | 69
20 Feb 2019 #2
Ok so I am sure people will start to scream at you that you can't live off 2100 pln.

The fact is that you can, and many many people do but, don't expect a decent standard of living you will be budgeting every single day and you will have to watch your pennies hard.

If this is not the life you want then move on but I for 2 years from a similar amount and it didn't kill me.

Your choice
20 Feb 2019 #3
I was living off 4000 zl netto in Warsaw when I had my previous job, and it amounted to 1500 zl per month after rent and utilities. I had to use my savings if I wanted to buy anything in addition to groceries, such as clothes, furniture, electronics... So in Krakow it definitely is possible, but you will need to use your savings if you want to eat out in restaurants or buy anything extra.

After 6 months of living like that I decided that it was enough, and started looking for new jobs, and within 2 weeks of searching I landed my current job that pays me 14-18K zl brutto per month, depending on my results (bonuses vary each month). Now I find life in here extremely comfortable, and I still end up saving around 6000 zl per month even after upgrading to a better apartment and eating out multiple times per week.

Finding a new job in Poland as a foreigner is way easier once you already are in here, and the opportunities are endless. I came here without any special skills, with a business degree from a Scandinavian university, no work experience, non-existant polish language skills. In the 2 weeks I was actively searching for jobs, I got into 6 interviews out of which 5 offered me the position. Being fluent in a language that isn't English or another Eastern European language can really make you wanted in the job market in Poland.
13 Mar 2019 #4
Hello Niemowie
I am looking for a job as a foreigner in Poland. Can i know how you got a job in here? I am using LinkedIn but there are not many opportunity.

Could you please recommend me some good website or search firm if you know?
devil_storage 4 | 26
19 Aug 2020 #5
I am moving to Krakow at an undisclosed salary, wanted to get an idea on what rent can I expect? I have a family which includes Wife and Kid of 2.2 years(kindergarten starts soon) and we are English Speakers,

How much can a German speaker with accounts and HR skills earn in krakow?
pawian 222 | 24,304
19 Aug 2020 #6
Don`t go to Krakow. It will kill you and your family. Choose another city. Think of your poor wife and kids.
devil_storage 4 | 26
24 Aug 2020 #7
Will it be ok to ask you to read your comments before you write it? If you make such comments can you also clarify why do u write so? please try to act civil , this is a public forum....
Cargo pants 3 | 1,510
24 Aug 2020 #8
FYI,I know he knows what he is posting.Clarifying he meant for the pollution levels in Krakow,lol compared to India they are still very low so I am sure you and family will survive.
devil_storage 4 | 26
24 Aug 2020 #9
@Cargo pants
LOL I will live to die another day...
Joker 3 | 2,307
30 Aug 2020 #10
Just stay away from October thru April

Krakow's Smog Crisis: 4 Steps to Protect Yourself

compared to India they are still

Hows the pollution in Warsaw compared to Cracow?

pawian 222 | 24,304
31 Aug 2020 #11
Will it be ok to ask you to read your comments before you write it?

Hmm, I am afraid it is impossible to read my comments before I write them. Unless you mean mind reading. But I am quite good at it, too, so my comments are always appropriate.

please try to act civil , this is a public forum....

I will always be civil with you unless you are a rightard, neobolshevik or fascist. Simple. hahaha

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