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29 Oct 2015
History / How come Polonization never works? [87]

We are brutes, nothing more.

I'm sure you are without shadow of doubt. I'm only curios whether you are dwelling under the bridge or not.
25 Oct 2015
News / Poland Parliamentary elections 2015 [1060]


Stop writing this nonsense in here. You are embarrassing yourself, as for your comments about Poles and Poland, those are unacceptable only some low life would badmouth in this way people of his host country. Furthermore your sense of entitlement is simply ridiculous.

Instead we got 3 audits in 2 years

Have you got something to hide? Seems likely given your reaction.
19 Oct 2015
News / Poland Parliamentary elections 2015 [1060]

Poland doesn't allow a vote to people who have lived here for 23 years and paid ******* ZUS and 33 per cent taxes for most of that time.

Are you for real? Do you expect to obtain the right to vote in a country of your residence without securing citizenship of that country? Am I right to assume you are not taking any medication?

Of course I could have taken Polish citizenship, but in the past that involved giving up my British citizenship.

Seems like you have made your choice.

Give up British citizenship for these jokers?

Let me get it right. You aren't willing to take on Polish citizenship which would allowed you to vote and at the same time you are winging and crying that you are not allowed to vote. Catch-22.

They were 'aving a larf.

I certainty do! After reading your hilarious nonsense.
6 Oct 2015
Life / Why are Polish people such hypocrites about immigration? [36]

For hundreds of years MILLIONS of Poles have emigrated to prosperous,

Could you back up this claim with sources?

Poles have emigrated to prosperous, Western nations in order to send money back to their own: USA, UK, France, Germany, etc.

Once again, sources.

Now when a few THOUSAND immigrants want to come to Poland from poorer, war-torn countries

Do they? For the last times - sources!

Poland throws a hissy-fit about it.

Need to break it to you gently - you are ranting.

Polish people are hypocrites.

Yeah? Good for you.
6 Oct 2015
News / Polish priest sacked by Vatican for being openly gay [54]

Sorry Vox! Christianity, according to Jesus and St. Francis, is about love, forgiveness and serious acts of sacrifice as well as kindness

"Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword." Matthew 10:34

about slaughtering innocents

Do you claim that The Crusades were about slaughtering innocents?
4 Oct 2015
News / Polish priest sacked by Vatican for being openly gay [54]

In what sense, Vox?

In a sense he should be kicked out. He supposed to be celibate not gay. Letting all those homo-like or inadequate weirdoes into seminaries resulted in that little epidemic of pedophiles accosting boys.
11 Sep 2015
News / Why no reprivatisation in Poland? Holocaust-era property ownership. [119]

Vox, the roots of European (as opposed, say, to Muslim) anti-semitism date back to the erroneous notion that the Jews murdered Christ, period!

You lost me here Lyzko, what are you getting at? Tell me in which part of the world Jewish communities survived in better shape, Islamic or Christian? Facts Lyzko facts.

Jewish properties, owned by citizens of Polish nationality, ought clearly to be returned

I'm not an expert on the issue Lyzko but I have looked into it. This issue is much more complex and not so clearly cut and dried than you believe it to be. Facts Lyzko.

"Both the Nazis and the Communists confiscated the property of Polish citizens en masse. It is often forgotten that-while targeting the Jews in particular-the Germans also deprived many Polish Christians of their possessions. Many of the despoiled Jewish and Christian owners, including entire families, were exterminated during the war. Large amounts of property were either destroyed or shipped off to Germany or (later) the USSR, negating the spurious claim that Poles somehow profited from the war and the Holocaust.

Once the Soviets pushed out the Germans in 1944-1945, the communist puppet regime (forced upon Poland by the Kremlin) simply took over the vast network of properties previously stolen by the other totalitarian occupiers. After the war, in a public relations ploy, the communists allowed some Polish Jews to reclaim their properties. Many Jews, however, wished to settle in Palestine, or simply to escape communism, rightly suspecting that the Bolsheviks would eventually re-confiscate their property. Thus, they generally sold their properties-real estate in particular-and voted with their feet for freedom."

"Miroslaw Szypowski, head of the Polish Union of Property Owners, an umbrella group for claimants, says there are roughly 300,000 people with potential claims against the government, totaling 85bn zlotys ($29bn)"
11 Sep 2015
News / Why no reprivatisation in Poland? Holocaust-era property ownership. [119]

No answer, Voxie ol' boy? Yeah, well the truth tends to leave us all speechless. Can't honestly say as I blame ya!

Speechless? Hardly, however I don't hover over this forum all the time like you do. A bird of prey perhaps?

The "facts" in this case, are simple and beyond dispute

Well, maybe "facts" are beyond dispute but I'm talking about facts!

The Jews had been living throughout much of Central and Eastern Europe for more than one-thousand years

One again you are dealing in generalizations. Jews in any significant numbers were living in Poland or her former territories(not some Central/Eastern Europe) for about 600 years.


in various states of turmoil, usually instigated by the Church:-)

Mainly they were living in peace if times were peaceful, otherwise contemporaries wouldn't have called Poland a Jewish paradise.
Also they had time and means to develop their philosophical/religious schools, customs and art as well as multiplying to such an extend that today there is a hardly a Jew that wouldn't be able to trace at least one of his ancestor back to Poland, or a region that used to be Poland.

Facts don't give much of a credence to your picture of downtrodden and hard done by community.

For the record; the Jews no more "murdered" Christ than I murdered my uncle.

Who cares about that? It is mostly religious stuff that has little to do with reality or politics. Honestly I think that Jews are over-the-top and paranoid about that one as are those not Jews who are pointing out Talmudic quotes about gentiles:

1." A Jew should and must make a false oath when the Goyim asks if our books contain anything against them. "
2."That the Jewish nation is the only nation selected by God, while all the remaining ones are contemptible and hateful."
3." That all property of other nations belongs to the Jewish nation, which consequently is entitled to seize upon it without any scruples. An orthodox Jew is not bound to observe principles of morality towards people of other tribes. He may act contrary to morality, if profitable to himself or to Jews in general"Zohar, Vayshlah 177b.

In the light of those quotes making a big issue of some obscure references about Jews set in a time of Christ are just as out of order as teaching children in an orthodox Jewish kindergarten that all non-Jews are evil as it happened recently.


As far as Jews living during Occupied Europe aroudn the time of WWII, even the kapos would have surely been the victims of mass murder had they not cooperated. None did so voluntarily

Why are you conveniently focusing on kapos? Lets talk about Jews in ghettos or those in hiding?
Are you able to provide evidence that refusal to join Jewish police in ghettos resulted in execution?
10 Sep 2015
History / Time for Slavic Commonwealth around Poland as center [132]


By all Geo-Strategic signals,

For Eastern European countries caught between the EU and Russia, the Intermarium is a geopolitical necessity. The land between Baltic and Black Seas is the last rampart of western civilization in the east.

Being as it is most stable part of the post-soviet space that area should would welcome influence of the United States, political and economical success of the Intermarium states under American sponsorship would undermine totalitarian tendencies all over the world.
10 Sep 2015
News / Why no reprivatisation in Poland? Holocaust-era property ownership. [119]

Lots of drama and not much of substance let alone facts.
How come you have no qualms blaming Poles for "taking part in murdering Jews" and then you turn all defensive when the shoe is on the other foot? Your statement is naught but an ambiguous generalization such as Jews "were taking part in murdering Poles". We can do tit for tat all day long or we can talk about facts.

Even you should be able to understand it.
Let it sink in!
8 Sep 2015
News / Why no reprivatisation in Poland? Holocaust-era property ownership. [119]


To suggest otherwise is only to ignore historical fact:-)

What facts? You made a claim that Poles where taking part in murdering Jews during the war "in masses". Asked for details you are silent. So far all that can be ignored is your opinion, sir.

Jews did participate in collusion in order to simply save their own necks!

Lame excuse.

Quite. It wasn't as if they had a lot of choices. Do this or die.

Fine, are you able to provide evidence that refusal to join Jewish police in ghettos resulted in execution? If not would you kindly stop propagating lies.
5 Sep 2015
History / WWII - who really was the first to help Poland? [901]

@ dolnoslansk

Maybe my understanding is not broad enough to compete with historians or wiki, I am always mindful of the propaganda that's out there relating to this period of history

Don't apologize dolonslonski, those people are not experts they are a pair of British immigrants known on this forum for their antics and "we know it all" attitude, nobody serious takes them seriously.

Polish Resettlement Act 1947 gave British citizenship to over 200,000 displaced Polish troops. (Not many would have survived a return so Siberia) no one else wanted us.

They helped those people who were fighting on their behalf, fair enough. In what way all those actions helped Poland?
31 Aug 2015
News / Polish Parents protest against Poland's pro-homo sex education [75]

Instead of being so obsessed by homosexuals, they'd better clean their filthy Church.

I suggest you better clean you filthy mind and mind your language! All you do here is gossiping without a single fact to support your claims. You are the one who is obsessed with the Church. You are in fact so tolerant that you are tolerating only your own opinion and opinion of those who agree with you.

Religion (and sex) should be a private matter.

Are you against pride parades and public debate about homosexual "rights"?

What bigots can't stand is the idea of a neutral point of view being presented.

Are you labeling parents concerned with their children education bigots? Not very nice or for that matter not very tolerant attitude either.
18 Aug 2015
News / New constitution In Poland? [57]

He gave parlaimentatocracy a chance

He was supported by lefties, communists and minorities.
18 Aug 2015
Life / Polish people and racism. [943]

i am an atypical pole, i am not religious at all, i hate vodka :), i do not steal, i have a very high academic degree and i teach english in america. i am not racist

You have forgotten to mention that you are about to sell your humble abode under the bridge.
@Janke P

Poland is still undeveloped as a society in terms of accepting diverse people, but I think it's on the right way and the new educated generations are less narrow-minded and bigot

Could you remind us why we should take your word on this?
14 Aug 2015
History / Restitution Sought by US Holocaust Survivor Family of Expropriated Property in Zywiec, Poland [24]

@Lyzko, you may find that interesting:

Perhaps the most widely applied and the most representative of them is the Agreement between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Polish People's Republic regarding claims of nationals of the United States, signed at Washington on 16 July 1960 (UN Treaty Series vol. 384 No 5518).

Under this agreement, the government of Poland undertook to pay the US government the sum of $40,000,000 "in full settlement and discharge of all claims" of US nationals, i.e. both individuals and legal entities, against Poland "on account of the nationalization and other taking by Poland of [...]

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