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14 Dec 2012
Food / Best Restaurant in Warsaw [23]

Try this:

Certainly the cream of the crop for the culinary connoisseurs but maybe lacks the ambiance for a Christmas dinner, it's not cheap either by any standards. 1000zl for 2 with their 5 moments menu, a glass of champagne and the vodka taster menu instead of wine. I dared not even look at the wine list.

I would suggest Ale Gloria next to the Sheraton.
12 Dec 2012
Travel / Great places to ski in Poland [16]

I've skied in Zakopane and Szczyrk and wouldn't go back. They're certainly cheaper resorts than Austria/Italy/France etc but the lifts are ancient, the trails are limited, overcrowded and in poor condition, there's massive long queues to buy lift passes and people queue jumping for lifts is the norm. I always remember going to Nosal in Zakopane and asking for a piste map, the girl took one look at the small trail up the mountain we could see and said 'that's it!'.
16 Oct 2012
Travel / Need advice for a tour of eastern Poland [22]

overnight in Wlodawa

there's an interesting Russian war cemetery in Wlodawa worth a look at if you're passing, can't find anything about it online, I came across it by accident. It's here alongside some old fortiments.,+poland&ie=UTF8&ll=51.565603,23.562906&spn=0.001951,0.003449&hnear=W%C5%82odawa,+Poland&gl=uk&t=h&z=18
15 Oct 2012
Travel / Polish or British passport (child traveling to Poland) [51]

A British passport for an infant is valid for 5 years, a Polish one only one year so far better to get a British one. Also it's far easier to travel the world on a British passport than a Polish one (visa requirements).
13 Aug 2012
USA, Canada / Warsaw or New York? Where to work, raise a family, etc... [14]

you might be able to land a job in one of the international schools here for a reasonable wage (by Polish standards) but otherwise there are not too many opportunities for unskilled non Polish speakers in Poland. There's not too much to do over here either, it's a religious holiday here on Wednesday (everything closed) and do you think I can think of anywhere original to go or do for the day......?

It's a no brainer for me - stay in New York.
28 Jun 2012
Law / How long takes a bank transfer in Poland? [12]

1.1. How long does a bank transfer takes between accounts of the same bank?
1.2. How long does a bank transfer takes between account of different banks?

Between accounts of the same bank should be instant or almost instant (depends on which bank and what software they use). Might not always be the case though for transfers between savings/loan accounts to a current account though (again depends on the bank).

Between different banks can be within the same day but again depends on which bank and what time of day you execute the transfer and what currency. It all depends on how often per day a bank applies to its accounts the clearing files of transfers they receive from ELIXIR. Some banks apply these payments multiple times during the day and some just once.

There's a legal requirement for Direct Debit payment requests to be sent from one bank to another and the receiving bank to send a rejection back ( if non sufficient funds) all within the same day. So you can see from this that all banks must be able to transfer funds to another bank within one day.

p.m me for more details.
2 Feb 2012
News / Warsaw Modlin Airport is finally moving [29]

outside rush hour it's about 40 mins to get there by car from central Warsaw, I'm driving the road often to get to the golf course up there. There's also a flyover being built in Lomianki at one particularly bad set of traffic lights, that should help the flow of traffic a little back into Warsaw.
25 Nov 2011
Food / Polish bacon doesn't fry up? [70]

if it's possible to buy back bacon in Poland?

you can buy it [] (Warsaw area)
3 Nov 2011
News / "Shale Gas Revolution" will make Poland a Leading Country in Europe! [202]

This is what Poland has go to look forward to:

Fracking company - we caused 50 earth tremors in Blackpool:
20 Oct 2011
Real Estate / Who designs houses in Poland? [66]

is it just me or isn't there an over the top fascination with having pillars when a building a house in Poland ?
19 Oct 2011
Life / Do you have water coming out from sink in yellow, red or brown color in Ursynow/Warsaw? [11]

it's just dirt from what I can see, it doesn't smell and the water is used regularly so hasn't been sitting in the pipes for ages and it's a modern building. I'm intrigued that's it always the hot water, are there different source mains supplies for hot and cold in Warsaw? I've been here for years and it happens all the time, the locals just seem to accept it.
19 Oct 2011
News / New budget airport for Warsaw to open in 2012 [16]

yes it's not going to be easy to get to from Warsaw (particularly at rush hour) until there's a rail connection. Also arriving on a Sunday evening at Modlin and trying to get into Warsaw by bus/car would be a nightmare with the returning traffic from the weekend, the traffic can be backed up to Lomianki or further on holidays.
10 Oct 2011
Travel / The best way to get to the airport in Łódź from Warsaw? [15]

Warszawa Centralna to £ódź Fabryczna is about 1:45 - 2hrs by train looking at today's schedule, and then say another 20-30 mins to get to the airport by taxi. You can search train times:
5 Oct 2011

so the limit automatically goes back to 140km/h in the absence of signs to the contrary.........

you seem to be just emphasising my point, it wont be obvious to them at all what the speed limit is. It may be to you as you seem to read the Polish highway code each evening and drive here regularly but it's not to a stranger. Why they can't have an explicit speed limit sign to remind you at least every few km's is beyond me, would probably help road safety too. Even the signs to signal a town or motorway are not actual speed limit signs, they're pictures - great, more guessing, what a help!
5 Oct 2011

Why would you have to guess?

do you actually drive here? Bear in mind this thread is for a stranger driving in Poland. As there are very few speed limit signs when driving in Poland I think they'll be guessing quite a lot.
5 Oct 2011
Life / Are Polish people so chaotic and disorganized like Germans say? [89]

I don't think so. I know some that are a bit disorganised but some that are very organsied.

sure there are individual cases that are both, but generally it's not in a Poles nature to be helpful to each other, so when it comes to being organised as a group of people is when the failure seems to occur in Poland.
5 Oct 2011

Yes, Poland is fantastic at signing speed limits

you're kidding yes ? I'm sorry but the majority of the time you have to guess or try and interpret what the limit is from the kind of road you're on.
22 Sep 2011
UK, Ireland / Grateful Polish photographer stitches up his Welsh hosts [96]

And apparently nobody in Bialystok ever gets drunk and appears in public: "Dakowicz admits that he would be unable to produce images like this in his home town of Bialystok in Poland."

to be fair Harry it would be hard to take such pictures in Poland, how often do you see a lady here drunk in public - rarely in my experience and I've been here 9 years now. Personally I love the drinking culture in Poland compared to the UK.