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Gyms in Warsaw

Modesto 1 | -
21 May 2008 #1

Anybody know any good gyms in the central Warsaw area?

mash1969 - | 17
25 May 2008 #2
Hello there,

Marriot hotel has a well equipped Gym. In addition there is also a GYM in Millennium Plaza building that is great. Sheraton also has a gym.

vndunne 43 | 279
25 May 2008 #3
There is also a gym up at the Arcadia shopping centre. Cant remember the name of it.
3 Jun 2008 #4

I can recommend a Holmes Place (Hilton hotel). Quite expensive (500 PLN/month) but very nice and proffesional place.


esek 2 | 228
3 Jun 2008 #5
Quite expensive (500 PLN/month) but very nice and proffesional place.

Lol, I pay 70 PLN/month... but in one of middle sized cities in Poland ;) Average gym cost in Warsaw should be somewhere around 150 PLN/m-c...
mash1969 - | 17
12 Jun 2008 #6
Bio Relax (Womens Club) 501 088 075 Warsaw
Club Oasis (Hyatt Hotel) Warsaw
Diamond Pilates Studio Warsaw
Fitness Club Jerozolimskie Warsaw
Gymnasion Fitness Klub Warsaw
Health Academy (Radisson Hotel) 48-22-321 8888 Warsaw
Holmes Place Warsaw
Klub Forest Warsaw
Leisure Club (Le Royal Meridien Bristol Hotel
Multico Fitness Warsaw
PALESTRA Fitness Club Ul. Rybaltow 20, Ursynow 48-22-649 0409 Warsaw
PUELA (Womens Health Club) Warsaw
Riverview Wellness Center (InterContinental Hotel) 48-22-328 8888 Warsaw
Sheraton Fitness Warsaw
Sinnet Tennis Club Warsaw
Studio Calypso Warsaw
World Class Health Academy (Marriott Hotel) Warsaw

These are some more gyms in Warsaw.

Hope this Helps,

WarsawNoob 14 | 24
14 Jun 2008 #7
Does anyone know the best gym near Trzech Krzyzy?
vaga_bond - | 9
15 Jun 2008 #8
there's a gym at the sheraton. here's the link:
WarsawNoob 14 | 24
17 Jun 2008 #9
Thank you vaga_bond.
I have seen the one at the sheraton but it is very small and way over priced. Can you recommend any others close by?
vaga_bond - | 9
17 Jun 2008 #10
sorry, i don't unfortunately. too lazy to even go the gym. ;) good luck on your quest though!
11 Aug 2009 #11
Wow, those are all expensive any cheaper ones located in mokotow, zoliborz, ochota or wola?
dcchris 8 | 432
11 Aug 2009 #12
you should try to local sport halas. there is one on obozowa in wola one tram stop before deotymy. those are for polish people and will be cheaper
esek 2 | 228
12 Aug 2009 #13

close to politechnika metro station
db1874 7 | 227
12 Aug 2009 #14
there's a new gym just opened in złote tarasy:
BevK 11 | 248
12 Aug 2009 #15
Women Only Gym GALAXY on Smolna:

Very good value if you don't want bells and whistles.
trevorisimo 1 | 27
12 Aug 2009 #16
Guys, the one is Arcadia is wayyyy expensive, its like 180zl per month. You are better off going to the local smaller gyms, I know they look way dodgey and may look like thugs go there but if your looking for cheap ones, thats the best bet. I'd stay away from the big name ones due to the price. Unless you have that type of money, that is.
sobieski 107 | 2,128
13 Aug 2009 #17
I am going to Gymnasion - - can recommend it. Costs me 179 PLN per month.
trevorisimo 1 | 27
14 Aug 2009 #18
There is Gymnasion branch in Ursynow I think, but I thought it was female only gym?
esek 2 | 228
14 Aug 2009 #19
not, err maybe yes... I'm not sure what about this one in Ursynow but generally they have many gyms and most are for both males and females... as far as i know they have some only for females but on the other hand there is no one for males only :D
Jay24 12 | 64
19 Aug 2009 #20
Does anyone know of any gyms you can just "drop in" and use in Warsaw? I'm not here often so don't want to take out annual/monthly membership. I just want to pay and be able to use a gym as and when I'm here - is this possible?
esek 2 | 228
19 Aug 2009 #21
is this possible?

it's possible on most of the gyms in Warsaw... i would be suprised if they wouldn't allow for that. On the other hand it often costs a lot! It's like a 30-40zl for training.
melissab 2 | 8
28 Nov 2009 #22
What are some of the smaller gyms in Warsaw that would be less expensive? Also, I am from American and while I know that Europe does not have nearly as much obesity as my country, what is the mindset in Poland currently on fitness? While not everyone in America actually attends gyms, most of the people I know belong to one at least!
11 Dec 2009 #23
I've been using the gym in Hotel Sobieski, which is very small, but I'm usually the only one in there. They just raised their monthly price from 150 zl to 200zl, but I'm looking to change gyms anyway (as soon as 2010 starts:). Anyone know what the monthly fee at the Zloty Tarase gym (Pure) is? More importantly, how crowded is it evenings and weekends?

db1874 7 | 227
11 Dec 2009 #24
Anyone know what the monthly fee at the Zloty Tarase gym (Pure) is
says 230zl , am sure you could negotiate it to 200zl. They give free tours for potential members so go in the evening to see how busy it it.
fatimah - | 1
9 Dec 2015 #25
Merged: Gyms in Warsaw with female trainers

hello every body

I am looking for ladies gym with female trainers , but I did not find yet :(

Do you know good one ? with female trainers
10 Dec 2015 #26
Jatomi has female trainers but they dont wear Burka or Hijab .
faraoh - | 1
13 Aug 2017 #27

Gyms in Warsaw

I visit gyms 2-3 times a week after work. Can you advise me a good gym, I mean not only good equipment but also having some sauna, convenient, etc.

If somebody is willing to join me, he/she is most welcome.
PolishUltras 7 | 60
13 Aug 2017 #28
what are some good mma gyms or muay thay around here?
jon357 72 | 21,114
14 Aug 2017 #29
Can you advise me a good gym, I mean not only good equipment but also having some sauna,

Holmes Place at the Hilton is excellent. If you join there, you can also use their other sites. I like the branch at the Hyatt - mainly for the lobby bar outside the gym, however the Hilton one has lots of stuff.
Sparks11 - | 335
14 Aug 2017 #30
the best muay thai gym is palestra.

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