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24 Nov 2014
Life / My experience in Poland 15 years ago as an American trying to live and work there. [149]

I lived in Poznan. I bought my first little place in 2001 for a song, but really got taken to the cleaners when I bought the second in 2007. I left Poland and rented them both out, which worked pretty well. The small place I rented with a rental agreement until I sold it, but the second place I have always rented without any paperwork to students. Basically it's all been done over the Internet, as I don't live there anymore, and I must say it's worked out well. I'd love to get rid of it. It's in a great location in the center on Sw. Wojciech for those of you in Poznan. Is anybody looking for a 76-m2, three-room apartment that needs to be renovated?
14 Nov 2014
Life / My experience in Poland 15 years ago as an American trying to live and work there. [149]

Man, you better think long and hard about some of the reasons why you want to leave your home and go to Poland. I lived there for eight years, married there, had two kids there and bought two apartments there, etc. As a single dude, I had a great time, but when life got serious I knew the party was over. I'm not doggin' Poland in any way. I would return there in a heartbeat if I were single and in my 20s, but as a 40-something with a wife and kids, no way.
15 Aug 2014
Language / Information on Polish textbook Hurra Po Polsku [21]

Has anybody used Hurra Po Polsku for teaching/learning Polish? The book and workbook get thumbs up from the reviews I've read, but it's unclear about whether it's strictly written in Polish or if it has English explanations in it as well. This is what people complain about.
12 Aug 2014
Language / Polish Grammar - ile - ilu ? [9]

Look at pages 194 and 205 of Swan's Polish grammar in the following link. You may find something.
6 Jul 2014
Language / Help with understanding how verb governance is notated in Janecki's 301 Polish Verbs [5]

I believe there are two versions of Collins; compact and a two-volume set. Of course the two-volume set is going to be more thorough, although I did find examples in it where it was difficult to piece together an unknown grammar point based on their examples. Unfortunately I don't have it with me to cite an example. Personally I find Google a great place to find answers.
3 Jul 2014
USA, Canada / Renewal of Polish passport from the USA [44]

I dread these situations. I got a visa from the Polish consulate in L.A.. When I got to Poland, I found out the consulate in L.A. gave me the wrong one. The authorities in Poland told me to fly to L.A. to the correct one. Luckily my employer worked it out.

Dealing with any embassy/consulate can be maddening in the end, in my experience.
1 Jul 2014
USA, Canada / Renewal of Polish passport from the USA [44]

Merged: Polish Passport renewal in U.S. ( Is a visit to the consulate necessary? )

Does anybody know the sztick on this? We've read and it seems my wife needs to fly to the L.A. consulate to re-new her Polish passport. I've also read on this forum that she doesn't.

Trying to keep this topic alive.

I can see having to travel to the consulate in L.A. to get fingerprinted, but does one really have to go there to pick it up too? Seems absurd.
29 Jun 2014
Life / Mall Madness in Poland? [8]

Is it making a dent in business around the old town squares? My sister-in-law owns a popular kawiarnia in Poznan, and said she has seen a downturn in business. She recently went to a mall and could hardly find a spot to park the car in the three-tier parking garage.
28 Jun 2014
Life / Mall Madness in Poland? [8]

I know I am only observing from afar by reading Polish online newspapers, but aren't shopping malls getting a little out of hand? I've heard reports of their popularity and bane.
25 May 2014
Work / Recommendations on where to study Polish language for 1 year in Poland? [6]
I studied at this school two separate times. Sopot is a lovely place and I found it hard to study in summer as the beaches are so inviting. If you go there and opt for being put in family housing via the school, don't get put in some block miles away. I lived in the house of a sweet older woman a couple train rides away, but other students weren't so lucky.
4 May 2014
Life / Unique medical treatments/practices/remedies from Poland [4]

Living in Poland for eight years, I had a chance to see some medical treatments/practices/remedies that were not done back home. For example, when our kids were born the pediatrician instructed us to fold a dish towel and put it between the children's legs to promote the proper formation of the hips. I surveyed some mothers and nurses back home, and nobody had heard of it.

Has anybody had a similar experience?
26 Apr 2014
UK, Ireland / Do people in Poland live "better" than here in the UK? [150]

It's funny that most people who say that it's better in the UK are from the UK and most people who say it's better in Poland are from Poland. It's so difficult to have honest comparative discussions that it almost makes sense to not have them. I'm waiting for someone to say, "Oh yeah, well my dad can beat up your dad....with one arm tied behind his back."
26 Apr 2014
USA, Canada / Polish bar the best in the USA [16]

Nye's Polonaise in Minneapolis is a great place. It's been years since I've been there and I can't imagine the band is still alive-the drummer was 87 and the accordion player pushing 70 with diabetes.
13 Apr 2014
Love / Any Polish Muslim girls living in Poland? [103]

In the Quran God makes it very clear that men and women are equal.

I lived in Saudi Arabia for five years and I just didn't see this. Women are kept in a little box.

What does 'equal' mean? The Muslim use of the word is in reference to the Quran, and not to the definition that would come to the non-Muslim mind.

We had great Muslim friends in Saudi Arabia, but some of the things they would say and do were so hard to believe. Islam and Western thinking are difficult to mix.
30 Mar 2014
Real Estate / Preliminary Contract - Purchase of Apartment [26]

I had an English-speaking lawyer and all he really did was check out the legal status of the property to make sure there wouldn't be any surprises when it came time to sign all the documents at the notary. I don't think I paid more than 500 zlotys for his services. This was in 2001 so prices I am sure are higher now.

My real estate agent was a friend of family, so let's say I trusted her. If you don't trust your agent, you may want to take the lawyer a little further down the road to the notary for the signing of documents.

I got the impression that the notary is rather reliable so long as you go to one that's established. They should check the status of the property online the day of signing just to make sure that no legal funny business is going on with the property at the last moment. I bought two properties in Poland and always felt pretty good about the notary.

If you feel confident in your abilities, go it on your own. I used the lawyer for my first property, but didn't for my second. It doesn't hurt though to know that you have somebody in your corner tending to your interests.
30 Mar 2014
Real Estate / Preliminary Contract - Purchase of Apartment [26]

Maybe it was overkill, but when I bought my first apartment in Poznan I hired a lawyer to make sure every step was in order. I slept a lot easier.
28 Mar 2014
UK, Ireland / Why are Polish people, especially women, so disrespectful toward the English? [281]

I've always lived in other countries by choice and not by necessity. It must be scary as hell to take yourself or family to a new strange place and have 'to make it'. I now live in the U.S. where there are a lot of Central Americans. Sweet people, but I think about how far from home they are and how hard it must be for them. I agree with TaiCat that a smile isn't a lot, but at least it may make them feel a little easier. BTW, I don't have problems with people coming here so long as they follow the laws of the land.
16 Feb 2014
Language / Could you please help me to understand Oni vs One? [6]

While studying Polish, we had a bit of a laugh that there is one group for men and another group for women, animals and things. Things that make you go "Hmmm."
9 Feb 2014
Real Estate / Poland's apartment prices continue to fall [1844]

with the rest 'na czarna'.

Drives me nuts. Sorry, just currently dealing with a person who asked for money under the table for his convenience, and now he's not exactly rushing to get the contracted work done. Live and learn.
19 Jan 2014
UK, Ireland / Agnieszka Pomaska, beautiful Polish politician [42]

Not surprised at all that Brits can't compete with Poles. Poles are hungry.

Working with Brits for 13 years, I found it disturbing how often I heard them wanting to go home to live on the dole. I find this practice of sucking the government's tit a bit lame.

I taught at a Polish university for eight years and Polish students are smart. Go get those good jobs Poles!
10 Jan 2014
Life / The Polish Dream - move out from Poland as fast as possible [68]

I had the impression after eight years in Poland that Poles simply don't feel appreciated by their employers. Of course money is one way to say "You are doing a good job and we value you." We know they don't get money, but do Poles get any positive affirmation at work? I am happy with my current salary, but I really value my boss who makes sure I know that she and the college appreciate the work I do.
9 Jan 2014
Study / Universities in Poland, will studying here be cheaper than in North America? [4]

I did an MA in linguistics at the university I was working at in Poland. When I came back to the States, I had it evaluated by one of many such companies and was issued an MA which got me my current tenured position. Rock on!

Do you have any language teaching credentials and experience? Can you get a job at a Polish university? It would make your life much easier because you could work and study.