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Unique medical treatments/practices/remedies from Poland

Szczerbaty 4 | 49
4 May 2014 #1
Living in Poland for eight years, I had a chance to see some medical treatments/practices/remedies that were not done back home. For example, when our kids were born the pediatrician instructed us to fold a dish towel and put it between the children's legs to promote the proper formation of the hips. I surveyed some mothers and nurses back home, and nobody had heard of it.

Has anybody had a similar experience?
Astoria - | 155
4 May 2014 #2
Crushed garlic with lemon juice in water. Cures bacterial infections (sinus, sore throat, etc.), especially at the onset. Won't cure viral infections.
Crush 10 bulbs of garlic, add juice from 5 lemons and 1 liter of water. Leave it for 3 days and then filter. The remaining liquid will not spoil for months in room temperature. Drink it diluted with additional water. It's hard on the stomach, so eating farmers cheese is suggested. It also kills good germs in the digestive tract, so taking probiotics is advisable. Unpasteurized sour pickles or sauerkraut or juice are perfect as probiotic.
Tricia H.
16 Sep 2015 #3
Merged: Looking for a Polish medicinal plant made with alcohol

I hope someone is able to assist me. My mother, grandmother and great grandmother all made a muscle rub from alcohol and the root of a plant. I do not know how to spell the name of the plant so will do it phonetically. The plant (or the medicine) is called ZI - VO- KOS. Mom and grandmother would dig the root from the plant, clean it, let the root dry out, peal the bark and then put root stems in alcohol to soak. It is the best for ailing muscles, aches and pains. I am trying to find out the exact name of the plant, or what the English name would be. If you have any information or can assist me, please e-mail me at @gmail. thank you. Trish
DominicB - | 2,709
16 Sep 2015 #4
┼╗ywokost lekarski, or Symphytum officinale, in Latin. In English, it's called true comfrey or common comfrey.

Here's the Wikipedia article:

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