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11 Aug 2010
Life / Poland and Shakespeare [23]


Yes. I agree.

The essence of Shakespeare is his contribution to modern English language. Yes the plays have a universal theme but ..."it's the literature". To properly understand the literature you have to master the English language. Many native speakers have a hard time with Shakespeare.
31 Aug 2010
News / Newsweek's The World's Best Countries (Poland ranked 29) [128]


US leads the world in Economy but lags in Education and Health Care (Amazingly US has 16/20 best universities in the world and unrivalled healthcare and medical technology for those who can afford).

The US has a single tier medical system. If you go to an emergency room in an American Hospital they are, by law, obligated to provide medical care. The Bru ha in America is about who pays for this (i.e., people who can't afford to pay for the medical care). Presently the hospitals raise their rates to the insurance companies to make up the difference. That's why our insurance premiums are so high. It's a myth that medical care in America is refused to those who cannot afford to pay.
2 Sep 2010
Love / Polish citizen in the UK: I made a mistake and now she won't forgive me, help! [57]

trener zolwia

Not to mention the mindset which takes such pics in the first place... Kids have no shame or sense of morals anymore.

Kids in previous times were morally superior? It's no different now that it was before. The generations are always blaming each other. Nothings changed.
19 Oct 2011
USA, Canada / A typical Polish American wedding [25]

NO! It hurts me to say that by the 3rd generation all knowledge of this is gone.

I'm from Chicago and have been to many Polish-American weddings and I've never seen costumed dancers like this. I think the Old First generation Poles would have laughed at this. Most Polish American weddings had a polka band and the attendees doing the polka. But everybody would be dressed like everybody else. No old world costumes. This is like at German restaurants where they wear lederhosen (sp?) and those Alpine hats. Pure caricatures. This is not a typical Polish American wedding.
25 Oct 2011
USA, Canada / Polish-American criminals [70]

Actually very few Pol-Ams are on this site, most are expat Poles living in America.
26 Oct 2011
UK, Ireland / Websites for Poles to benefit from Britain! [210]

Somehow this has turned into a bunch of Britons complaining about Britain.

English class system is alive and well. The Norman hierarchy keeps the anglo/saxon/celtic well divided.
1 Nov 2011
UK, Ireland / What do you like about living in Britain? [134]

There are two Englands, London and the English Countryside. To enjoy the English Countryside one has to get a trail guide and walk the footpaths that dot England. Beautiful and full of English history. And the second thing about England that I love, the English woman. Bright, literate and witty. Maybe a lot of you think Polish women are much more physically beautiful but English women are a heck of a lot more fun.
6 Nov 2011
UK, Ireland / What do you like about living in Britain? [134]

Yes,nothing about it being the home of western democracy and habius corpus, nothing about it never having fallen to an invader in hundreds of years,nothing to do with the freedoms from petty religious oppression we all benefit from, its the cucumber sarnies....

Not free though from the Royal Family and the Class System.
8 Nov 2011
Love / English Men vs Polish Men [207]

It is in all the countries Britain has exported its boorish idiotic binge-drinking culture to. Therefore, Ireland, America and Australia.

Baloney. That behavior has nothing to do with Australians, Irish or Americans. The English don't travel well, they become quite demanding outside of their own country.
11 Nov 2011
UK, Ireland / Research Request- Polish immigrant community in Ireland. [10]

Mods, I understand if ya give me a ban for my language used but this guy Revoke has seriously got to go. His posts have all been just to troll, nothing he has written has been to add any worth to this forum.

Oh, please don't remove RevokeNice, I find him a bit of a wit.
15 Nov 2011
USA, Canada / Going back to the Old Country of Poland after more than 25 years! (from USA) [249]

Most of the old town was rebuild by Poles after WWII. so I guess is Polish architecture now, yes?

No, just because the Poles rebuilt it doesn't mean that it's Polish Architecture. Looks Gothic to me which means German. I would expect Polish architecture to be a bit softer. But hey, I could be wrong.
21 Nov 2011
Love / Polish Women Versus Your Local Women ? [289]

Polish women do not have a reputation in the US, good or bad.

Biggest difference between English and Polish women? For better or worse with the English, What you see is what you get. With the Polish what you see is NOT what you get.
6 Dec 2011
Love / Falling for a Polish guy and confused.. [23]

Buy him what you think he would like or need, don't consider the price. In fact don't even mention the price. I mean it's an american thingy buying gifts. Gifts for Christmas, going away gifts, birthday gifts, thank you here's a gift. It's the culture. He doesn't owe you anything in return, right?
8 Dec 2011
USA, Canada / Do many Polish people in America hate Americans? [592]

Canada and America were settled at roughly the same time. How did the U.S. create such a mess for itself but Canada has been relatively stable through the entire economic down turn.

Oil exports

Im Polish, in America for a few months, I don't hate Americans but i hate ignorant ppl and all this propaganda "we are no. 1 in the world" its so arrogant

Poland and US are polar opposites
9 Dec 2011
News / Polands new class of immigrant. [60]

. cant imagine any pole being granted a visa to stay in a different country with no language or job skills. however dont know too much about visa regulations, so maybe im wrong

12 Dec 2011
Love / Amount of money for gift (I have a girlfriend in Poland) [56]

Gordo or whomever you are you don't know the girl well enough to be sending her gifts. You can't buy affection. Aren't there any local girls you know that are looking for a date on a Saturday night?