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16 Feb 2011
News / Lech Kaczyński statue in Warsaw? [66]

Seeing as her grandfather was a traitor, her uncle is Poland's biggest hypocrite

You made me laugh :D
Her husband is a complete twat as well, so they all fit together nicely.

As for the statue, Wawel was more then enough for this mediocre president. I strongly object to spending the taxpayers' money on a statue for him!
16 Feb 2011
News / Lech Kaczyński statue in Warsaw? [66]

How about spending taxpayers money to support parties? Or sending soldiers to Afghanistan and all?

We are talking about the statue here. I'ma against all sorts of bureaucracy, also against sending our soldiers to Afghanistan. Parties should found themselves. But the topic of the thread was "should we fund a statue for the late president?".

My answer is "no, we shouldn't". If Marta wants to, she can pay for it herself.
17 Feb 2011
News / Lech Kaczyński statue in Warsaw? [66]

Well, if parliament will vote in favour then you will have to pay for that !

Obviously. Not that I will ever agree with this.
If PO votes in favour of this, I will truly consider voting Palikot next time!
4 Mar 2011
History / "I was more afraid of fellow Poles than Nazi German Officers", says Bartoszewski [130]

Do you think he crossed a boundary by saying this, or do you think he has a point?

I think he has the right to feel this way, whether it's true or not - he was alive back then.
And I think Marta Kaczyńska has no right to accuse him of lying because a) she's faaar to young and b) he's done much more for the country that she and her criminal husband will ever do
4 Mar 2011
Life / Top-up Poland mobile phones [11]

I recently tried to acquire a polish 'pay as you go' sim card and was told that the phone
number would only be active for one month.

Depends on the network, but in general, the more you top up, the longer you can make outgoing calls. What happens is that when you buy (for instance) - 50zl of credit, you get 50zl of credit and the ability to make outgoing calls for 180 days.

If you aren't worried about what network you use, get a Play sim card - one top up will give you a year's worth of "ability". Even if you go over the year, you can still receive calls/texts/etc, you just can't do anything "chargable".
8 Mar 2011
Study / Swedish folks in Poland! (I want to apply for university and live in Poland) [21]

Speaking here purely on my own behalf, Poland has historically had among the best, not to mention, oldest, instititutions of higher learning in Europe, the University of Cracow, to name but one example!

"Historically" being the key word here. It was very long time ago, now our universities unfortunately aren't anywhere near the best ones in Europe.

I've studied both in Poland and in the UK and I can see where the problem lies - widespread cheating (no one dared even try in the UK!), lots of useless subjects, very old and incoherent teaching programs, professors being the almighty ones, too much theory and not enough practice.

Maybe in the UK they don't get such wide knowledge as we do here, but they are far far better in their one, chosen field.

I would never chose a Polish uni over a Western one.
25 Mar 2011
Study / The worst of Polish education. No wonder Polish universities are bottom of the list. [142]

The Education is better than UK

Sorry, but it's not. The Polish education system is riddled with cheating, grades are commonly awarded on the basis of being known to the professor and not on academic merit, many teachers only become teachers because they weren't good enough to become anything else - the list is endless.

There's also a stigma against non-public education - even though in many cases, the private education is superior to the public one. Of course, part of the problem is that in many other cases - the private education sucks.
25 Mar 2011
Study / The worst of Polish education. No wonder Polish universities are bottom of the list. [142]

Excuse me? Have you actually studied at a Polish university? And which one, if so? Many who don't feel quite able to obtain a university degree choose lower standard education, so that they can get the degree the easy way, but they choose to do so. It's not like living in Poland you don't know which universities/colleges are good and which aren't

I studied at one of the best public Polish unis - UAM, then on UP. I also studied in the UK and I can tell you, the stuff they were teaching on the 2nd year in the UK was more advanced then on the UP on the 5th year... Polish courses are full of theory, there's more to learn by heart. British ones are far more connected to the real life. We finish pur degrees with heads full of facts that we cannot use. They finish with the knowledge where to look for the facts, but they know how to implement this knowledge. You might think Polish unis are better because there's more sitting and studying from the books involved. I can compare and unfortunately, 2/3 of my subjects at UP were absoultely useless. Not so bad at UAM though, only maybe 10% subjects were useless.

And you're not telling me that people are not cheating in Poland? Of course they do. I don't know anyone who hasn't!

They are better educated in terms of general knowledge, but the British are better prepared to their professional life.
27 Apr 2011
Food / Do you call it kiszka or kaszanka? [55]

Definitely "kaszanka". My family from Lublin area called it "kaszanka" as well. "Kiszka" must be Kresy version? Never heard of it!

Polonia use it because most of them came from what is now Ukraine...
19 May 2011
Love / American marrying Polish woman in Poland - Church problems [79]

We know that it clearly was not a Catholic ceremony, which means that in the eyes of the Catholic church he has never been legally married.

Not necessarly so, I'm pretty sure the Catholic church sees people married in a protestant church as married... but it doesn't accept the divorce. It might be that the person who started the thread is a deep trouble if he was married in any Christian church. He should get his wife to call the kuria and ask there.
19 May 2011
Love / American marrying Polish woman in Poland - Church problems [79]

And Sokrates here is absolutely right.

Just wanted to add, there's nothing such as "Catholic divorce". It's an anullement, the church court states that the marriage has never existed - only if the marriage was illegal from the start, for example one person was already married or was forced into it by someone. If the marriage was legal, there is no way to break it or reverse it. That's it, you're married for life.
19 May 2011
Love / American marrying Polish woman in Poland - Church problems [79]

Something about even if it was civil wedding, the fact that I am not baptized means no way it can be, I guess? Before they said it was OK for like one side wedding for her only. Apparently none of the bishop or people in the court could agree, some said yes it is OK and some said no, no way

Argue about it. The marriage between Catholic and non-baptised person is possible in the Catholic Church.

Canon 1086.1 A marriage is invalid when one of the two persons was baptised in the catholic Church or received into it and has not by a formal act defected from it, and the other was not baptised.

Canon 1086.2 This impediment is not to be dispensed unless the conditions mentioned in cann. 1125 and 1126 have been fulfilled.

Canon 1125.3 both parties are to be instructed about the purposes and essential properties of marriage, which are not to be excluded by either contractant.

Canon 1126 It is for the Episcopal Conference to prescribe the manner in which these declarations and promises, which are always required, are to be made, and to determine how they are to be established in the external forum, and how the non-catholic party is to be informed of them.

So it can be done, a bishop's agreement is needed though.
15 Jun 2011
Life / The day Poland ran out of artists. [40]

"Korczak Ziółkowski (ur. 6 września 1908 w Bostonie, zm. 20 października 1982 w Crazy Horse w Dakocie Południowej[1]) - amerykański rzeźbiarz polskiego pochodzenia."

Doesn't look very Polish to me :D

I'm Polish, living in Poland and all my family is Polish and I don't consider Polonia Polish. sorry, Polska Moc :P Also, darling, I'd like to tell you that most Poles like the British. I certainly like them lots, I will quite happily mix my Polish DNA with theirs :P

From what you're posting I can see you have no idea of how life is in modern Poland. It's all your sick imagination, honey.

Also, why are you using capital letters so much? Is it a kind of OCD?
9 Jul 2011
Travel / Attractions in Wrocław: a Must-See List [117]

See the Zoo, biggest in Poland, choose a nice day, not too hot. Check out the times of feeding - I recommend those African seals at 2pm and piranhas at 4pm. Take some food for pawians and sheep because local food vending machines sell shi t.

It's definitely not the biggest, although possibly now the best in Poland.
The veending machines sell what's safe for the animals. Feeding them anything else is harmful for them and, quite rightfully, forbidden.
Seals feeding is great.
9 Jul 2011
Travel / Attractions in Wrocław: a Must-See List [117]


Of course I meant size-wise. The biggest is actually the one in Gdansk, then Poznan Nowe Zoo.
Wrocław had 4533 animal specimen in 833 species at the end of 2010
Wrocław has more species then the other zoos in Poland - at least so says the data I found (from 2009).
Wrocław - 813
Warszawa - 547
Poznań (both zoos) - 421
17 Jul 2011
USA, Canada / Why are Polish restaurants not successful in the USA? [698]

Dear Polish-Americans! I'm begging all of you here, remember: kiełbasa is NOT a Polish kind of sausage, it's just a sausage. ANY sausage. In addition to that, please remember that pierogi is a name of a dish and it's plural! No need to add an "s" at the end of the word or to use a capital letter at the beginning! Please remember about it, cause Polish people cringe seeing such terrible mistakes.

And just to make sure I',m on topic :P - I just don't think Polish cuisine is attractive enough for a restaurant. I mean, it's lovely at home, I love my mum's pierogi or homemade bigos, but to be honest, I rarely find the ones made in a restaurant good enough. Also, it's quite time consuming - compare preparing pierogi to cooking in wok, for example! And it's rather heavy, so not really suitable for a light lunch, more like a proper, full on dinner.
18 Jul 2011
Life / Babcia or Busha - any social class difference? [359]

In my family all grandmothers are called Busha (or Bucia). I am 7/8 Polish with all my Polish sides coming from different regions.

Bucia?? Oh dear... Again, no such word in Polish.

Tell me, how do you count this 7/8? :D
30 Jul 2011
UK, Ireland / Why Poles will never belong in England [261]

Poles can never be English. A Pole born in England is a Pole. If a dog is born in a stable that doesn't make it a horse.

And thank God for that! At least there is no danger of Polish girls resembling horses!

Seriously, Englishman, you're a moron. You country is full of people from all over the world, look at the streets of London. Why are you so bothered about the Poles? And maybe reas a bit about the history of your own country?

So what about the Scottish? Are they okay to come to england or maybe also not "white" enough? You would be funny if you weren't scary.
5 Aug 2011
News / Polish final report on Smoleńsk aircrash [810]

No , they don`t do it, when someone`s life is at stake , btw did you make any surwey about suisidal driving ? Your theory would mean that all Polish drivers are suisidal just by driving cars on polish roads .

Do you actually live in Poland?? I keep seeing fathers driving with their whole families in the car speeding, oivertaking dangerously, jumping red light and taking all the risk there is. I also see mothers running to the tram on the red light - with their children. People take risk every day, because they think their goal somehow makes it okay. Or that they will be lucky today. Or they simply have no imagination.

The pilots made a mistake, they went too low - they were not supposed to believe anyone else, they were supposed to look at the right instruments in the cabin. They failed to do that. They thought they were higher - due to their own mistake. And anyway, they were not supposed to go that low, they just didn't have the papers for that! If they didn't break the law, they wouldn't have been so low -> they wouldn't have crashed. Apparently, such law breaking was common in our airforce... And that's really scary.

Convex is explaining it all in very simple words - I wonder why people still don't seem to understand?
11 Oct 2011
USA, Canada / US Polonia 70% for Kaczyński [343]

Once again the American Polonia has shown it has a better grasp of what is good for Poland.

You know what? **** off from our country. It's none of your business who we choose. You don't live here, you have no idea what's going on here and you don't have to bear the consequences of your stupid choices! Why the hell are you treating Poles in Poland like some silly children who can't choose for themselves??

Come here and live here, and then you'll have the moral right to decide. I just hate this tone of superiority in Polonia's voice :/ Yeah right, who are you to know better?

The benefit of distance gives US Poloninas a better overview of what it's all about. And selling off Poland's last remaining assets to foreign interests, which the Tusk gang is so keen on, is not a good career move for Poland.

But it's NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! If we want we can sell evbery little bit (not that it's true, but...), because it's our country! Not yours! You've got nothing to do with it, get your nose out of the matters that don't concern you! Real Poles despise stuck up Americans like you!
11 Oct 2011
USA, Canada / US Polonia 70% for Kaczyński [343]

For patriotic Poles there is no alternative - and I write that with sadness.

I'm a patriot, I work and pay taxes here, I look after the environment, I vote in the elections. I speak nice, clear Polish and so will my children. I'm contributing to society. I would never vote PiS. They are not my choice They are either power hungry politicians or deluded poor, old people. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you don't have to vote PiS to be a patriot. The only PiS voter who I know well is spending his life scrounging money from the state and is making horrific ortographic mistakes in his native language. Yes, so very patriotic.
11 Oct 2011
USA, Canada / US Polonia 70% for Kaczyński [343]

yes, you don't have to vote PiS, but if you vote PO you are an idiot.

Being called an idiot by you is a compliment.
Yes, we lost our elite and sad, disorientated people are following the ones who are screaimng about hatred and conspiracy theories - namely PiS.
If you want to know, I come from a line of educated people, Polish army officers (pre-war) and AK soldiers among them. I am an intelectual elite of this country, without much money or power for now, but with a right to vote that I use.

In time of peace, it is enough to be a good, honest, tax paying citizen. It's harmful for a country to run around causing havoc and abusing our neighbours. So, tell me what are you doing that's so valuable for Poland?

And no, I'm not a huge fan of PO, but PiS is the worst of them all.
I have nothing in common with SLD, nor with PSL. I agree with economical views of Palikot, but his to harsh on the church - not that the church is so perfect these days, sadly. But I'd rather have Palikot, then PiS.
12 Oct 2011
USA, Canada / US Polonia 70% for Kaczyński [343]

Everyone can vote for the party they like, but... what would PiS do for Polish Americans ?... Voting by Polish Americans doesn't make any sense for me, if they don't live here, why they vote ? I don't want to disenfranchise anyone, but I don't see the target of this voting :)

That's because they think they know better what's good for us, and it's just infuriating!
Polonia is cute when they think they are cultivating Polish tradition by dancing czech dances (polka :P).
It is mildly amusing, when it thinks that "busia" is an existing Polish word.
But it's maddening, when it's trying to interfere in matters that influance our real lives and treat real Poles with superiority and contempt.
10 Feb 2012
History / Lwów, Wilno ... kresy - Poland have lost enormoust part of our heritage... [389]

If you ask a pole if they are Slavic they will say yes, same if you ask a Russian, Serb ect We are all the same people open your eyes.... It's the same with Arabs from Iraq, Lebanon, Syria ect All one people Arabs speak dialects of classical Arabic same with slavs and ancient Slavic language derrrrr

If you directly ask me if I'm Slavic I will obviously say yes, but to be honest it doesn't mean much to me and I never think of myself "oh, I'm Slavic". I'm Polish, and then I'm European. And really, most Polish people think that way. I really don't have much in commmon with Russians or with Serbs.
5 Jun 2012
Life / Which services is Poland still waiting for? [218]

consider yourself lucky. my wife and i used to wake up in the morning in Wroclaw covered in welts from mosquitos, not to mention lose sleep because we'd hear them buzzing right over our heads waiting to land on a fresh piece of meat. it was ridiculous.

Why didn't you buy the bug screens, as are standard in many flats?

Not one thing you've mentioned on this thread are unavailable in Poland. As for them not being standard - they are.

I'm frankly amazed that you would lie around being bitten to death when something so cheap and universally available is on offer.
26 Jul 2012
News / Chairman Kaczyński said..... / Opinions and ideas uttered by the leader of the PIS [587]

Prove that Kaczynski is a failure as an oposition leader.

With pleasure.

Wins :

2005 - Presidential Elections
2005 - Sejm
2005 - Senat

Losses :

1991 - 4th place in the Sejm election
1993 - no seats in the Sejm
2002 - 3rd place in the Sejmik elections
2004 - 3rd place in the European election
2006 - Sejmik elections - 2nd place
2006 - county council elections - 2nd place
2006 - muncipal councils - 3rd place
2006 - mayoral elections - 3rd place
2007 - Sejm - 2nd place
2007 - Senat - 2nd place
2009 - European elections - 2nd place
2010 - Presidential election - 2nd place
2010 - Sejmiks - 2nd place
2010 - county councils - 3rd place
2010 - municipal councils - 3rd place
2011 - Sejm - 2nd place
2011 - Senat - 2nd place

He has lost 13 straight elections. That's a failure in politics by any stretch of the imagination.

What's amazing, however, is that in Poland they are - as Delph says - consistently achieving 30% in all elections. Even if it is actually a bit less, the proportion is still very significant and I wonder if any other big European country has such a big share of population voting for "its bigoted and hateful equivalent" of PiS in their own elections.

The behaviour of Fidesz in Hungary could perhaps be compared to PiS, I suppose. The proportion is very significant - and I think it's because there are many voters who don't agree with Jarek, but they know that there's no other alternative for their viewpoint.

To a certain extent, it can be explained by the rapid transitiion of Poland from communism to capitalism, and the fact that the transition was done to the disadvantage of some groups such as farmers

Indeed - as far as I'm aware, the "lower classes" in society lost considerably with the transition. No longer were flats subsidised by the State, no longer were holidays and childcare paid for, etc etc. It's no surprise that they gravitate towards PiS, especially with the rhetoric that Kaczynski promises. And there was a very large group of educated individuals who voted for PiS last time round - the foresters. Not because they like Kaczynski, but solely because the Government were making noises about taking them more under Governmental control and potentially privatising them.

It must be pointed out that compared to the instability of AWS, Kaczynski has very much united the "right" in Poland against a perceived common enemy.

But all this stuff about "not talking about PiS in schools and universities" is utter rubbish. We all know that PiS were shouting from the rooftops about professors/etc who supported them last time round, after all.
15 Sep 2012
UK, Ireland / British - Stupidest nation in Europe [127]

delphiandomine: the "dyplom" (which is a little book thing)
Do you mean the Indeks?
Ask to see their Indeks.

Let's clarify a few things:
- "dyplom" consist of two parts: a little booklet with a photo, a degree and an overall grade, and a "suplement" which contains all the grades, ECTS points and info about the systerm of education

- I have never been asked to present my Indeks to anyone (meaning the small, green booklet) - if anyone wants to see my grades, they are in the "suplement". In fact, I seem to have lost one Indeks of mine. I've never seen anyone hunting for a job with their Indeks in hand!