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17 Jul 2012
UK, Ireland / Poles robbing Poles in the UK [12]

Pounds mate.. us Brits arn't part of the Euro mess!

Actually the UK is as much in trouble as the rest of the EU — and busily printing its way out of debt — but no worries, I'll probably be heading back to London before long!!
17 Jul 2012
UK, Ireland / Irish Census and number of Polish [46]

Your definition could be applied to many nationalities.
I was hoping for a somewhat more intelligent response from RevokeNice.
17 Jul 2012
UK, Ireland / Poland continues to milk Ireland dry. [129]

With reference to your 'social welfare' allusion above, the Nice Treaty has provided for equality throughout the EU. In my book anyone who had worked and paid stamps in an EU country is entitled to claim unemployment in that country.

Ireland has done well out of its EU membership since joining in 1973.
When Poland and other countries joined they also acquired the rights of all member countries, including freedom of movement.
I will remind you that one of the original purposes of the EEC (as it was then) was to encourage countries to carry out their foreign policy by cooperating, rather than by sending armies across each other's borders. This policy has worked reasonably well since it was started, wouldn't you say.

Irish emigrants abroad have also done well by being allowed to migrate to other countries.

Why do you have such an opposition to the EU and Ireland's continuing membership of it?
What alternative to it do you have to offer to Ireland's membership of the EU?
17 Jul 2012
UK, Ireland / Irish Census and number of Polish [46]

Claiming to be Irish and actually being Irish are two different things

How would you define 'being Irish'?
16 Jul 2012
Off-Topic / PF - The Omnibus Edition [1502]

I'll have one of those drinks please.
Nice to see the thread at page 50! :)
16 Jul 2012
Language / Polish Language Learning Links [40]

Here's the latest version of online dictionary:

Interface and content have been upgraded.
16 Jul 2012
Language / Terms of endearment in Polish [156]

I call my gf moja Kamienka (=my little pebble). It's er, not proper Polish though.
11 Oct 2009
UK, Ireland / Sad life of a Polish migrant in the UK. Ch. 5 - Racism [259]

Hmm, haven't got time to read the whole thread, so reply is based on Ksysia start post. apologies if I offend anyone else's deeply held beliefs etc because I didn't read their post - it's not meant to be a racist or any other kind of slur...

In Finland I was branded a f***ing Russian (I had bad Finnish and they didn't speak English). White with dark hair, can't speak Finnish properly, = must be a Ruskie.

In England I was a Paddy (and other negative comments), subhuman.
In Paris I wasn't a Parisian (and therefore subhuman of some kind).
In Harvey IL, USA (a black suburb of Chicago) I was a honkie, subhuman.
In Romania they thought I was a Hungarian as I was too white and had bad Romanian, subhuman.
In Sweden they decided I was a Finn (I was with Finns), subhuman.

I hasten to add that this was a small minority of people in each country. Most people are basically ok. We notice those who aren't.

In all of the above personal experiences of racism, it was occasional and generally the exception.

I do get a constant trickle of innate anti-Irish racism from many English acquaintances, mainly those who can't understand why Ireland ever wanted to be independent of the UK. It's a sort of post-imperial thing or whatnot.

They don't even realize that they are being racist, and certainly don't mean to be so.

Of course we the Irish have lots of nice words for the English too :D
18 Jul 2009
Language / Polish Language Learning Links [40]

Google Translate has improved a lot lately. Here it is hard linked to Polish:

To switch it to Polish - English click on zamień.

I would recommend it for checking meanings as it frequently makes some silly mistakes.
1 Jun 2009
Language / Polish Language Learning Links [40]

Here's another one, hopefully not a repost:

Credit to SzwedwPolsce for finding it :)
19 Dec 2008
History / The Celts in Poland. [71]

Interesting map. There are similarities in roots between the Irish and Turkish languages and in the old story telling song styles (Sean Nós in Irish) of both cultures.

Looks like the Celts were generally aiming for America even back then :)
18 Oct 2008
Off-Topic / What's your connection with Poland? Penpals. [376]

Caution all shipping in the eastern English Channel

Hey careful there you might get caught in a propeller and end up being led to somewhere like the South China Sea........, all those strings hanging about the world and that.
7 Oct 2008
Language / The Plural of Zloty? [46]

złotych is the plural when referring to the currency unit.
7 Oct 2008
Language / Help in finding household object [8]

but did you try the method with warm water, salt and aluminium foil? maybe it will help...

Hey Polishgirl, you're cool, nicely done - chemistry in action :) Way t' go!
7 Oct 2008
Language / Poland in different languages? [74]

An Pholain

Aggh, you beat me to it. This is of course Poland in Irish - a very relevant language to all the Polish living in Ireland these days, who will undoubtedly notice it.

Polska = Puola - in Finnish