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Pop A Cork - Wine

AntV 5 | 585
9 Mar 2022 #1
Any oenophiles out there that would like to share some good wines they've tasted?

I recently came across a dynamite bottle of Italian wine from Allesandro Gallici called Visionario Bianco Trevenezie, 2020 vintage. A blend of Tocai Friuliano, Sauvignon Blanc, Gewurztraminer, and Chardonnay grapes. Deep complexity with fruity, citrus--especially grapefruit (the Sauvignon Blanc was pronounced), and floral aromas. Medium body that made this bad boy dance in the mouth. A long finish--the flavors lingered for what seemed like hours. A very fresh feeling wine. The grapes are sourced from different areas in the Venezie in Northeastern part of Italy. If you can find a bottle, do yourself a favor and slap down the $20 a get you some.

I'd be delighted to hear others' suggestions.
Bobko 25 | 1,970
9 Mar 2022 #2

You write well. Even though I'm not an oenophile I'm left wanting to buy this bottle.

I'm a very boring person when it comes to drinking. The last ten years or so I've been drinking Eagle Rare bourbon (10 year, not 17), but am now being increasingly forced to drink something else as it is being put on allocation by all distributors, and is being priced out of reach. In ten years the price has tripled. It's made by the Buffalo Trace Distillery, which used to be called the George T Stagg distillery. Same mash, same juice as Stagg, but younger and for that a little more aggressive. Of course, Stagg is preferred but it's now sold for $800-2000 a bottle like Pappy von Winkle.

As a result, some other brands have entered my repertoire. Makers Mark (reliable as an AK 47 in terms of availability at bars), and Bulleit Bourbon. It's not Eagle Rare, but it will do.

No rye for me, bourbon only. Can't stomach that sour taste.

Haven't had a bottle of scotch in years. Even though I'm still paying small dues to the Single Malt Whiskey Society here in America, and they keep sending me little drams of different curiosities. I just put these in my cabinet for when friends come over.

PS - do you smoke cigars?
OP AntV 5 | 585
9 Mar 2022 #3
do you smoke cigars?

No, I've had a singular disgust for tobacco all my life--even though when I was growing up everyone around me smoked. Go figure.

Bourbon country is but down the road from me, so I'm no stranger to it. Buffalo Trace is good stuff, but so is Maker's. It's been a while since I bought bourbon, but give Russell's Reserve a go (if you haven't already)--not overly expensive and just damned good! If you ever have an opportunity to visit Bardstown KY, do it--neat place.

I'm left wanting to buy this bottle

You won't be disappointed--unless you have completely opposite taste as me. :)
Bobko 25 | 1,970
9 Mar 2022 #4
You sound like you are a much healthier individual than myself. Also, I envy that you live by the distillery. I came down for a tour once, and thought the area was absolutely beautiful.

Edit: Realized I didn't reply re: Bardstown. I've been, because I was visiting the Willet Distillery. Another gem of a bourbon, but unfortunately everyone else seems to have caught on.
OP AntV 5 | 585
9 Mar 2022 #5
Many folks not familiar with KY are often shocked by its gentle beauty...rolling hills. I'm not a Kentuckian myself, but I'm close enough.

Funny thing about the Kentucky bourbon industry is that not very long ago it was on the brink of nearly collapsing. But, the past 10-15 years have been a boon to it--it's a hot product. A lot of good folks work in that industry.

I visited Bardstown 2 or 3 times before it became a bourbon hotspot and I was ready to relocate there. There used to be an artist who had a gallery there (he's died)--he was high quality--who swore it was the best place to live in the whole world.
Bobko 25 | 1,970
9 Mar 2022 #6

It's certainly special.
Alien 18 | 4,787
26 Mar 2022 #7
Krimskoye from Artemowsk Winery in Ukraine is a best choice to celebrate the victory of Ukraine over russia. ūü•ā‚úĆ
OP AntV 5 | 585
6 Apr 2022 #8

Tell me some more about this Krimskoye. Is it red or white? Is the grape called krimskoye? How's the body? Acid?

*goes searching the internet for this Ukrainian wine
Alien 18 | 4,787
6 Apr 2022 #9
The bottle I have is Krimskoye Rosé.
jon357 74 | 21,878
6 Apr 2022 #10
I will look out for Ukrainian wine. I expect there'll be a lot of demand for it though.

Right now, I'm in North Africa for a few days on business. It's not the best time of year for wine here, since the month of Ramadan has started however I'd like to get to know some of the local wines. Although it's nominally a Muslim country, the6 have a long history of wine making and plenty of bars.
Alien 18 | 4,787
7 Apr 2022 #11
Where are you? Chateau de Mornag from Tunisia is nice and not very expensive. This is the only discount wine from Tunisia in Germany, but the quality is very variable.
jon357 74 | 21,878
7 Apr 2022 #12
I'll say which city after I've left next week. A rundown capital, however I'll go to a mall today probably and see what the wine shops have.

Thanks for the recommendation. Maybe they'll have some.

So far, I've not seen one food shop in the whole place.
Alien 18 | 4,787
9 May 2022 #13
How was your trip tu Africa. A good wine as a souvenir?
jon357 74 | 21,878
9 May 2022 #14
No wine at all, sadly, but plenty of very nice food and a bit of beer.
Looking forward to a nice glass of something French soon, hopefully a crisp white Alsatian wine.
Alien 18 | 4,787
9 May 2022 #15
Red Bordeaux Chateau Frank Couplet 2010 is waiting for the end of war.
Novichok 5 | 7,784
10 May 2022 #16
Let me know when that happens. Trader Joe's has perfect stuff for 3 bucks a bottle. Just waiting for that moment...
BTW, did you know that wine turns into urine and that it has over 50 chemicals they are not required to disclose? That's why no wine is worth more than 5 bucks.
Alien 18 | 4,787
10 May 2022 #17
Say it Chateau Mouton Rothschild.
jon357 74 | 21,878
10 May 2022 #18
Chateau Mouton Rothschild

On the expensive side. I saw a photo of Liam Gallagher the other day with a bottle of Crozes-Hermitage, one I used to enjoy. I'd buy it over Le Hermitage any day; a very good wine, not overpriced.
Alien 18 | 4,787
10 May 2022 #19
I don't know Gallagher or Crozes but I have seen 2 bottles for 30Euro in Internet....."Gallagher" bottles.
jon357 74 | 21,878
10 May 2022 #20
He used to be a pop singer. Quite a good one. I was mainly pleased to see that he has good taste in wine. Crozes-Hermitages is one of my perennial favourites.

The same with Gevery-Chambertin. Much cheaper than Le Chambertin and an excellent wine.
Alien 18 | 4,787
10 May 2022 #21
Gevrey Chambertin is pretty expensive.
Novichok 5 | 7,784
10 May 2022 #22
Wine is like hookers. Past a certain price, you are not getting proportional value - only bragging rights. Not that I would know...
The same with watches. Timex is as accurate as Rolex and just as ugly.
jon357 74 | 21,878
10 May 2022 #23
Gevrey Chambertin is pretty expensive

The last time I bought it, in Paris several years ago it was quite reasonable. Morrisons, a U.K. supermarket that is not upmarket used to have it at a ver6 good price back in the 90s. Certainly less than a tenner a bottle or I'd not have bought it then.

Le Chambertin (definitely not on sale in Morrisons) is very expensive.

Wine is like hookers. Past a certain price, you are not getting proportional value

How would you know?
Cojestdocholery 2 | 1,194
10 May 2022 #24
What I have in my kitchen - wine? Rotkappchen, sekt feinster komposition, halbtrocken, - any good?
Novichok 5 | 7,784
10 May 2022 #25
How would you know?

That's a rule that applies to everything. I just picked wine and hookers to be cute.
jon357 74 | 21,878
10 May 2022 #26
I just picked wine and hookers to be cute

With both, it's doubtless wise to shop carefully.

sekt feinster komposition, halbtrocken

Most sekt is good. A halbttocken is too sweet for me (sekt is at its best when biscuity dry) however it should be very drinkable. A halbtrocken sekt should fit Polish tastes very well though not necessarily mine. Like an Ayala but much much less expensive and not as sweet. A trocken selt is more my taste though a halbtrocken is not unpleasant.
Alien 18 | 4,787
11 May 2022 #27
Did you know that Rotkäppchen is an old brand from the GDR and the biggest now in Germany and not very expensive. 2,89E or less on sale.
OP AntV 5 | 585
11 May 2022 #28
I'd buy it over Le Hermitage any day;

Me too, but only because it's much cheaper than Hermitage. I've only had a glass from Hermitage once, and it was the best wine I've ever had. I didn't know it was Hermitage when I was drinking it. I can't say I've experienced anything that has lived up to its lofty reputation as that wine.

What Crozes Hermitage producer do you normally buy? Is it the red-the syrah--or the white?

hopefully a crisp white Alsatian wine

I recently came across an Alsatian Riesling that is easy on the wallet that was very good, IMO. Ziegler. It's a trocken with crisp green apple and melon notes. Balanced and smooth--very nice finish that stays with you for awhile.


Isn't that the German version of sparkling wine?

I'm with jon on the halbtrocken, I much prefer trocken, although I've had some pretty good halbtrocken rielsing.
Cojestdocholery 2 | 1,194
11 May 2022 #29
Did you know

No! I didn't. Not that I care. I said what wine I have in my kitchen.
Is that some kind of a competition?
Shouldn't you bring some proof to the table if you want show off? Like photo of the bill that would show us how much you paid for a wine you don't even like? lol!

Isn't that the German version of sparkling wine?

Yes, it is a nice sparkling wine.
jon357 74 | 21,878
11 May 2022 #30
Is it the red-the syrah

The Red last time I bought it, however you used to see the white too in the U.K.

Alsatian Riesling

It was a revelation when I discovered Alsatian wines. The Riesling and the Gew√ľrztraminer. Neither of those grapes had the best repuratioj back home because of the awful German wine that was marketed in the 70s and 80 however the Alsatian is amazing.

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