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Posting mail from Poland to the UK

tom129 1 | 2
2 May 2011 #1
Hello I'm after some help please, I dont speak polish but I am expecting a package from poland to the UK. It was posted on the Tuesday the 26th of april (which was 6 days ago) and I'm wondering when it will arrive.

I have a tracking number of RR383862976PL, I have treid the royal mail website and it says "There is no data currently available for this tracking reference. Please try again later"

Bearing in mind that Friday the 29th April till Monday the 2nd of may is a UK bank holiday so theise 4 days wont count. Generally how long does items from poland to the UK take

Also I cant seem to find the polish post office website, Could some one please track it for me on the polish website and see what it says,

Tracking number:RR383862976PL

thanks :D
isthatu2 4 | 2,703
2 May 2011 #2
which was 6 days ago

come back in 6 weeks if it still hasnt arrived,people still wont be surprised Im afraid.
OP tom129 1 | 2
2 May 2011 #3
Is that a joke? does it really take that long ouch
JustysiaS 13 | 2,240
2 May 2011 #4
sometimes it takes up to 15 WORKING days and at peak times such as xmas even longer than that. since the item's been posted from Poland you have to check its progress on Poczta Polska's website (if that's possible) or Parcel Force or whoever elses service was used. ask the sender to look it up since they have the tracking details. it won't be possible to track it on royal mail's website because they are not the service provider here.
OP tom129 1 | 2
3 May 2011 #5
yeah thats fine but can some one please track it on the Poczta Polska's website for me. its in polish and i dont understand it the tracking number is RR383862976PL
JonnyM 11 | 2,620
3 May 2011 #6
I've always found mail from Poland to the UK quite quick.
JustysiaS 13 | 2,240
3 May 2011 #7
it's not Poczta Polska's service that was used here by the looks of it, their website states there is no item with such identification number. could be Parcel Force then. i think you don't have anything to worry about too much just yet, they're still within their time frame to deliver it. bank holidays usually mess it all up for some time.
isthatu2 4 | 2,703
3 May 2011 #8
I've always found mail from Poland to the UK quite quick.

Maybe so,the hassle is getting the bu**ers to post it in the first place :) Whats Polish for mañana ? ;)
14 May 2018 #10
Hi there I ordered something from Poland on 24 March 2018...payment was processed and it allegedly shipped on 2nd May 2018 it is now 14th May and still no sign of it. I've sent more than 10 emails asking for info and had no response....have I been ripped off?
Atch 16 | 3,366
14 May 2018 #11
How was it sent? The Polish postal service is Poczta Polska. If it was just sent by ordinary Poczta Polska post and it was sent via the economy option it can literally take months. If it was sent Poczta Poksa 'priorytet' but unregistered it can reach its destination within a week or two or it can be stolen which happens quite frequently. If it's sent Poczta Polska registered (polecony) you should have received it by now. If it was sent via courier you should definitely have it by now. Check back on your original order/invoice and see what postal service was used. There might be a tracking number. If you send emails in English to a Polish company you will very rarely, if ever, receive a reply so not getting a response doesn't necessarily mean they ripped you off. Also customer service in Poland can be good or equally non-existent.
WielkiPolak 58 | 1,024
14 May 2018 #12
It's weird you had to wait 6 weeks for it to be shipped. Unless they made it clear that it could take that long before they send it, because they didn't have it in stock?

It can take a while. I have been shocked sometimes at how long it takes a normal letter to get from Poland to the UK. Often more than a week, sometimes close to two weeks.
Atch 16 | 3,366
14 May 2018 #13
Just remembered there were two Bank Holidays in the period you refer to, so it's not surprising you didn't receive it yet, even via the courier option.
16 Feb 2019 #14
Hello again
Having the same issue with a parcel from the same company as last time..I'm not going to use them again after this..I'll look again I've sent lots of emails and no response...the parcel was shipped on 21st is now 16th February...shipping cost £12.95 and was described as courier rate..I have not been provided with any tracking number..even though the website states you will get a tracking number..I have asked repeatedly! and as I say no response...have there been any issues/ holidays in Poland that might have delayed things for this length of time?

The last 2 parcels I got from them were here within 10 days...

Any advice gratefully received..
Looker - | 1,102
16 Feb 2019 #15
Having the same issue with a parcel from the same company as last time..

It should teach you this first time not to use their "services". Buy from the common known shops/portals only.
BTW which website/company?
2 Sep 2019 #16
"It should teach you this first time not to use their "services".
Wow! Could you be any ruder? It's more than reasonable to use the same company a second time to determine where the fault lines. One problem could be down to a multitude of reasons along the supply chain but should the same problem arise a second time it's almost certainly the fault of the company.

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