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19 Mar 2011
Language / Future conditional (converting some sentences into conditional form with "gdyby") [5]

I would like to ask for some help.... I heard that in Polish there's no plus for future conditional. My task is to convert these sentences into conditional form with gdyby and I don't know what to do with future sentences.

Jeśli będę się uczyć, na pewno zdam egzamin.
Gdybym................., na pewno zdałam (zdam?) egzamin.


Jeśli Kasia będzie więcej pracować, będzie więcej zarabiać.
Gdyby Kasia ......................, ........................ ??

What happens to będzie? Does it disappear?

I would be very grateful and happy if you could help me :) Thanks a lot in advance... :)
4 Mar 2011
Study / Which university (erazmusem)? Poznań, Lublin, Krosno and Białsko-Biała. [17]

Thank you for all your help!
The most important for me is the school itself, environment is less important since I suppose all those towns are nice. :-)

But still +95% of people living there are Polish, so I don't know what they ment... too many foreign students ?

Yes, I think teachers meant it's harder to concentrate on using Polish in everyday life in a university which is full of foreign students... However many said that Polish language courses are the best in Kraków. So... hard to decide... :-)
3 Mar 2011
Language / Poland in different languages? [74]

Turkish is a lot of fun! Hungarian is really similar in some ways.

"Ellengyeltelenítettétek" - this word means that you (pl.) made something non-Polish.
Not a frequently used word, but correct ;)
3 Mar 2011
Study / Which university (erazmusem)? Poznań, Lublin, Krosno and Białsko-Biała. [17]

I would like to ask you to give me some advice about where should I go to study polonistyka. I intend to spend my next semester in Poland with scholarship, and we have several places to aim. I am thinking of Poznań, Lublin, Krosno and Białsko-Biała. The problem is that I don't know these schools. I know all these towns are really nice, but not which university is better there.

My actual favourite is Poznań, because I heard that UAM is the oldest university of these and it has a proven quality.

Teachers said not to go to Kraków, because there's too much foreigners there.

Lublin... there's a catholic school there, but I haven't heard much about it...

If someone attended/attends one of these universities, please tell me the experiences, opinions.

Thanks a lot for any help in advance...
13 Jun 2010
Language / abbrevations: t.z.w. wne rys. r.n.e. ark wyd kl. [8]

Hello! Can somebody tell me what these abbreviations mean:

I trip over them frequently everywhere, but haven't found in dictionaries. I hope they have something meaning...
1 Jun 2010
Language / Nazwy mieszkanców - the names of a city/country residents in Polish [14]

I would like to ask for some help again!
I know that also in Polish we can express that someone comes from/lives in somewhere with affixes.
I know that:
toruńczyk -who lives in Toruń
europejczyk - in Europe
amerikanin - in America
litwin - in Lithuania
słoweniec - who is Slovene
(hope I spelled them correctly)
but... is there any rule about the using of the different affixes after the different names?
For example, how do we say in Polish:
who lives in Kraków, in £ódź, in Białystok....?
And one more question, what about the -ski ending? Do we use it only for the noble names, or can we use it in usual situations (np. warszawski... ?)? And what about the -ak ending, when do we use it?

I know it was a lot of questions, but I would be thankful for any help :-))
29 May 2010
Travel / Getting from Krakow to Warsaw [99]

Please help, I have totally the same problem that BethEJ had - I'm looking for a bit cheaper train from Kraków to Warszawa, and I'm studying this rozkład-pkp site, but can only find the 114PLN way to get. Can I find any cheaper train or that's the cheapest?

Well... I have never been to Poland and the trains confused me a bit... are there more state train corporations there or how is that?

And last stupid question: I'm a student, so can I get any fare reduction (from the train tickets) with my student card, or do I have to get an international student card or something... ?

Thanks a lot in advance for any help...
27 May 2010
History / Wespazjan Kochowski and the Polish messianism [10]

btw - I assume it's a school project? all this info you need. May I ask what's about?

I study polonystyka in the university, and I was preparing for the exam, that's why I needed help (there are a very few source to read so I'm grateful for your help).

Actually, I love Polish culture, it's so enchanting, and by the way don't you believe that these messianistic ideas existed only in Polish literature. You can fnd it the Hungarian, the Croatian, the Czech etc literature, and I think there's nothing wrong with it. In Central-Europe so much blood had been lost to protect Western European countries from Turkish threat. So this is truth that we were the defenders of Christianity. Anyway it's very interesting for me, how Polish people think about their own literature.

Polak Wegier dwa bratanki i do bitwy i do szklanki - which means Poles and Hungarians are two best friends

Yes I know this saying! :-D Polish and Hungarian history connect to each other at many points.

Off topic - I know Budapest a little but I remember two other places I've been to - Ash and Varpalotta.

Ash - I don't know what you think of, but hope you had a nice time here:-)

Two words for Kochowski?
"Golden freedom" for Polish people and Poland as an oasis of freedom surrounded by out-and-out monarchies

Thank you very much, too!
23 May 2010
History / Wespazjan Kochowski and the Polish messianism [10]

Can somebody tell me some words (only 1-2 sentences) about how Kochowski's name connected to the Polish messianism (or sarmatism)? I don't really find any sources about it, and I don't yet understand Polish enough to read original sources.

Thank you very much!
16 May 2010
Language / 'much better' expression in Polish? [8]

How do you say it in Polish?
The word "much" confuses me in this expression... much better, much more interesting, much nicer, much smaller...
15 May 2010
Study / Studia niestacjonarne? (in Polish universities) [8]

not study during normal times but during weekends or evenings.

I don't really understand that, because I saw a plan zajęć and they had lectures from Monday to Friday.... :S
24 Apr 2010
Genealogy / Lesowiaks - who are they? [6]

Thanks a lot!!:-) So that's the reason why I've found nothing about them, the wrong spelling.

Thread attached on merging:

What is this??
20 Apr 2010
Language / oparty o/na? [6]

I looked up the phrase based on... in the dictionary, and it said: oparty na (czymś). Then again, in a letter of a native Polish I found the expression oparty silnie o wiarę, o prawo boże.

Please somebody tell me which is the correct, the most common form!
Thank you:-)