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Getting from Krakow to Warsaw

BethEJ 1 | 2
17 Dec 2008 #1
High I'm from the UK and will be visiting Krakow for a couple of days at the end of this month.

My friend and I are looking to visit Warsaw for one day to catch up with a couple of friends and we are looking for the cheapest way to do so.

I think I somehow managed to work out the polish trains website (, and found a train departing at 07:00 from Krakow, but it costs around 130 PLN (i think).

This seems a little expensive, and i was just wondering if there was any other way to get to the capital, or if there are any other websites from which i can purchase train tickets at a cheaper price.

Thank you in advance for any help and advice you can offer,

pawian 224 | 24,572
17 Dec 2008 #2
I think I somehow managed to work out the polish trains website (, and found a train departing at 07:00 from Krakow, but it costs around 130 PLN (i think).

I think you are talking about Intercity train. It is the fastest but the most expensive too.
How about slower trains which are much cheaper?
OP BethEJ 1 | 2
17 Dec 2008 #3
I would definitely consider slower but cheaper trains :)

Could you send me in the right direction. I am a total novice when it comes to these matters and have no idea where to start looking

pawian 224 | 24,572
17 Dec 2008 #4
Check this site.

Enter it, fill in Kraków and Warszawa and click the orange strip. Look at the table in the middle of the page.

Second column is destination, third data (set on today), fourth is departure time, fifth is the length of travel, sixth about changing. The icons suggest type of train.

How long do you plan to go to Warsaw?
I think 5 hours is OK by express train? It is the last position on the list, with this icon

The cost is 72 first class and 48 PLN economy.
To learn about prices of tickets click on Fares at the bottom.
Easy and good luck.
OP BethEJ 1 | 2
17 Dec 2008 #5
thank you very much for your help - on the website i placed a tick for all the icons: i didnt realise they symbolised different types of train.

50PLN is much much better thank you :)

I am only able to visit Warsaw for one day: I will have to leave very early in the morning and come back on a late train.

10 hours on a train for a visit for one day seems very long but i have some friends in warsaw and would really like to see them again.

Thanks again for your help, i really appreciate it!
Krzysztof 2 | 973
17 Dec 2008 #6
I checked too, for an IC (3 hrs journey) you'd have to pay 136 PLN in 1st class and 102 PLN in 2nd class, I think you can safely choose the 2nd class :)

for "Express" (8.00 AM from Kraków Główny, 10.55 at Warszawa Centralny) the prices are 121 PLN (1st class) and 87 PLN (2nd class)
WooPee 1 | 124
25 Dec 2008 #7
136 PLN? No way... I traveled by InterCity on Wroclaw-Warsaw for about 70 PLN, that was back in 2007.
sobieski 106 | 2,118
26 Dec 2008 #8
Do not be mean... just fork out your 130 PLN (yes that is what is costs for a 1st class ticket to Kraków on a fast IC train)

What is the difference for your British.. 50 PLN....
The IC connection between Warsaw and Kraków is smooth, comfortable and (normally) punctual. Just a nice train basically.
Seanus 15 | 19,669
26 Dec 2008 #9
I agree, the IC isn't exactly the shinkansen (bullet train) but it's quite impressive. It's worth paying for as a one off.
mbiernat 3 | 107
26 Dec 2008 #10
I would take a train but if you really are cheap take a bus from the main station in Krakow or hitch hike, I have. For about 20 GBP you can take the fast train. IMO that is cheap. How much does a train from London to manchester cost? Also in some cases if they do not fill the train 10 minutes before you can buy a ticket for 10 pln. But you will be lost if you do not speak Polish.
WooPee 1 | 124
26 Dec 2008 #11
Plus IC offers free cookies and drinks on the board. So rare in PKP.
sobieski 106 | 2,118
27 Dec 2008 #12
Not speaking Polish should not be a hindrance on the Warsaw-Kraków train.
The conductor maybe will not speak fluent English, but he will understand enough to issue you a ticket.
You can pay cash, direct debit card or credit card.
Jump on the train (Warsaw is the first and last stop before Kraków). Pay to the conductor 7 PLN extra for a non-reserved seat.
Sit down and relax.
2,5 hours later you will be in Kraków.

The IC trains on this route are about the best you get in this country.

Of course you could save let us say 30 PLN or so and spend a day on the train.
I mean,later you would spend without thinking much more on drinking in both cities?
Brunsk 1 | 1
15 Apr 2009 #13
Merged: From Krakow to Warsaw - how to do it?

Hi everyone,

Im planning my trip to Poland and got a doubt, how can i go from Krakow to Warsaw by train? I need the fastest way, if it's not a rip off, cause i will only have 1 day and half in Warsaw.

I heard about this express train that takes 2:45 hours to make it. Where can i find it? I will arrive on Krakow on the 3rd of July and i have to leave on th 5th, is it safe for me to buy it when i arrive in Krakow or do i need it to get it earlier?

Is there any easy site where i can see the time table?
is there any site where i can check on city tours in Varsaw?

15 Apr 2009 #14
You find the train at the train station.

You'll have no problem buying a ticket when you get to Krakow (or even just before the train leaves, especially if you want to pay the extra ten Euro to go first class).

There's an online timetable here

For more info about Krakow and Warsaw go to
sobieski 106 | 2,118
17 Apr 2009 #15
Trains here in Europe in generally go from a train station.
Short manual:
1. Go to the train station in Kraków (you know where trains depart and arrive)
2.Every hour you have an Intercity train to Warsaw
3. Hop on, and buy your ticket from the train guard, and pay with your credit card
4. "This express train" is the regular hourly connection between Kraków and Warsaw
5. You will even arrive in good health and there is a decent restaurant on-board (in theory non-alcoholical)

Varsaw is written as "Warsaw" in English. I even heard people look there as in the US....
dkaiser 1 | 3
22 Apr 2009 #16

Great thread.

We are going to be in Poland this summer, and this was a help.

I would like to know what the cost is for the train from Krakow to Warsaw?

Krzysztof 2 | 973
22 Apr 2009 #17
I would like to know what the cost is for the train from Krakow to Warsaw?

If you check Polish Railways site at the link Harry gave:

There's an online timetable here

and select a train, then you click on "Fares" (at the bottom) to see the price (it works only with certain types of trains at the moment, but the fastest connection, IC train - 2 hrs 49 min - costs 107 PLN in the 2nd class and 141 PLN in the 1st class, with the following remark: "Price contains additional payment IC/EC(1): 25.00 PLN; -in some trains additional payment can differentiate")
david destephen
5 May 2009 #18
We are traveling from Krakow to Warsaw on 5/23 sat is there a senior rate over 60 to warsaw central station. I think there is an express at 12n arr 1455 is that correct david
Krzysztof 2 | 973
5 May 2009 #19
I think there is an express at 12n arr 1455 is that correct david

check the timetables in English (also French and German versions available)

just be sure to type in the correct day, because there are many seasonal trains in Poland, but I just checked that date and it seems OK (14:55 is the arrival at Warszawa Centralna station in the city center)

is there a senior rate over 60

Probably not, Polish Railways aren't happy about reduced prices, so they mostly honour it only where it's appointed by national laws, and as far as I know Intercity trains are NOT subject to such regulations (only the slower trains). Still wait for someone else's opinions, as I'm only guessing.
Lonman 4 | 109
9 May 2009 #20
Hey nothing to fear just ask a lot of questions. The above are right on as to cost and ease of travel between Warsaw and Krakow. Your test will be finding the window to buy the seat. Also I found finding the track to a tad confusing once on the platforms. Also note that generally you buy a reservation + the seat. If you miss the train must get reservation/seat again. I forget which. The train is also a great way to meet people. I have had good conversations with locals on my travels... when I found a person who spoke English.

Good luck.
15 Sep 2009 #21

i am coming from croatia for a first time and i was wondering about Warszawa,
any hostel to recommend ??
groovyg 3 | 70
15 Sep 2009 #22
there are new fast trains from krakow to warsaw (and vice versa) for a fraction of the price of IC. forgot the company name but it's very famous now, ask around.
19 Apr 2010 #23
thanks for all that information ;)

Just had a look on the web address Harry provided and have checked out the train prices.
I must say there is quite a difference in prices between the different train providers....?
Think I will just pick the cheapest that takes the least of time!!!!!

By the way I am travelling in Sept 2010 for the Special Olympics in Warsaw as my Sister is performing in it.....
Flights are cheapest to krakow...

Best of Luck to her anyways ;)

Ps trains and accomodartion might be difficult to get around that time so book early...
just so you know...

take care

Lonman 4 | 109
20 Apr 2010 #24
just note on train as I was just there last week. Cheapest is not always best. I always go ICE as the little extra goes a long way. And prices are not that bad... I paid basically 40 USD to go ICE Warsaw to Poznan and Warsaw to Krakow is a little less. Good luck.
jwojcie 2 | 762
21 Apr 2010 #25
Think I will just pick the cheapest that takes the least of time

If you are tough enough then go for it. But the cheapest train can be kind of a cultural shock, don't have to be, but can. It is quite random.

Well, you have been warned ;-)
Lonman 4 | 109
22 Apr 2010 #26
don't have to be, but can. It is quite random.

yes I had a couple of experiences where I felt like big game of chance.... would a nice quiet train roll in or a rickety old one... seamed to be no reason to it sometimes but like I said ICE seamed to be better rides... short hall the older ones.... but also at times great places to chat of locals if you are in tourist mode.
Leonis 30 | 61
29 May 2010 #27
Please help, I have totally the same problem that BethEJ had - I'm looking for a bit cheaper train from Kraków to Warszawa, and I'm studying this rozkład-pkp site, but can only find the 114PLN way to get. Can I find any cheaper train or that's the cheapest?

Well... I have never been to Poland and the trains confused me a bit... are there more state train corporations there or how is that?

And last stupid question: I'm a student, so can I get any fare reduction (from the train tickets) with my student card, or do I have to get an international student card or something... ?

Thanks a lot in advance for any help...
rkb 1 | 16
29 May 2010 #28
Look for TLK trains (not IC / EC)- tickets cost around 50 zloty and it takes 2.44 minutes.
From Krakow to Warsaw there are three trains like that- after 5 am, just after 3 pm and few minutes after 8 pm.
29 May 2010 #29
Thanks a lot in advance for any help...

The best deal you will get is to go by TLK first class tickets are 55PLZ plus 10PLZ for a booking. You cannot book in second class which I think is about 35 PLZ and the trains are always full people standing in the aisles
Leonis 30 | 61
29 May 2010 #30
Oh, that's great... Thank you for the answers!

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