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'much better' expression in Polish?

Leonis 30 | 61
16 May 2010 #1
How do you say it in Polish?
The word "much" confuses me in this expression... much better, much more interesting, much nicer, much smaller...
Derevon 12 | 172
16 May 2010 #2
o wiele lepiej/dużo lepszy (adj)/ lepiej (adv) = much better

o wiele bardziej interesujący = much more interesting (adj)
o wiele milszy = much nicer (adj)
o wiele mniejszy = much smaller (adj)
OP Leonis 30 | 61
16 May 2010 #3
Thank you very much! :-)
Polish Tutor - | 80
17 May 2010 #4
Basically “much” as well as “more” mean "dużo/wiele/sporo"
We have no difference between “more” and “much” because the difference countable versus uncountable is not so important in Polish. That is why we say:

Dużo/wiele/sporo wody
Dużo/wiele/sporo ludzi

Two comments
1.When we use “dużo/wiele/sporo” with a noun we express the noun in the Genetive form.
2. countable nouns we use in plural after “dużo” / wiele/sporo” and uncountable in singular.

We can use “dużo” and “sporo” with comparative of adjectives and adverbs forms.
If we use “wiele”in this situation
we have to change it a bit:
Not just “wiele” but “o wiele”

Polish is logical! I like it (-:
cinek 2 | 347
19 May 2010 #5
We have no difference between "more" and "much"

What? Of course there is difference between much and more in Polish: dużo - więcej.
I think you were thinking about much / many.

Polish Tutor - | 80
19 May 2010 #6
Yes, my mistake, I meant "much" and "many".
Thank you for your correction cinek.
Sorry if I confused anybody.
OP Leonis 30 | 61
27 May 2010 #7
Thanks for the explanations! :-))
owieczkaniewie - | 3
19 Jun 2021 #8
With the intended meaning of 'significantly better', that is, in answer to a question 'how are you feeling?', it's fine to just say 'lepiej' while 'znacznie lepiej' works well as 'much better' and is common.

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