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4 Sep 2013
News / Ryszard Kalisz called up to the Polish National Team [4]

I don't think this was his best performance. however, anyone who watched the game on tv will know that ten minutes before appearing on the pitch Mr Kalisz was busy conducting interviews. he does seem to be a popular guy.
30 Aug 2013
Feedback / Alterations of thread titles - automatic or moderated? [10]

but one of the mods is extremely bored and is playing with titles.

Not quite. Titles may be changed for a few reasons. The main point is that they are easy to read and easy to find in a search.
27 Aug 2013
Feedback / I like the new buttons of PolishForums! [76]

Are there any

i don't know admins intent. some forums move things around in order to nudge posters into looking around their site a bit more.

moving the quote function etc, on this site, is a little confusing. however, i'm sure we'll all get used to it.

i don't see it as a major distraction.

It would be useful though if the quote function worked with iPads.

that is one for admin to answer
25 Aug 2013
Love / How to find a Polish girl for marriage? [22]

after all the effort you are putting into this i feel certain that Polish women in their thousands will be flocking to visit you.
19 Aug 2013
Life / My take on Poland - My Top 10 [31]

5. I was shocked to learn that you can buy alcohol almost anywhere 24 hours a day. Sorry but that is wrong on so many levels.

please explain.

should there be particular time for buying and drinking ?
9 Aug 2013
News / Polish police chief removes crosses [250]

Yes, keep those horse-blinkers fastened so you don't get a glimpse of a church steeple or wayside shrine...

i will think about your foolish comments when i next pass through the 'district of four denominations, wroclaw' or pass the greek orthodox church on ostrow tumski. come to think of it, kingdom hall is not too far away either.
8 Aug 2013
Life / The Poland of Yore [4]

I don't know who anybody is.

the second one might be Pola Negri
3 Aug 2013
Life / Przystanek Jezus to the rescue [47]

Polonius3, it is obvious you have no idea what you are talking about.

some of us actually have family in the music business. your comments at first were annoying, but now i realize you are simply clueless
3 Aug 2013
Life / Przystanek Jezus to the rescue [47]

The deafening 'music' and the organisers' 'kolorowo i wesoło' rhetoric cannot hide the many wayward and troubled pariticipants swaying and wandering about the grounds in a perpetual beer & marijuana daze at the the annual depravation fest known as Przystanek Woodstock

to give us a better understanding of your thinking, please tell us a little about the last concert that you attended.
2 Aug 2013
Travel / Live cameras over Poland [21]

What is Spiz?

it's both a brewery and a pub. right in the middle of rynek
2 Aug 2013
UK, Ireland / Daniel Pelka murder: Polish mother and stepfather face life sentences [96]

Once she accepts the sentence and doesnt appeal - she is free to apply for repatriation and to serve her sentence out in Poland.

thanks for that, but it has nothing to do with what i said.

i was talking about a 'visiting order', which is a piece of paper.
2 Aug 2013
UK, Ireland / Daniel Pelka murder: Polish mother and stepfather face life sentences [96]

"Will I see [my daughter] before I die?"

the daughter has every right to see that her mum gets a visiting order. however, i'm not sure if they get sent to Poland.

it's very convenient that we can blame the rest of the world even after being damned by the evidence of our crimes.

social services, teachers etc may have failed, but that is not a get out clause for murder.
31 Jul 2013
Travel / What is "must-see" in Poland? [8]

What should I do?

spend some time with a map before you decide, and keep in mind that it will take at least six hours travel time to get from one end of the country to the other.

check what is going on in Poland: festivals, concerts, free stuff etc. .... regardless of the weather things still happen.

add wroclaw to your list.
27 Jul 2013
USA, Canada / PolishAmericanReview's review of current events in America [48]

You must be all for it because that's all you and your comrades do on PF.

this is one of those little digs, flames that is starting to annoy me.

any future posts that include smart a$$ comments will end up in the bin.
19 Jul 2013
Life / A Polka station in Poland? [27]

You mean home-grown copycat rap-crap!

you know nothing.

one of the best rappers in Poland is actually a priest.

just something for u to think about

i have plenty concert photos, if u doubt me.
18 Jul 2013
Travel / Just visited Poland - here is my random rant [154]

you've had to pay for toilet paper?

that was the case at any Polish, public convenience..... twenty years ago.

one was given five or six sheets before entering the stall. if you wanted more you often had to pay.
17 Jul 2013
Love / Divorce case in Polish court [8]

I agree with Lenka.

you don't want to find yourself with costs, which might have been avoided.

her lawyer, [she must have one] is working for her .... not you.
16 Jul 2013
News / Warszawa - A PRL car legend to return? [2]

It seems the Warszawa will be produced again. But will there be a market for it?

it looks mean, but the only thing in common with the original is the name.

with the right price it will sell.
14 Jul 2013
Love / Is rape so common in Poland? [95]

No maybe its the dirty

keep your temper in check. otherwise all your posts will end up in the bin. thank you.