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4 Jan 2014
Love / Polish cities with most single young women [9]

Warsaw comes out tops for the greatest number of single females aged between 20-35.

maybe these ladies want to experience their own "Sex and the city" ;)
5 Nov 2013
Life / There is still no option to recycle in Warsaw! [18]

Mokotow, that's gonna be a parking lot on Blacharska Street, corner of Lotnikow. It should be a marked container.

Let us know if you were successful, it may help other people as well.
5 Nov 2013
Law / The right to own guns: would you support such legislation in Poland? [1651]

The right to own guns: would you support such legislation in Poland?

no. not everybody is cut out to own a gun. you don't want to be affraid to go to a movie theater or shopping. America has its problem, do not let it happen in Poland:
5 Nov 2013
News / Anybody watch Adam Michnik on Lis this evening? [50]

one would think that only the Catholic Church has had pedophiles in it.

obviously, it does not. But the problem has been always hidden in a shadow and it's now being taken care of, that's why it's all over the news. And good!

Most other pedophilia goes unnoticed.

not true.

were convicted by the media before they were officially convicted.

wrong is wrong. Stop justify the wrong behavior of priests. That makes it so wrong, it's sickening.
19 Oct 2013
Food / Golabki - Oven or Stove top [11]

I have also used a slow cooker

very interesting. it works the same like cooking them on the stove top, but less messy. i'd do that.

since i do not cook anything more complicated than scrambled eggs, i don't care how people do their golabki. i love them anyway :)
15 Oct 2013
Travel / Best Zapiekanka in Krakow? [8]

Plac Nowy (in Okrąglak) in Kazimierz District

on Facebook

They say that Endzior is the best, but it's not true. Try the next window instead.

17 Sep 2013
Food / How do you like your Polish OSCYPEK? [14]

Shaved thin and served with rocket (ruccola for Americans) and red onion in a salad.

interesting and worth trying.
i like rucola salad with some garlic, tomatoes, salt, pepper and squeezed lemon juice. i'll add some oscypes as well.
17 Sep 2013
Food / How do you like your Polish OSCYPEK? [14]

Oscypek is delicious!

Oscypek is popular in Poland.

Oscypek is a smoked cheese made of salted sheep milk exclusively in the Tatra Mountains region of Poland.


If you know it and if you like it... how do you like it?

Grilled oscypek with cranberries?

Grilled oscypek with bacon?

oscypek z boczkiem
12 Sep 2013
USA, Canada / Would you live in California, USA? [240]

This is interesting too

sorry, but this text is wrong on many levels.

Great Earthquake

Oklahoma have tornadoes. Florida has hurricanes. Texas has heat. Minnesota has snow :)
11 Sep 2013
USA, Canada / Would you live in California, USA? [240]

If yes, why?

If no, why?

I know that some of you live or used to live in California, so I do expect your honest opinions about life there: job, housing, $, etc.

I'm thinking San Diego area, Carlsbad, Vista...? Any opinions welcomed.
1 Sep 2013
Off-Topic / PF - The Omnibus Edition [1502]

he moved into a small inn above the beer parlor somehwere in the South of England in order to stay close to his beer/golf friends and visits his home on weekend in order for his wife not to noticed that he moved out.

nice :)
30 Aug 2013
Study / MBA in Poland for 40+ and older? [62]

in Poland it is in general much harder to get into tuition free studies, than the paid ones. The more popular, prestigious the faculty is, the more candidates for one spot there are and the more difficult it is to get in. Of course, it depends on how good and prestigious the university is - but it means the same - more people for one spot.

It used to be that a person could apply to only one Uni because he/she received only one copy of HS (w/Matura) diploma. Then it has changed, and students received a few copies of diplomas which allowed them to apply to many Unis. I don't know how it is now?

BTW, can a person 40+ year old study with other 20 year olds or is the University of the Third Age his only option? Curious.

What I will say from recruiting Polish economics graduates is that their business sense is non existent, their maths appalling (I make them do a test with no calculator) and as Delph mentioned they can understand accounting at only a very basic level.

When I was at school in the US

Polish and US system of educations differ a lot. In Poland they teach you how to memorize textbooks and in the US they teach you logic and thinking.
23 Aug 2013
USA, Canada / Renewing Polish Passport from the US - HELP!? [9]

You can renew your Polish passport in a Polish Embassy or Consulate[/url]. 10 years ago you could do it by mail, but nowadays you have to show up in person (for fingerprints).

A Polish ID you do in Poland. It takes up to one week even though they tell you that waiting time is 3 weeks. Just make sure you have meldunek ready. Also, if you got married in the USA, you have to register the marriage in a City Hall (Urzad Stanu Cywilnego), and it takes a few weeks.
6 Aug 2013
Law / I have recently been scammed in Poland. My company accounts frozen. [58]

Sorry to hear about what has happened to you Sean.

I just got back from Poland where I've spent 3 month also battaling some legal issues (I will keep it private). The Polish law, bureaucracy, incompetence of employees, tons of paper work and unnecessary procedures are a huge embarasment for this country. It will take years for people to change the old school way of thinking and for institutions to be more citizens friendly.