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31 Mar 2007
Language / Polish Past Tense [47]


id hope you'd look up some of the paddy Irish man jokes!! they're some pretty funny stereotypes!
31 Mar 2007
Love / Is Indian/Polish relationship possible? [370]

One thing, the local Indian community is different to what you will find in the UK. My ex was also Indian.

howso? wearing shoes in the house, drinking tea in the kitchen only? clothing habits?

v curious to know
26 Mar 2007
Travel / Just back from Krakow [120]

Sad we don't have a law, which would let us crush skull of such "tourists"

that include the poles that do it too yea? id hate to think you'd discriminate one drunk from another

POLES, IRISH, ENGLISH, there are p1ss heads in every country doing this and i think they should be fined! (ie take the drinking money off them) which id prefer to skull crushing to be honest - better revenue to spend on social care etc
26 Mar 2007
Travel / Just back from Krakow [120]

suspect many stag do travelers come to Krakow for the cheap beer, beautiful women and because it's something different.

you said it, STAG do's generally aren't scenery orientated in fairness :)

but Krakow still gets good tourism im very sure (its just they are the quiet ones so you wouldn't notice them as much :)
26 Mar 2007
Life / Do you think that Polish people are rude? [951]

It's a love story not a lust story Daffy

Shame on you.

your right of course - i am in shame :)

4) The influance of eating pierogies on weight gain among internationl investors in Poland in the the 90's.
5) Is the Iron Curtain really gone and if it is, can it be really proved.
6) Why do dogs mix/don't with other breeds?

26 Mar 2007
Life / Do you think that Polish people are rude? [951]

I once fell madly in love with a Polish girl but she had an Iron Curtain for a chastity belt.

kinky :) did you erect nato missles to penetrate deep into the iron curtain? :P
26 Mar 2007
Life / Do you think that Polish people are rude? [951]

I was just trying to get away from the idealistic notion that Poland is a nation free of racists

Poland is a country for Poles, some foreigners may come, but not too many.

sapphire, ive found Poland to be a very friendly place but it is like all places when it feels threatened by immigration like the USA of Irish, the UK and IRE to Poles. I am not one of them but i realise that there is some.

And of course we know poland is no exception to being human :)

Grzeg. I know id be the first to admit, no one likes there own country to be overrun and feel therr culture is threatened but its up to us to elect gov't that have such policies.

The US green card system, lotto like. what do you think of this? I happen to prefere the EU's Free movement policy (of EU nationals to EU countries)
21 Mar 2007
Life / Why Do You Love Poland? [907]

I love poland because it has great culture, food, people (with the only exceptions one or two on this forum there all lovely!)

The country is lovely! the mountains, the flats, the cities.
4 Mar 2007
Love / English Men vs Polish Men [207]

i wouldnt call gf an expensive hobby :)

if it is love - neither care who pays really

peter i agree if you earn twice as much thats only fair.

i am a gentleman and like to pay out of politeness but the etiquette is simple. if you ask for the date you pay - if she asks she pays. if you mutually agree to met up, suggest you will pay and she will either let you or prob say pay our own way.

personally, once in a rel'ship i like to pay fully one time and let her pay in full the next. it works for us and it avoids reading the bill :)
2 Mar 2007
Genealogy / Claiming WW2 medals for Polish father [37]

pdv8 - if he was demobbed in the UK you can deal with them - if there is need to get involved with Polish then - the UK records would be able to give you the direct contacts - this would save you much time. and im very sure someone here would be willing to translate a request letter for you when you know who and what you need to send
1 Mar 2007
Love / Why do Polish women prefer foreigners for boyfriends and husbands? [418]

i like that about my love. I am very romantic and she appreciates it so much more than any girl in the past who see it as 'corny'

there are pros and cons to any relationship from the same nationality and internationallly. But its really not worth saying one is better than the other is it?

I dont think we could really, seriously make a DEFINITE ten point list of FACTs about it. (but in fun, of course :) )
1 Mar 2007
Law / Bureaucracy in Poland [53]

well, we were in the Polsih Embassy in Dublin last summer to get replacement passports.

The girls where all whiny and oh this will take forever and they wont help us etc etc etc.

I was dumbfounded! I said lads, its there job, we've called ahead, they know we're coming - its MORE likely they wont want us ahnging around there!

But they all said - you dont know Polish bureaucracy - I said if its bureaucracy at all I do! ( i waited 8 years for braces on the Irish system) its the same the world over but on certain topics. Passports is one such issue.

So we arrived. and in one hour, we left, passports and all. que silence from the girls on the issue and a cheesy ' i told you so smile' :)
25 Feb 2007
Work / Want to live and work in Poland, but it is not possible? [19]

cloud - it would seem there is more than meets the eye.

it would seem ye need to either, say nothing, put up with it.
or confront and see what happens?

there are other options too, i just dont know the whole story...
25 Feb 2007
Genealogy / Is tallness common among Polish people? [201]

phhhf, i dunno about this claim.

Though im reminded of one day in college i was with three mates and we were standing in the students union - im 5'10 and i was DWARFED by these guys!! (all Irish but def ABOVE average height)

I dont think its so easy to attach this claim to one european country?
25 Feb 2007
Work / Want to live and work in Poland, but it is not possible? [19]

can't for legal reasons


As Grzegorz says, all EU citizens may live and work in Poland.
He may just not want to go back
He is more than likely making more money where you are (you didnt say where)
and doesnt wish to return for this (or other reasons)

But its not about legal reasons (involving work)

Taxation CAN come into it. BUT if yer man gets his finished working form in IRE/GB and goes back to Poland he is prob afraid of paying tax on earned wages twices. This just cannot happen.

There are double taxtation treaties between all EU countries. If he must subsequently pay Polish income tax on his return, he claims back the tax he paid in the IRE/GB.

hope this helps

25 Feb 2007
Genealogy / Claiming WW2 medals for Polish father [37]


Id imagine you would have to contact the relevant ministry of defense etc and the branch of armed forces he served in to get records (true and fair) that he actually served.

So if it was the Polish army lets say, you'd need to contact them, giving them your fathers service number, name, unit, etc, etc (as he is still alive he will be able to provide you these basic bits of information.

Once done, the branch of the military concerned shall provide the information (not sure how long that will take btw) and you will then need to contact the respective ministry (of defense, of war, or whatever it is)

But first off, you need your fathers details;

Country served for,
Branch served in (army, navy, etc)
Service Number,
These are the basics they will ask you for.

Good luck

24 Feb 2007
Life / Is the word "Polack"rascist? [185]

My Italian friend calls me jokingly at times "Polack' and I tell her she is such a 'wop'. I call my German friend a 'bucket head" as she calls me 'Polack" sometimes and we both have a good laugh. I never been referred to as "Polack" by my American friends, they seem to be more careful in name calling...
However, ethnic people themselves have no problem laughing at each other old stereotypes.

A wop? never heard that :) where did it come from?

Im sure we know irish are called, paddy's and mick's but what else? :)
24 Feb 2007
Life / What is the reason for POLISH jokes ? [486]

Ah lads - how about the irishman jokes? :) its the same thing - though today, most people tht tell the irishman jokes are irish :)

paddy irishman, paddy englishman and paddy scots man....(it usually starts - but the key is the dumbest paddy (nick for irishman) is always paddy irishman!)

Its just a bit of fun in our case and we dont take it seriously. but in some cases, sure, it is ignorant and can be hurtful (im speaking now about the posts above in reference to Polish jokes)

But i think if the polish can laugh at themselves, these jokes wont be so malicious
20 Feb 2007
Love / Polish Girls vs Russian Girls [813]

respect for all women indeed!

and even though i love my polish girlfriend i know there are many other lovely girls in all parts of the world. I dont have a set type, my history in girls could be testemony to that but i do know that they were all smart, beautiful individuals and if i did not respect them how could i love them?

yayitsme, i would not agree with the russian girl statment but realise they have an image along with the 'me so horny, me love you longtime' image from asia. Its just not like that in the main but it does exist (otherwise it wouldnt become a stereotype)

respect the person you love
19 Feb 2007
News / What's the stupidest question asked about Poland? [414]

i was in poland, and was asked what i think of it

I was cut off by her, AND NO polar bears are NOT from Poland....

I wasnt even thinking this! struck me as odd though
17 Feb 2007
Off-Topic / An English Version of Gadu-Gadu? [105]

me too chahal :)

there WAS an english version of GG but it was VERY BAD. you are better off getting a good PL friend to help you set up and then you are laughing!

HEY :) anybody feeling generous? to give a POL-ENG translation for step by step of downloading GG and setup? once that is done i think it would be easy then to use the basic functions nie?
13 Feb 2007
Love / Polish women are the most beautiful in the world! [1718]

giancarlo...i, i dont know what to say... :)

well, if i was to slate a country (GENERALLY SPEAKING)
It would be romanian women...

well the ones in Ireland anyway, absolute headwreckers!

I could tell stories, true stories, but im supposed to be at work :P