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Cheap calls to the UK from Poland

ramona 3 | 6
28 Feb 2007 #1
Could someone point me in the direction of landline and mobile access numbers that allow cheap calls to be made FROM Poland to the UK? Good recommendations and links gratefully received.

Thank you
Aga76 - | 35
28 Feb 2007 #2
why don't you use SKYPE? no idea if there are any cheap deals.
daffy 23 | 1,508
28 Feb 2007 #3
Skype is the job!

use it regulary! free from PC to PC and the int'l rates are UNBEATABLE
OP ramona 3 | 6
28 Feb 2007 #4
why don't you use SKYPE? no idea if there are any cheap deals.

I am aware of Skype but I am looking for a non-pc solution. There are many such numbers in the UK I know, but I need a Polish equivalent!
14 Mar 2007 #5
you can use other VOIP (voice over internet protocol) system; for sure you find easy to use VOIP phone, without a PC! try to ask to a good store
OP ramona 3 | 6
2 Mar 2007 #6
Apr 1, 07, 5:14pm - Attached on merging:
Calls from Poland to the Uk

I tried unsuccessfully to get a steer on this in another forum. I am looking for a company or a method of accessing cheap calls FROM Poland to the UK. It's landline or mobile please, not Skype or similar. There are many such access numbers in the UK but do they exist in Poland?

Any help greatly appreciated.

dannyboy 18 | 248
2 Mar 2007 #7
Check out PlanetPhoneCards bro, almost positive they can be used from within Polska.
2 Mar 2007 #8
men just tried tele pin is shite where can I buy these ones you said

no men will be no acess number to dial from poland
dannyboy 18 | 248
2 Mar 2007 #9
Hi mate, sorry but I don't really understood what you just wrote there
FISZ 24 | 2,116
2 Mar 2007 #10
Try this one:

They have a list of international 800 access numbers.
2 Mar 2007 #11
ok if i have one of the planet cards wich will be the acess number to dial from poland to make a call first I need to dial an acess number to put the pin some cards have no acess number to dial from poland

never mind guys will find some how does any one know about
16 Apr 2007 #12
Try this one!

Take a look at Connectmeanywhere - much better than skype!
spiritus 69 | 666
4 Jan 2009 #13
Thread attached on merging:
Cheap calls FROM Poland to the UK

In the UK we have plenty of options to ring Poland cheaply (for as little a 1p a minute) by first ringing another telephone no that then diverts your call.

Is there an equivalent service in Poland to ring the UK cheaply ??
JustysiaS 13 | 2,240
4 Jan 2009 #14
there is a phonecard, i think it's called telegrosik, but i really am not sure about the actual value for money in this case. as per usual, if you have internet access, good old skype is a brilliant option. they have some really good deals on unlimited calls to landlines in most of Europe (of course including Poland and UK), i pay £3.50 a month (you can cancel anytime as well) so i suppose it would work out about 15 zl a month. if you wanna call a mobile then i dunno about any deals like that from Polish mobile operators, at least i'm not aware of any, but you can always buy skype credit and call mobiles in UK with that.

edit: i remember ages ago Telekomunikacja Polska (the main Polish landline operator) had adverts about cheap or even free calls to landlines abroad, i know landline operators in UK provide deals like that, cheap or free evening and weekend calls to Europe, have a good look on google or ask around. Alternatively you can try other Polish landline providers such as Tele2, MNI or Datacom and ask them if they have any deals for calls abroad.
Frank 23 | 1,183
4 Jan 2009 #15

Try this calls 4 p a min, quality not great!
king100 - | 1
14 Jan 2009 #16
We use the Utility Warehouse as our landline provider. They're cheaper than BT and you can make landline calls to Poland for 1p per minute with their Economy Saver option (£1 per month). The advantage is you get landline quality calls which are far superior than phonecards or Skype.

We also have an internet phoneline from them which costs us £2 per month. They give us a small box which we plug into our internet router (not into the PC). If we plug a phone into the other end of the box it acts as a second line with an independent number. The phone calls on this line cost the same as on our main line. The box can be used anywhere in the world (including Poland ofcourse) and the cost of the calls would be as though we were calling from the UK. So if we used the box in Poland and called the UK, it would cost us the same as a local UK call would cost us (which in our case is free as we have free anytime calls).
17 Sep 2009 #17
cheap calls FROM Poland

dzien dobry Panstwo!

Can you advise me how to get cheap calls from Poland back to UK? In Belgium there was a virtual company "Tele 1" who specialised in this. needed a prefix on the number, etc etc

Spaceman77 3 | 58
17 Sep 2009 #18
Dzien dobry!

I would recommend something I used every day to talk to my father (yes, I talk to him every day... jajaja). He is in Venezuela and I'm in Houston. We talk all we want for only 19 US dollars a year.

It's called, MagicJack. Its a device that you can buy online and will give you your own number. You plug the thing on the USB port of you PC and thats it. on the other end, you plug a regular phone and you are set to call for free to any number in the US and Canada.

However, you want to call to the UK. All you have to do in this case is get a second magicjack and send it to your family in the UK. Then, you can call them to their magicjack number. Each magicjack is 39 US$ and it includes your first year. I think it's fabulous, but if you don't like VOIP devices, then I suggest you find a very cheap plan to call from your landline phone. (perhaps prepaid cards).

Good luck!
pudddddin 7 | 48
17 Sep 2009 #20
Vonage - a company who you can use from your computer (but you plug in a proper handset) - they give you a UK phone number and you pay £6.99 a month for unlimited landline calls AND people can call you and pay the same as they would if they were calling a landline in the UK. It's great! I speak to my family back in the UK everyday.

If you haven't got a computer/internet at home you could also get a heyah simcard and sign up to the flat rate tariff (see and it costs 44gr a minute to call the UK - landline or mobile.

Hope this info helps!
17 Sep 2009 #21
Use skype as the poster above says
Unlimited calls to landlines in over 20 European countries.
Call any time of the day, any day of the week.
No long-term contract.

€5.69 incl. VAT

I have been using this for two years now and speak on the phone for hours :)
dnz 17 | 710
17 Sep 2009 #22
I swear by vonage as you get a proper phone and the computer doesn't have to be on to recieve calls,
TheOther 6 | 3,692
17 Sep 2009 #23
I swear by vonage

That's interesting. Here in the US they have a rather bad reputation partly because it seems to be almost impossible to cancel the contract once you've signed up with them. The company must be doing a much better job in Europe.
17 Sep 2009 #24
I swear by vonage as you get a proper phone and the computer doesn't have to be on to recieve calls,

Neither do you with skype, as you just buy a skype router :)
Here is the one I have a tad expensive and there are cheaper ones.
gumishu 12 | 6,082
18 Sep 2009 #25
Telegrosik cards is what I use to call abroad cheaper - one can buy it almost in every little shop selling press - they have English language service too I believe - calling a landline in most of Europe costs around 30 gr + the local connection to their gateway
mydivert - | 1
28 May 2010 #26
Buying Virtual Telephone Numbers from Poland

VoIP phone numbers from all local area codes of Poland are available for use immediately here at Simply create an account to get your Polish virtual number now.

Now you can have a local phone number from any of the 50 local area codes in Poland, and have your family, friends, or business contacts call you - dialing in at local rates.

A virtual telephone number allows you to receive calls on a landline, mobile phone, VoIP telephone, softphone on a PC, or send calls to your own VoIP provider or pbx where ever you are in the world!

Get a local virtual number in Poland for just €2.95 per month
jansson - | 1
28 Aug 2011 #27
Hi there
My name ia Ad Jansson and we have started a company called Iring24.
We will be starting soon with a calling card to make cheap calls from Poland to UK or anywhere in the world
I am looking for some people or companies who can take over the delivering in Poland. I do not speak Polish myself
but I have a couple of friends who do. So if you know someone who wants to do this kind of work then please contact me

We will have 50 access points in Poland that means that there will always by a local call involved and then the person
dial the card number and destination and speaks to uk landline for 5 pence and mobile 10 pence

However we do have another service.

If you are livinging in the UK you can have your own Polish number and you can give that out to your family members and friend


You buy the local number £ 2.95 and rent it each month for £ 2.95. Your famil can now phone a local number and that terminates
either to you home phone (7 pence or mobile 10 pence) and this is what you pay.
11 Oct 2013 #28
Have u tried roaming simcards? Im using one by myself. to be more specific i even checke out the rates:D


Outgoing calls
€ 0,29/min
Incoming calls
€ 0,00/min
Outgoing text
€ 0.35
Outgoing text to EU
€ 0,08
Incoming text
€ 0,00
GPRS data
€ 0,39/MB

Oh i forgot, simcard is called TravelSim, u can purchase it online on www travelsim com
Kennyboy 1 | 47
23 Apr 2014 #29
Get yourself a Lebara sim, order one on line for free, get a cheap phone, (e-bay, gum tree, market) PAYG, top it up and away you go. Calls from Poland to the UK, landline 1p per min, mobile about 4p per min. I live in Wroclaw and have 2, one for me to call family and friends in the UK and one I got for my Mum to call me. The only thing is that the sim has to be delivered to a UK address so get it delivered to a friend and have them post it over or collect it the next time you visit the UK. You can manage your account on line, check your spend, check your balance, auto top up etc.......Go on line and have a look.
cms 9 | 1,255
23 Apr 2014 #30
I thought lebara was also operating in poland now ?

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