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Sim Cards for International calls Poland

25 Mar 2012 /  #1
Hi, Im looking for pre-paid sim cards that offer low calling rates for international calls.
Any suggestions?

26 Mar 2012 /  #2
Lyca, Lebara, Vectone. To Poland the rates are 1p/min landline around 10p mobile.

Delight appears only to be 3p/min mobile.
26 Mar 2012 /  #3
Oh didnt realise they had Lyca and Lebara here. Where can I find these sim?
I am asking for sim to call internationally FROM Poland.
26 Mar 2012 /  #4
Well, Lyca is available and looks quite attractive:

OP shamalah  
27 Mar 2012 /  #5
Hi Ziutek, strange i must have missed it when i googled for Lyca in poland :P
3 Jun 2012 /  #6
Merged: Prepayed SIM card in poland, the best for international calls ??


I will be in Poland for one month, in a small village in Gdansk, I wonder it there is a mobile operator that has good offers for international call.

especially to Algeria

Thank you

3 Jun 2012 /  #7
You can buy Lyco sim cards in cities. They are designed specifically for international calls. Most people who use them have an ordinary sim as well. I reccomend Play.
3 Jun 2012 /  #8
Simply use VoIP. Rates r cheaper and in Poland land lines are 4 FREE.
3 Jun 2012 /  #9
which one has the best price for calling between UK and Poland?
4 Jun 2012 /  #10
Is it possible to purchase pay as you go sims with data bundles if visiting for a couple of weeks. Using data on my phone with my contract would be very expensive. I want to make a few international calls back to the uk, but I'd like easy access to data wherever I go, particularly maps. Can you just go into a phone shop and buy a payg sim (I'm not even sure you can do that in the UK)with a data bundle?

or any information

5 Jun 2012 /  #11
Yes, you can get a Play Fresh SIM, top it up, then type in a special code
Play fresh internet "packet"

If you want data only (without the facility to make calls) you can get a different SIM and it works out slightly cheaper 50 zloty for 5GB
26 Oct 2012 /  #12
[Moved from]: What is the cheapest way to call to the Netherlands from Poland?

I would like to make a long call to The Netherlands.
I have a cell phone (with T-mobile Tak Tak) and I don't mind going to a place / building in Kraków to call, if I have at least some privacy there.

Could anybody please advice, and give a price indication as well.

Many thanks,
30 Oct 2012 /  #13
Use the Telegrosik calling cards. All kiosks sell them
7 Dec 2012 /  #14
Choose any you want to for example Play, and download Vippie on your phone, ask your friends for abroad to download it too, find wifi net and call them for free:)
7 Dec 2012 /  #15
check this guide :) inside you will find information [Student Guide in Poland]
15 Jan 2013 /  #16
hello i'm polish boy i want go to tunezji what number code i will write in my sim play . for can wrk in tunezji , thank you for help
1 Sep 2014 /  #17
Hi, I use the Smartgroschen. They have a small top-up starts from 0.89 Euro, so just enough to use from time to time.

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