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An English Version of Gadu-Gadu?

15 Nov 2006 #1
so i've tried to find an English language version of GG and no luck. is there one?

krysia 23 | 3,058
15 Nov 2006 #2
I think gadu gadu is in Polish only. But msn is in english and so is skype.
Lakelandhiker 1 | 42
15 Nov 2006 #3
I use skype quite a lot, both to talk to people on other computers and to ring land lines. I would recommend it.
OP nauczyciel
15 Nov 2006 #4
i use MSN, Yahoo, Skype, and now since i live in PL thought i would add GG. I've got it on and working, thru my limited po Polsku.

i_love_detroit 1 | 69
15 Nov 2006 #5
there is program called adium that works with gg. I mean you can have adium your friends can have gg and you can talk to each other. I recommend, I used that for a year because I had mac and gg does not work with mac, but fortunately i found adium... :)
OP nauczyciel
16 Nov 2006 #6
Adium does not work with Windows only Mac.
16 Nov 2006 #7
Try this for more info on Gadu gadu
saffron 8 | 62
27 Oct 2006 #8
Jan 5, 07 [23:26] - Attached on merging:
gadu gadu

i dont speak polish but i am translating with my trusty dictionary!I am trying to trace a mate of mine from poland-he may use gadu gadu on a regular basis-what kind of info would i need to track him down?and can an english girl join gadu gadu?
FISZ 24 | 2,116
27 Oct 2006 #9
You'll just need to know how to register in PL
Kowalski 7 | 621
27 Oct 2006 #10
To find him you'd need his GG number or his nickname or his real name. You could also have all GG members listed acording to their location I think. OR may spam everybody throughout GG network with your message...just send over 2.5 million messages.
saffron 8 | 62
28 Oct 2006 #11
are you on Gadu Gadu...???
Kowalski 7 | 621
28 Oct 2006 #12
I am on TLEN which is antother type of messenger but compatible with GG network, so I can contact and be contacted by GG folks.
Chad 4 | 6
5 Jan 2007 #13
I know gg is a polish program, but is there an english version? Or an english user manual available online somewhere?

Thank you
5 Jan 2007 #14
Oh, yeah!
i'd like so much to know if there are any plugin to "translate" the GG... i'll be eternally grateful! :)
6 Jan 2007 #15
yeah GG is in polish only im afraid and as a female learning polish from stratch i installed it completely blindly (no pun intended there) but i had no idea what any or some of the polish was when i installed it ... i used my dictionary to assist with some words and took it from there.

I now have it reinstalled after i remastered my PC and the password for my GG wouldnt work (but it does now :) )
Chad 4 | 6
13 Jan 2007 #16
Could anyone tell me how to add smilies in gadu gadu? I have some in .gif format that I would like to add, but my polish reading skills are a bit lacking. I would be thankful for any help.
12 Feb 2007 #17
mam domek i kołderke
16 Feb 2007 #18
i wana know polish lang.
daffy 23 | 1,508
17 Feb 2007 #19
me too chahal :)

there WAS an english version of GG but it was VERY BAD. you are better off getting a good PL friend to help you set up and then you are laughing!

HEY :) anybody feeling generous? to give a POL-ENG translation for step by step of downloading GG and setup? once that is done i think it would be easy then to use the basic functions nie?
14 Mar 2007 #20
If your looking for an English version of gadu, try gaim ( It works with Windows and Linux. If you use a Mac, I would recommend AdiumX (; however, you could only set up a new account with Gaim for now. It is my understanding that eventually you will be able to set up a new account in AdiumX(based on gaim) as well at there is an open ticket on this issue(
14 Mar 2007 #21
Hey, try this:,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/ It is in english and it works with Gadu Gadu!
jerofiejew - | 11
14 Mar 2007 #22

step 1:

step 2: Zgadzam sie ( i agree)

step 3: dalej > (next)

step 4: Istaluj (instal)

When it's instaled. click gadu-gadu> jestem nowym uztkownikiem (i'm a new user) > Twoje hasło (password)> powtorz haslo (repeat password) > rejestruj (register)

Thats it :) U r a new user :)

If U need a help, with something... left here your Skype nickname... or email me :)
Czestochowa 9 | 50
15 Mar 2007 #23
I use an English version of GG called JaduJadu.

It's exactly the same but the instructions and the app are all in English. it works great, I've never had one problem with it and I'm often talking with people in Poland who use GG.

When your at the page click the "Messenger" tab and then just click on the link titled "JavuSetup3.0.3.exe" beneath the title "Installer for Windows".

If you get stuck with it and need a hand just let me know.

19 Mar 2007 #24
I am new in GG and I dont know what's this .so please help me
19 Mar 2007 #25
i have a nice polish-english translation program given to me by a polish friend i use this for gadu gadu,if any one would like it email me at and i'll send you it
Stevie 1 | 25
19 Mar 2007 #26
So...with guesswork and a dictionary, I downloaded gadu-gadu a while ago. But once I was set up on that, I changed my Skype language from English to Polish...and looked for correlating terms between the two programs.

It kinda worked :)
But why look for an English version of gg? Isn't the whole point to figure it out and learn more Polish in the process? :P

ukpolska is right to suggest the wikipedia site. It gives some basic info on the program. I found it helpful
6 Apr 2007 #27
***English Gadu-Gadu***
There is an IM program that I have on my other computer that supports plugins for various other IM programs, including GG. You can chat with GG users and be on their list and vice-versa. I'm sorry that I cannot think of the name atm as I'm trying to find the darn thing aswell, but there is one and it works good.

I'll bookmark this post and when I get ahold of it, I'll let you all know!

- Mike
18 Oct 2007 #28
try one of the jabber im's. the all support gg. the best server to register is good luck
22 Oct 2007 #29
could anyone send me the use mannual fo English version of the Gadu-Gadu.
I am a new user. I am unable to install Gadu-Gadu. Please help me
My mail-id rajeev22june@gmail
28 Oct 2007 #30
The program's called 'Miranda'. I got the most basic and only installed the GG plugin :).

- Mike

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