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Do I look Polish? (my picture)

14 Apr 2014 #91
well he looks almost just like one of my cousins over there.
11 Jun 2014 #92
I think you look like a West Coast - American citizen, all that's missing is the bikini, the roller skates and the water bottle !

Wherabouts on the North east coast are you - globally speaking ?

12 Jun 2014 #93
Merged: Why is it that everyone is surprised that I'm Polish because my hair isn't blonde?

One girl even went as far as to pretty much say I wasn't Polish because she just didn't believe that any Polish people have dark hair.... It actually really makes me mad, I mean if I lived in Poland it wouldn't be so bad but since I live in Canada I'm proud of my heritage and don't appreciate these comments. What should I do next time this happens?
13 Jun 2014 #94
Your problem is that you live in Canada. Poland is in other continent. When we talk in Poland about Koreans and Chinese, then we make similar mistakes. Don't expect from your colleagues there to know anything about Poland.
OP TheJunglist
29 Jul 2014 #95
I don't really think I look very German. I think I look very North Eastern European, maybe not exactly Polish, but more Lithuanian, Latvian or Estonian.

29 Jul 2014 #96
You do look Polish & purdy too imo. :-)
29 Jul 2014 #99
Been a while since I've sported a pic on PF

Besides being blonde & blue, I think my strongest Polish features are my forehead & slant to my eyes

3 Aug 2014 #100
You look very Polish if you were in Poland but as some others have already stated you would not look out of place in Nordic countries. In my view you look Slavic mixed with Germanic or Scandinavian. I think your most dominant Nordic feature is your very strong jawline and longer skull. Your more dominant Slavic polish features would be your strong forehead cheekbones and maybe your nose. Your colouring is Polish but is more Germanic or Scandinavian. Poles have a hair colour averaging around brown to mixed blonde. My only question to you "TheJunglest" is are you ethnically Polish.

After thinking a bit more however I would have to agree with your post. You could Baltic from Lithuania or Latvia.
OP TheJunglist
3 Aug 2014 #101
Very detailed description, Eliseusz. No, I'm not an ethnic Pole, I'm Finnish. Perhaps not the most typical looking Finn, but still 100% Finnish.
4 Aug 2014 #102
You being a Finn would make sense to me, because it explains how you could fit into such a wide range of northern and eastern European countries. Finland is a finno-ungric country with relations to Estonians and Hungarians. They mixed with Scandinavians very heavily which lends you that Nordic look, but they were also mixing with lap landers and their original Eurasian population that could lend you a eastern European Baltic look. Thank you.
5 Sep 2014 #103
Merged: Do I look Polish?

Hello I am from Germany but my ancestry comes mostly from a couple different Slavic country's one of which is Poland. People here constantly say I look polish to them. Is this true? If not what nationality do I look like? Here are a couple new and old photos of myself.


5 Sep 2014 #104
I think you could be. You look younger than 41. Here you can see some Polish faces:

or here are:
5 Sep 2014 #105
Thank you I definitely am younger then 41 haha, subtract about 20 years))). What other nationalities do you see in me?
5 Sep 2014 #106
That's a question to gypsy oracle. I think you could be any Slavic nationality, for example Bulgarian.
5 Sep 2014 #107
Do I look polish?

Yes, you look quite Polish
5 Sep 2014 #108
If you said you were from Russia, Hungary, Romania I'd also believe you...
7 Sep 2014 #109
There's some beautiful Polish people on that website. Can't understand why some of the females had to be nude.
17 Apr 2015 #110
Merged: Do I look Polish? (my girlfriend seems to think I look Polish)

I am basically just wondering if I look Polish.

Sorry I cannot seem to upload a picture. Damn, can anyone tell me how to do this, apparently my file size is too large.
17 Apr 2015 #111
You will have to re-size your picture to less than 100 kb.
Once re-sized, click on [+] attach files ( above the Polish letters ), and select browse.
Mr. Grunwald
18 Apr 2015 #112
Being Polish ain't about looks, a black person fighting in 1920 cause he felt Polish proves it. You love Poland, your Polish enough :)
Want to better your Polish side? Learn about love to anything! (as a patriot I say obviously love Poland!) :D
18 Apr 2015 #113
Do I look Polish?
My brother and I just came back from Poland and we got a lot of stares wherever we went.
18 Apr 2015 #114
Frankly, I'd have said (as an American, mind you!) Southern California Anglo! Polish? Aehh, probably not. More German, even French, possible British, once again:-)
18 Apr 2015 #115
I should say I am usually not that tan, only in the summer.
But we are half Polish/half Texan :)

I would like to feel like I "fit in" since I spend time over there visiting family. That may never happen though :)
18 Apr 2015 #116
I don't know what does "look Polish" mean.
18 Apr 2015 #117
Poland is a remarkably homogeneous society, much more than most other European countries. I too stood out during my first (and sadly, only) visit to Poland many years ago, probably even before you were bornLOL

There's a specific type of facial bone structure which is distinctly Polish.
18 Apr 2015 #118
no you look like an all American gal, maybe a high school cheerleader.
18 Apr 2015 #119

"to look Polish" = wyglądać jak Polak/Polka
18 Apr 2015 #120
My father has that typical Polish facial structure and my whole childhood I heard people asking where he was from.

And high school cheerleader?! HA! I'll take it as compliment considering I'm almost 30.

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