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Do I look Polish? (my picture)

Atch 16 | 3,322
6 Feb 2021 #301
Hi, LostSoul :) ok, I understand. I'm sure as other posters say, there must be a bit of a mix in many people. And when you look at Polish people, you see that there are certain types, some fair, some quite dark etc. There must be a few influences there. As for what people would think, I don't think most people wouldn't be bothered at all. The truth is they just don't really care. The thing is though that you are young, early twenties isn't it? And if you have Aspergers, your peer group (not close friends, but casual acquaintances) can often sense that you're a bit different and take a slightly malicious pleasure in winding you up, so they may make comments about Jews or whatever if they think you're sensitive about it. Also remember when you go online, there are sad/weird people whose hobby is haunting chat forums just to be cruel or nasty for the sake of it. As the song says, 'don't worry, be happy' :)
jon357 67 | 16,870
6 Feb 2021 #302
I was always curious about my family's history, what they did, whether they were peasants or noblemen

Probably a mix of both, with mathematically most tending towards the median population. There were very few actual noblemen (magnaty) in Poland though, however there were a lot of szlachta (sometimes mistranslated by Poles or foreigners with some Polish roots as nobility; there is a certain amount of wishful thinking here). At the time of the second partition, they were about 12% to 18% of the population. Gentlefolk is probably the most accurate English term. There's also a word yeomanry, something between szlachta and ziemianin. Equivalent terms between societies are hard to find, since sociopolitical structures differ.

because village heritage is still badly seen in Poland,

I always think that's sad. It's more or less the opposite where I'm from.

There's no single 'look' here. 'Types', yes, however not everybody fits them, and that's no bad thing. We are all who we are; even two siblings get a different amount of dna from different ancestors. Which is why one person can take after a particular relative in terms of appearance and another sibling can take after someone else entirely. Some ancestors may have given us plenty of their dna, and some many have given is little or none.
simpleboi95 1 | 27
14 Feb 2021 #303

Do I look Polish?

I'm Belgian, but many think I'm Polish, what do you think, do I look Polish in terms of facial features?

jon357 67 | 16,870
16 Feb 2021 #304
Belgian, although you could just about pass here.
simpleboi95 1 | 27
16 Feb 2021 #305
Ok but then why do my Belgium friends all make fun of me that I look like a Pole?
jon357 67 | 16,870
16 Feb 2021 #306
that I look like a Pole?

The baseball cap and the clothes, maybe,
Poloniusz 4 | 365
16 Feb 2021 #307
do I look Polish

Do you have access to family members or government records which could inform you if any ancestors of yours migrated from Poland to Belgium? That is a better way to find out your heritage.

Additionally, you could try one or more of those DNA testing services. Not that they are reliable but they may give you a general estimate of your lineage to other present day countries.

Any of these would be better than guessing by physiognomy and craniometry.

The baseball cap and the clothes, maybe,

That would mean Vanilla Ice is Polish. Still, closer than you will ever get.

mafketis 29 | 9,522
16 Feb 2021 #308
o I look Polish in terms of facial features?

I wouldn't think Polish as a first guess if asked, but if I were told you were Polish I would believe it... that is, you don't look stereotypically Polish but lots of Polish people don't look stereotypically Polish either....)
kaprys 3 | 2,498
17 Feb 2021 #309
You wouldn't stand out in a crowd in Poland but also I don't think your looks are typically Polish.
There are red haired people in Poland but not many. I don't see anything particularly Polish in your features either.
Just a regular European guy.
simpleboi95 1 | 27
17 Feb 2021 #310
Bro, I don't have red hair. Only my beard, my hair is brownish blonde
Miloslaw 9 | 2,906
17 Feb 2021 #311
You could pass as Polish, but you don't look Polish.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,397
17 Feb 2021 #312
You look Polish, but only as someone whose first name is Mirosław. Yes, they always look exactly like yourself ...
Miloslaw 9 | 2,906
17 Feb 2021 #313
whose first name is Mirosław

Who is Miroslaw?
mafketis 29 | 9,522
18 Feb 2021 #314
Did you want to know who is Miroslaw? Miroslaw is the first poster of ability who refused to regard it as guilt. He is the first poster who would not do penance for his virtues or let them be used as the tools of his destruction. He is the poster who would not suffer martyrdom at the hands of those who wished him to perish for the privilege of keeping them alive (continue for three hours)

(hoping somebody gets it)
Atch 16 | 3,322
18 Feb 2021 #315
Only my beard, my hair is brownish blonde

As an Irish person, I would say that your hair is redder than you think! If you have red in your facial hair, there will be an underlying red tint to your brown hair. Try bleaching it and I can guarantee it will turn orange or yellow, not silvery blonde. As for your features, you look far more German than Polish. I remember you asking this question here a few months ago and you don't look any more Polish now than you did then :)
simpleboi95 1 | 27
18 Feb 2021 #316
Lol , yes I did posted here couple of months ago, back then I had short hair. You have paid good attention 😂😂👌.. I was checking if the people here were true to their words. Yes German was also a guess some people thought i was.. And for the red tint, it is as it is. Not gonna bleach it, i have thin hair already
Atch 16 | 3,322
18 Feb 2021 #317
You have paid good attention

I think it's because I was a teacher for many years, I tend to remember faces. I once taught a little girl who was the naughtiest child in the school. She was about six years old at the time. Years later I was walking down a quiet residential road and across the street I saw a face I remembered :) She was now about fourteen years old and had exactly the same expression on her face 'Woops! There's 'teacher'! I'm in trouble again.....' :))
LostSoul 3 | 84
18 Feb 2021 #318
So what is required in order to look Polish?
simpleboi95 1 | 27
18 Feb 2021 #319
@Atch that explains, and I can be naughty too 😈
2 Apr 2021 #320

Do I look Polish?

Just wondering if I look polish to you.

You probably need to post your photo ;)
pawian 178 | 15,918
2 Apr 2021 #321
Just wondering if I look polish to you.

Yes, you do, a little. Why do you want to know?

simpleboi95 1 | 27
10 Apr 2021 #322
I recently dyed my hair.
Do I look Polish with blonde hair?

Atch 16 | 3,322
10 Apr 2021 #323
Didn't you say before that your hair was thinning a bit? If it is, then I'm not sure bleaching it is a good idea. But no, you actually look less Polish than you did before and more like an aging member of Hitler Youth :)) Seriously though you look more German or Dutch than Polish.
simpleboi95 1 | 27
10 Apr 2021 #324
To be honest my hair is thicker now then before because I took biotin and niacin which thickened my hair tremendously. I know it is not healthy but for one time it's not gonna hurt it😄

I want to live there, that's why.
mafketis 29 | 9,522
10 Apr 2021 #325
You don't actually have to look Polish to live here....
simpleboi95 1 | 27
10 Apr 2021 #326
I know, but I'm not sure if they like foreigners, especially since I have a jewish last name 😅
mafketis 29 | 9,522
10 Apr 2021 #327
I'm not sure if they like foreigners

Depends on what you mean by 'like'... if you learn the language and how things work you shouldn't have any problems....

I have a jewish last name

A lot of them around in Poland too....
Ironside 50 | 11,279
10 Apr 2021 #328
If you have red in your facial hair,

I have it. What that fact indicate according to you?
simpleboi95 1 | 27
10 Apr 2021 #329
Ok. And by "like" I meant accepting or open to people from different countries/ancestry. I can speak a bit polish already.
mafketis 29 | 9,522
10 Apr 2021 #330
I can speak a bit polish already.

Then you should not have undue problems (some problems because moving to a new country is always a fraught process....)

I would advise avoiding Warsaw, and Kraków.... (maybe Łódź and Katowice for different reasons) but one of the other larger cities (Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk, Szczecin, Lublin) should be fine.

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