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Old Polish Flag

polskatage 1 | 1
15 Dec 2010 #1
Hello to all. Very nice I find a great place to post to Polish people. I love history especially Polish history. I have found very old flag in my house. I think it is from 1850's ? Does anyone know what kind of flag this is. It has been in our family for many years. Any help would be great. Thank you .

SeanBM 35 | 5,808
15 Dec 2010 #2
Hello polskatage,

And welcome to the Polish forums.

Perhaps you could post a photo looking directly at the flag, for more detail?

What makes you think it comes from 1850s?

One detail that I have never seen before is that the eagle is facing right (looking at his left wing).

I remember hearing that the eagle in the Oval Office at the White House faces right in times of peace and left in times of war (or is it the other way around).

From this thread:
Polish eagle - which way the head faces?

I don't know about that but there could be something in it?
Mr Grunwald 29 | 1,945
15 Dec 2010 #3
I think it is from 1850's ?

If you are right, then it's probably an insurgent flag.

One detail that I have never seen before is that the eagle is facing right (looking at his left wing).

That is strange

What makes you think it comes from 1850s?

Certain material hold themselves only for a certain time. If it was older and not taken care of by "professionals" it would look a lot worse. As this person haven't told us if his family are experts at keeping flags in good quality I can only assume that it must be very recent (just as he did)

and any Polish flag after 1918 would look more like the official flags of Poland. Anythign else before 1918 may be very different as the symbol of Poland wasn't defined to a very specific white eagle. People generally agreed that their symbol is an white eagle. But how it looked?

Also I guess this must be from the province of western Poland as it has no Lithuanian or Ukrainian symbols on it. Only the eagle.

It may happen that it's location may up close to Poznan as the eagle on the herald of Poznan faces right-wards.
EchoTheCat - | 137
15 Dec 2010 #4
One detail that I have never seen before is that the eagle is facing right (looking at his left wing).

It depended on situation and wars. The direction was changed many times, for example during the war or uprising against eastern country the head was facing right.

So Polskatage, I suggest to find something about Polish uprisings against Russia. And remember It can be difficult because this flag looks very "unofficial" and could be made at home and had nothing to do with official, military flags from that times.

Good luck :)
Zed - | 195
16 Dec 2010 #5
I think it's facing left actually. But a better picture would help to clarify.
krakus - | 12
16 Dec 2010 #6
Maybe i'm missing something but i can't see the crown over the eagles head.

If so there's no way this flag is polish.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,386
16 Dec 2010 #7
this may help:
16 Dec 2010 #8
It heads right up. With crown.

  • Head detail
OP polskatage 1 | 1
17 Dec 2010 #9
Hello and thank you all for your help and information. This is the reverse side of the flag. The Eagle is hand sown to the flag.

nott 3 | 594
17 Dec 2010 #10
So this is the right side. The Polish Eagle faces right, as most heraldic beasts do. The heraldic right is the right side of the person standing behind the shield with the coats of arms, so it's the beast's right side too.

Hand sewn, family tradition... I doubt anybody outside of your family would be able to say anything particular about this very flag, but I know you should be proud of it. Very proud. At the very least it was something ready to hang at your house after the victory, but it might've been an actual banner of an insurgents' unit. Beats my grandfather's sabre.
Sokrates 8 | 3,346
18 Dec 2010 #11
Yawn, its a flag from Greater Poland uprising, if memory serves its in Wrocławs arsenal so no its not his "family flag"
Mr Grunwald 29 | 1,945
21 Dec 2010 #12
If your right, then... I KNEW IT!! (somewhere in that location! ;p)
isthatu2 4 | 2,703
21 Dec 2010 #13
Thats got to be a new level of internet patheticness if your right......or the crapest attempt to sell a non existent product ever.....
Murawski - | 2
7 Mar 2012 #14
Was this ever resolved?
I have the same flag, but in much worse condition. I will try to get a picture.
I assume the background was originally red, but has faded to the same color in this flag pictured in this article. Also, the brown details on my flag are all but faded away, barely even to be seen. I haven't lookd at this flag in a very long time as I am almost afraid to touch it. It is very fragile.

I was always curious of its origin and coudl never find any images of it on any Polish sites.
My question:
Is this a real flag or home made? The flag has the Eagle sewn on it and it has the canvas? white strip along the edge where the two groumets are.

I see that you guys think it is form the Polish Uprising... the one in the 1800's or 1900's?
Does it have any value? Should I donate it to a museum? etc...
I am technically 2 generation American. My grandfather came over. I do not believe thsi flag to be ours or brought by my family, but rather aquired by my father from another Pole from the old neighborhood.

davidmelb - | 1
13 Apr 2020 #15

I am a Polish Australian and i am collecting some old polish memorabilia for my home to keep the connection to the homeland. Would either of you be willing to sell these flags? Thank you
21 Aug 2020 #16

Polish flag changed colors

Should Poland switch back to the snow white/Vermillion flag? This could be controversial as it was the 1945-80 flag but imo it looked better. They say they changed it because of Upper Austria but Poles came up with their flag earlier. The current one looks very subdued.
pawian 176 | 13,997
22 Aug 2020 #17
Should Poland switch back to the snow white/Vermillion flag?

Hmm, rarely does it happen here in case of Polish historical/political issues but I have to admit that I have no idea without googling what you are talking about.

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