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30 Jan 2008
Love / Are Polish men more loyal than English men? [38]

I think when they find the *right* woman, they are more loyal than English/American guys. They usually expect to make a commitment and marry someday...sooner rather than later.

But I think they have quite high standards. They really do want someone who is the good cook and housekeeper, takes care of herself physically, and spoils them is fine as long as it doesn't interfere with the above.

My (now-ex) Polish boyfriend was shocked when he saw how messy my house was. I, on the other hand, felt justified, as I do have a six-year-old. But I wised up and cleaned the place up. I actually like my home more now.

So if you can handle the parameters -- go for it!
29 Jan 2008
Love / Polish women are more inhibited in bed? [51]

Perhaps the Polish women *you* sleep with are inhibited becoz you freak them out by asking weird questions like "Would you sleep with a bisexual man?"
22 Jan 2008
Love / English Girls according to Polish Guys....... [68]

Well, I am an English woman living in Chicago and was dating a Polish guy and a Ukrainian guy (not at the same time). And while it is true that I am slightly fatter than many Polish women, I know that both men appreciated me because unlike skinny women, I have curves in all the right places!
22 Jan 2008
Love / Help for english girl to win affections of lovely polish boy. [4]

Well, you could meet some other Polish people who could take you out and explain to you about their culture. That way you wouldn't "make your mistakes" on this one.


Polish men are traditional -- they'll usually ask you out if they're interested.

Hmmm. Where I live in Chicago, there are lots of them, so if you screw up with one, you can find another.

Gee, I hope this helps.
20 Jan 2008
Love / Polish Girlfriend, but she is not single ... [35]

She may be waiting to see how serious you are, how long you'll stay with her. Most women know that the relationship changes after 6 months or a year as things cool. She doesn't want to give up a sure thing with her current boyfriend if your relationship fizzles.

If you really want her, show her that you love her, stick with her, make a commitment, buy a ring. Show her you're serious!
11 Jan 2008
Love / A little bummed out [16]

I think you need to put this in perspective, hon. I don't think this is backing off AT ALL! In fact, what your boyfriend was saying is actually to protect you -- people may look down on you, and he doesn't want that kind of rep to be around the woman he cares about.

Also, look at it this way -- is this really the best time to meet your future husband's family? No -- they have a wedding to worry about, and they might feel they couldn't really take care of you, be the good hosts that Polish people, or even Albanian people, are famed to be.

The time to visit his family is when YOU are the center of attention, and it is known that you are coming to be checked out as the potential bride. Then they will fete you , and check you out at the same time -- and you can do the same for them.

Your boyfriend probably really loves you, and invited you to the wedding cause he wants to be with you. Then when the date gets closer, and the details come into focus, he probably realised that there could be some problems, and he doesn't want the first time meeting with his parents to go wrong.

Take this as a sign that he DOES care, and don't be so mistrusting!
2 Jan 2008
Love / Polish Boyfriend Left to Poland [19]

I have to agree with Plk123.

On the other hand, it will be a good life for your boyfriend if his father is rich. There will be no shortage of eligible young Polkas to marry him....and maybe he'll be happier.

There's lots of Poles here in the U.S. -- there'll be another chance for you, too.
23 Dec 2007
Love / My Polish guy - loves me he loves me not [73]

I am so happy for you! I'm sure if your Polish guy came across this forum (unlikely, most Polish guys don't like to get advice) he would forgive you.

So do I get an invite to the wedding for the good advice????:)
21 Dec 2007
Love / My Polish guy - loves me he loves me not [73]


Just ignore these guys. They are pulling your leg.

If that's your photo in the profile, you are a very pretty girl and shouldn't have much problem in hooking a nice Polish guy.

Just remember they are conservative, yet fun. What you have to do is flirt with this guy. Smile, laugh, ask him light-hearted questions, and watch to see if his eyes light up, he loosens up a bit. Those are your signs. See if you can make some good conversation with him, as if you were already dating. After all, once you catch the guy, then you have to enjoy him. See if you can catch him checking out your boobs or legs. Then you know....

After this "foreplay", wait till he asks you out. If he's really shy, you could just ask him directly if he likes you, that you find him attractive, and would like to have a coffee with him or a lunch date.
13 Dec 2007
Love / Dh (my husband) is not taking news well.. [12]

I agree with Krysia -- you are giving your other child a priceless gift. After you and your husband have left this earth, your kids will have each other. Congratulations!
11 Dec 2007
Love / Married a Polish guy. Now what? [40]

Often guys who accuse you of cheating on them, are actually cheating on you. Weird, but true.
4 Dec 2007
Love / how can i get him to fall in love with me again? [43]

You've got to pull back, hon, and give him his space.

After all, true love is giving the other person what they need. And he's told you what he needs -- space! So give it to him if you really love him.

Men like to chase -- it's part of their hunting nature. Some men are more clingy than others, but all of them want to be the one to pursue you, and they have their ways of doing it. My Polish boyfriend initially would not give me his phone number, and insisted that he be the one to call me -- and I accepted this because I know what men are like. No matter that he is very affectionate, passionate, and tells me "kochanie" the whole time, he wants to be the one to set the tone of the relationship, and I let him, because I'm a woman and he's a man.

I think there's hope for your relationship because your man is telling you what he wants -- if he hated you, he would run away.

My advice: go out and buy some new clothes, change your look, go out dancing and make your boyfriend jealous. Let him see other men flirting and dancing with you -- he'll start to love you again. Trust me -- this works!
26 Nov 2007
Love / I'm pregnant of a polish guy [90]

No, I had not heard that sad fact before. But it doesn't surprise me.

What is so painful for many post-abortion is the awareness that they've destroyed something totally unique, that can never be again. I actually believe that the spirit is not destroyed, and could be born again. But the person they could have been, at the time they or God chose for them to come to this earth -- that chance is destroyed through abortion.
26 Nov 2007
Love / I'm pregnant of a polish guy [90]

Thanks Lilu. It's good to see someone who knows the sad truth, the part about abortion that no one wants to face.

It's sad to me how when you present facts like most women are emotionally scarred by abortion that people jump all over you. I actually care alot about my fellow women....and for this reason, I try to tell the truth.

Because once you have those "cells" sucked out of you, there's no going back. And you are left with this emptiness....
19 Nov 2007
Love / I'm pregnant of a polish guy [90]

My opinion is that any decision must be May's

No Lucynda, I do not think this is helpful - just pushing an opinion really.

So it's okay for you to have an "opinion," but not me, eh? How fair and impartial of you.

As for my "crap regret abortion" post, all I can say is that it is real, and happened to a real person.

But perhaps you don't give a sh*t because the emotions expressed are not real for you, so therefore no one else should be exposed to its reality.

I posted it because I really care....about women, their feelings, about children. I'm a mother, and know what it is like to give life to a child. Do you? I've been in May's shoes. Have you?
19 Nov 2007
Love / I'm pregnant of a polish guy [90]

Pink Jewel,

I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to May. Are you her brain -- do you think for her? Mind your own business.

And it is not my "opinion" -- it is an actual post written by a real person who had an abortion. I didn't make it up. I am sharing it for a look at the other side. You can see dozens of posts like it ion post-abortion forums, but I know you won't look because you don't have the ba**s to change your own stubborn "opinion."
19 Nov 2007
Love / I'm pregnant of a polish guy [90]

Dear May,

Here is a post from a post-abortion chat group I belong to.

Please read it for an honest look at what happens when you make a decision about a child's life for "practical" or "sensible" reasons....

"How can you ever put back the pieces of a shattered heart when one major piece is gone forever.

my little angel would have been so loved, was so loved, i just didn't realise how much so until it was too late, i let fear take over....

how can this ever get any better when i can never have her here in my arms.

we should be a family, it would have been hard, but it would have worked, we really could have made it work, all those stupid "reasons" finances, uni etc, they could have been worked out, im not just saying that, they could have been, i was just scared, well guess what i still am scared, scared that this hurt, this regret, this longing, this unbearable ache right in the centre of my whole being will never leave

i cant make this right i cant bring her back"

Just some food for thought....
19 Nov 2007
Love / I'm pregnant of a polish guy [90]

You're going to have to be strong....and you can be. I'm a single mom, too. Having a baby is the most natural thing in the world. There are organizations, churches, that can help with food and supplies. Yes, it will be a big change in your life -- it is for any woman -- even a wealthy woman who has a husband to help her.

But if you trust God, He'll send the right people into your life to help you with your pregnancy....I sense He already has sent supportive friends into your life.
11 Nov 2007
Love / friendhship with polish girl [63]


I don't see what the problem is. You said you wanted nothing in return and she took you at your word. The fact is, you fell a little bit in love with her.

Unconditional love is giving something for nothing. This girl was poor -- well, you gave to the poor. So stop wanting something back.

She probably is suspicious that you gave her money -- she suspects you wanted sex in return -- and she probably feels your mopey vibes, and is sick of them. I know I would be. And you say you cared about her more than your own girlfriend -- I wonder how your girlfriend feels about that.

If you really care about people, you would have let her give you something back. Then you wouldn't have to play the part of the "big guy" helping the "poor helpless girl". You would have treated her like a person instead of being so f***ing conscending.

People in Poland have had life so much harder than us. So get off your pity pot!
8 Nov 2007
Love / How to get to know a polish guy better? [102]

No one made a mistake, sweetie. It's just life.....

I think you're smart to get to know the "nerdy" one. You never know....sometimes chemistry hits when you least expect it. And at least you may end up having a good friend.

It seems men get to do the choosing, but we women are more adaptable. I sometimes feel I could fall in love with anyone if I put my mind to it -- don't you? :)
7 Nov 2007
Love / I miss my best friend [22]


You actually sound like a loving guy. I'm sure your feelings for both your ex and your new girl are genuine.

But you do realise that it's easier to love when you don't know someone that well -- it's harder to maintain a long-term relationship. Although you're young now, you will have to deal with that fact at some level.

I think perhaps it's best for most men if they date someone who is slightly younger or their own age. I think the age difference is too much for a lot of guys when they start thinking about getting serious.

I didn't know you had a new girl -- so I change my advice. Move on. Don't contact your former girlfriend. If you really love her, you'll let her go -- maybe even pray that she finds the right man in her life that she and her son need.