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Business ideas for Poland

dolnoslask 2 | 1,253    
20 Oct 2017  #31

I have both graduate and undergraduate business degrees

Are those things of any real use? when it comes to making money nowadays.

Dirk diggler 6 | 1,672    
20 Oct 2017  #32


Depends what field. Finance, accounting, logistics, management, international biz yes.
Things like hr PR marketing not as much but you can still land a 70-100k job as a marketing manager or hr coordinator etc. Out of all us millionaires MBA is the second most commonly held degree after engineering (which is used more in an entrepreneurial capacity). Most MBAs make 6 figs in US at corporations. Average starting salary from top schools like Northwestern, the ivies, penm state, u of chicago, etc have starting salaries of 120 130k 150k plus with Stanford leading the pack at over 150k. You can google various schools with keyworss like say 'princeton mba starting salary' and therell be a few mean salaries listed all fairly close to each other. Low to mid 100k are pretty common for consulting and management jobs which about 1/4 to 1/3 of MBAs go into upon graduating. People who go into finance can easily make 200k plus. The record for MBA starting salary last year was 800k (source:, personal experience)


I'm at the tail end of my MBA which is a 1 1/2 -2 year program depending how many classes you take. So yes I don't have my MBA just yet as I have a few classes to finish up.
10 Jan 2018  #33

What do you think about vending machine business? Something like penny press machines?
jon357 69 | 13,049    
10 Jan 2018  #34

They have them, and they make very little revenue.
polishinvestor 1 | 327    
10 Jan 2018  #35

Are those things of any real use? when it comes to making money nowadays

Money makes money nowadays. If you don't have it you can't make it, unless you are the exception to the rule. Education and connections can help to make the first jump, but mind the gap as its getting bigger all the time.
Dirk diggler 6 | 1,672    
10 Jan 2018  #36


No one really uses those penny press machines except a few kids whos parents grudgingly give them a few groszy to basically waste. A vending machine business would be okay in parks zoos amusement parks maybe in a train station but they already tend to exist. I could be wrong and perhaps theres some market research on this topic but i havent really seen vending machines used by poles with the type of frequency that they are in us canada or even asia. It tends to usually a last resort for poles for food and drink if no other options are available.
polishinvestor 1 | 327    
10 Jan 2018  #37

Poles are quite thrifty with their money. I was speaking to an airline exec recently and he said extras always sells badly on Polish flights. Poles will spend but won't overpay. Any business relying on unatural spending in Poland is going to fail.
Dirk diggler 6 | 1,672    
10 Jan 2018  #38

Fact. I was honestly surprised though that an armani outlet failed in wroclaw and it carried the lower priced armani exchange too. Real estate and construction are booming in pl now. Thats where id put my money imo if i were gonna start a business. A lot of optical stores do well too from what ive observed.
cms 9 | 1,235    
10 Jan 2018  #39

The average Pole spends 100 zloty a month on clothes or shoes - im not sure you could even get a pair of socks for that price in Armani.

The number of high earners outside Warsaw is not enough to sustain designer shops yet - people who have that kind of wealth are not flainting it either at the moment
Dirk diggler 6 | 1,672    
10 Jan 2018  #40

Yea but stores like peek and cloppenburg are just as expensive if not more so....

although ive noticed in polish malls you'll have tons of people but very few of them are holding shopping bags. salamander gets decent business too and their shoes aren't cheap. Although most people appear to just window shop and they'll go through the entire mall and buy just like one quality thing for 100-200 z's... especially shoes I noticed theres more shoe stores than anything else in the malls. Its like the ladies almost assume that people are there just to window shop and then when someone buys like a pair of Versace glasses for like 1k z's they're almost like surprised someone actually bought something. Once you've picked something out they're super helpful but till then they tend to treat customers somewhere between ignoring them and allowing them to look through the store before they actually walk up and ask if they can help you.
spiritus 67 | 622    
11 Jan 2018  #41

The number of high earners outside Warsaw is not enough to sustain designer shops yet - people who have that kind of wealth are not flainting it either at the moment

I don't have any stats but Gdynia seems to be doing ok with designer shops
Dougpol1 21 | 1,546    
11 Jan 2018  #42

And we both know why. Russians.
Dirk diggler 6 | 1,672    
11 Jan 2018  #43

Are there a lot of Russians in the tricities?
Taxpaying voter 1 | 187    
11 Jan 2018  #44

Which foreign country is closest to the Tri-city?

Keep to the topic everyone, please
Dirk diggler 6 | 1,672    
12 Jan 2018  #45

Any business relying on unatural spending in Poland is going to fail.@ polishinvestor

100% agree. People are very thrifty with their money. They'll examine a million options before they buy some durable good like a washing machine.

There has been a lot of Asian (Chinese, Korean, Indian, Japanese) goods coming into PL that are selling like hot cakes. I've started an import/export business recently and it's starting to pick up. I'm hoping by the time I move to PL and make that my primary home there will be enough orders and repeat business to make this my main job.

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