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Starting Bar / Restaurant Business in Poland

GTO 3 | 22
3 May 2013 #1
Hello. i guess its some English/Irish people here that have or know sombody that have startet pub/bar in Poland.

maby you could share the problems and experiance you have had.. i have been thinking about this for a while now.

I guess there are some permits for alchol,food ect.. but i can imagine its a problem with all this bars arround in Poland :)

and ofcourse it will be together with some Polish people that can apply for all this.

3 May 2013 #2
maby you could share the problems

I know a few ex restaurant/bar owners, it is always the same gripe rents too high and staff not loyal.
OP GTO 3 | 22
3 May 2013 #3
Yes, i guess it is same all over.. i guess you have to have a very good concept be be able to earn on the hight rents.
17 May 2013 #4
Hello, no problem. Finding a good location in the city. appropriate rent. can work. the license is for beer 525 zł to 3% and alkochol 2100 zł for three months, eg you can also take the place functioning. Our client is a place available and can withdraw it. I can explain. City of Katowice city center. Already several clients introduced to the Polish market. The restaurant about 300 m for rent 6000 - 8000 zł 1 m the best 100 zł / m2Best Francyza
rahman2299 - | 1
20 May 2013 #5
please can you give me your email address to contract with you rahman2299@gmail . i like to open Small Asian restaurant in Poland please if any one can have information let me know about business and expense

Good day
ianternational - | 1
3 Sep 2013 #6
Merged: Advice needed for a foreigner wanting to open a restaurant in Warsaw, Poland

I'm looking to open a restaurant in Warsaw and would love to talk with another foreigner that has gone through the process here. I know its going to be a long difficult experience but I'm willing to go through it while learning Polish at the same time to provide all of Warsaw with my amazing food.

also if anyone has ideas on wholesale foods distributers, restaurant equipment suppliers or information about importing goods I'd love to hear your two cents.
3 Sep 2013 #7
I cannot give much information having not ventured into the restaurant business but it may be useful to know:

the type of cuisine you'll be offering
will it be a bistro/café/restaurant etc. (I know you mentioned restaurant but it's a broad category nowadays)
location (Central or outskirts)

Should make for better replies :) Best of luck.
14 Oct 2013 #8
I think that you need someone who has experience in carrying out all the formalities involved in setting up own restaurant in Poland, knows the rules, knows the gastronomy industry, often participated in the gastronomy trade fairs.

If so, email me:
namasteindpl - | 2
18 Mar 2016 #9
Merged: What is the best thing a restaurant should have?

What make people more attract towards a restaurant according to you?
20 Mar 2016 #10
Stating the obvious, but good food, friendly staff and pleasant surroundings.
What else is there?
PolishGirlThief 5 | 18
30 Mar 2021 #11

What's the process of starting a restaurant in Warsaw?

I spoke to my wife about starting a restaurant in Poland and she was very discouraging. Saying how expensive it is and that the process of getting licenses is long and frustrating. Does anyone here know about starting a restaurant and the whole process?
pawian 222 | 24262
31 Mar 2021 #12
Does anyone here know about starting a restaurant and the whole process?

Probably not too many people. But you might try do do some search on your own - use Google Chrome with automatic translation to find info for this phrase: jak zacząć restaurację?
Cargo pants 3 | 1485
31 Mar 2021 #13
Does anyone here know about starting a restaurant and the whole process?

First find a location which can have liquor license(As it is very possible that your neighbour has it and you cant get it),then start a company,approach sanepeed with plans and build it with equipment required.Depends on the contractor and how you are on the project,it can be completed in 2/3 months though,liquor might take 6 months too.During Covid you can buy lot of shut down places.An African restaurant is a very good idea in Poland as not many at all there and Poles are very curious.

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