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English/British rudeness - what do Polish people think about it?

Szalawa 3 | 248
26 Jun 2016 #91
I am not sure if it is just British thing (third world emigrants could have learnt it here :-) )

Where I live, there are very few if any British people
ender 5 | 398
26 Jun 2016 #92
Generally I find white English living around me rude. The so called politeness is just empty shelf with no meaning. Let's take an expression: 'you all right' it's actually got 3 meanings.

1. hello
2. is there something wrong? (you look sick for example)
3. you are an idiot

First 2 are pretty obvious 3 is noticeable when you live in England bit longer. There will be plenty of those voices saying that it's not true but let me tell the story how I used 3 version toward English 'mate'. I stopped behind 'mate' who was asking some Indian non English speaking gay repeatedly if he is 'all right' and I noticed that he was actually mocking him for not knowing how to do job properly, I usually ignore English and their 'games' but this time because he was (mate) blocking my I started repeating my 'you all right' behind 'mate' after 3 time he noticed me turn around and asked what I want. With the smirk I told him that he is blocking my way. OMG you wouldn't believe how ****** of he was when he realise what I was doing the obscenities he used toward me were precious.

Generally so called English manners are more mannerism that obviously can not be called rudeness but using polite expression to be mean is wicked and rude. At the end it's a shame that English did not take over French table manner.
terri 1 | 1,665
26 Jun 2016 #93
I find that there are RUDE people everywhere. Nationality/location has absolutely nothing to do with it. People are either rude or polite. To me, it all depends on how they were brought up by their parents/street/experiences.
iwonadem - | 14
26 Jun 2016 #94
You are correct. It depends on how we were brought up plus on some kind of 'sensitivity' how my action affect other people affected by them.
27 Jun 2016 #95
I wouldn't hold the door open for some random woman..

It's 2012.. not the 1920s

Fortunately, the number of British men stuck in the 1950s is reducing :p

I would hold a door open for anyone, male of female.

If the English like you think I'm a w**ker, and my fellow Poles think I'm gay, just because I am willing to open a door for both genders, then so be it - I call it politeness and good upbringing. But I may go against my usual polite and well-brought up nature by telling you all to f*** off if you insult me for being polite :D
Dreamergirl 4 | 273
13 Jul 2016 #96
Polish men in my experience always hold doors open for me, carry my bags, etc much more polite
18 Sep 2019 #97
Oh what a shame, the tables were turned for a change. Get over it. The British have to deal with rude and arrogant ******* Polaks in their own Country.

@dreamergirl polish men are polite to you because you have a vagina and that is the same amongst most men the Polish men are still rude to other men.
pawian 181 | 16,861
18 Sep 2019 #98
If Polish men are rude to other men, as you say, it is natural - other men don`t have a vagina. I am surprised you seem to lack insight into such a simple thing .

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