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English/British rudeness - what do Polish people think about it?

Wroclaw Boy
23 Nov 2012 #61
Man Going to Prison for Racist Forum Messages

1. that doesnt really make sense
2. told you, you were a racist

and to top it all off - youre in the UK now, great.
OP kondzior 12 | 1,242
24 Nov 2012 #62
told you, you were a racist

By your definition - not being a bending backwards, affirmative action liberal means being a racist - sure. By common sense, not at all.
Wroclaw Boy
24 Nov 2012 #63
I dont really understand what youve written, but i do understand this: You support multiculturalism as long as Polish people are the ones emigrating, you do not support Paki's immigrating. Thus you are a racist.

Have i missed anything?
subarumad 1 | 21
24 Nov 2012 #64
This thread is a joke right?

It's obvious no one has ever been to Wroclaw. Most women over 45yrs have the worst attitude imaginable.
They have their head stuck up their ass syndrome!
The documentary called: Dzien Swira confirms this, usually they work in the post office, or any of the dozen government buildings scattered around the city,

or on the checkout in Fenniks.

There's too much radio maria in these people's brains, the only Polish I use on a daily basis is: The customer is always right, shame on you, and Jestes chamski dupcu!
wibblywobbly - | 12
24 Nov 2012 #65
It's obvious no one has ever been to Wroclaw. Most women over 45yrs have the worst attitude imaginable.

Not at all weirdo, thats complete and utter bollox in my opinion.

This thread is a joke right?

Says this thread is a joke and then continues to bash another city, humm nice.
subarumad 1 | 21
24 Nov 2012 #66
thats complete and utter bollox

Just like what your head is full of.

in my opinion

your opinion is worthless, wierdo, what a twat.
wibblywobbly - | 12
24 Nov 2012 #67
your opinion is worthless, wierdo, what a twat.

you dont see the hypocrisy of your post?

45 year old woman LOL, talk about a stereotype. Stay here and debate your point genius. You dont have a leg to stand on, your idiocy already proved that.

lets talk about the:

head stuck up their ass syndrome!

Wanna talk about it?
subarumad 1 | 21
24 Nov 2012 #68
An argument on the internet? haha, how retarded wibblywobbly.

What a little man, to want to argue on the net. I'm 2 real 4u.
wibblywobbly - | 12
24 Nov 2012 #69
An argument on the internet? haha, how retarded wibblywobbly.

It is what it is, we can take it to the Guiness bar if you so wish. I'll be over there soon. We can have a man to man chat.

What a little man, to want to argue on the net. I'm 2 real 4u.

I hit the morality button with my posts and see through the bullsh1te, you made an unreasonable post in haste and i can forgive that.

But seriously if you wanna chat man to man, i'll give you a shout next time im in Wroclaw, lets not talk fighting, lets just talk.
subarumad 1 | 21
29 Nov 2012 #70
Sounds reasonable 4 me, but Guinness bar? I'm not a tourist.

Maybe somewhere more reasonable like Spiz. You can get the first round in.
jchavano - | 3
11 Dec 2012 #71
In my opinion, there are rude people everywhere in every country. I have met nice British people and not so nice British people. When I first moved to England I was a bit frustrated with the ways people are in public transportation, but after a while I kinda got used to it. Most of the time, they don't offer you seats, but if you ask for some space, they usually give it to you.
citizen67 6 | 191
2 Feb 2013 #72

You wer the rude one, why didn't you move your shet straight away?
hummingbird20 - | 17
2 Feb 2013 #73
I agree with you!
I'm proud of my pedigree,religion and my surrounding
I just think people like to criticize nowadays,they lost trust in each other!
Life is crazy!
urbanlegend - | 24
2 Feb 2013 #74
The English are not rude particulalrly. Nor are the French. Or the Germans.

Depends on the perspective, culture, expectation etc.

The English tend to not stand for "bad form" and unsportsmanlike behaviour for want of a better phrase.

Certainly staring, boasting, feigned indifference, would all be frowned upon - so it's no wonder if Poles find them rude.
pip 10 | 1,659
2 Feb 2013 #75
I don't find English rude at all. I have met some lovely French and some rude ones. Germans.....more rude than polite. Germans seem to have a superiority complex. I have met some wonderful Poles and some complete a-holes. I have met the most obnoxious Americans and some lovely ones. I have come across hundreds of nice Canadians and many that need a punch in the face.

my point....rudeness comes in every colour, culture and religion. It is not limited to one part of the world.
geeky londoner
22 Oct 2014 #76
I am English but I sort of agree. Some people are really rude and will be like that but not everyone. some people think if they say "would you mind" they think they are being polite. some people just expect you to move your bag for them or something. Alot of people are just like,' hey, can i sit there?" Not everyone. :)
welshguyinpola 23 | 463
22 Oct 2014 #77
The Poles are extremely rude inb the way they speak to people. My family here will use the imperative constantly when I told them not to because I want to smash their faces in when they do. Im fed upof being told 'staw woda', 'zamknij drzwi', 'daj mi dlugopis'. In Engliand that is the hight of bad manners and one would be told where to put it in no uncertain terms.
Wulkan - | 3,243
22 Oct 2014 #78
'staw woda'

What does that mean?

In Engliand

Your name says you're from Wales.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
22 Oct 2014 #79
The whole thread is stupid. In both nations there are nice people and rude people.

Interested in this thread. It is stupid in a way - because of the different levels and types/contexts of politeness. But....

I was amazed when working at university in Silesia that staff would enter my lecture, look around the room, then exit without a word. ( That irritated the **** out of me at the time). Later I realised that it was a different form of politeness - if they had said "Oh! I'm awfully sorry! I was looking for so-and-so - you don't happen to know where he is do you...?", that would have been rude in their view (better to get out with minimum distraction for all involved)

All you learners of English know from your natural English lessons that the French are to blame for this convoluted diplomacy followed by the optional Basil Fawlty genefluction and reverse exit.....

Horses for courses. There's plenty that irritates the bollox out of me - but it doesn't matter where I am - with my own kind or on some desert island - eg: the flies in the greatest place on earth - Western Scotland if you're interested - do my nut. Us English are no different to anybody else. I seem rude to other passengers because we Brits don't accept a Gdynia trolley bus driver being heavy on the brakes, whilst the Polish 99.999999999 majority suffer in silence :) I can only be tolerant after the event and suppose it's because they haven't been trained to drive the damn thing properly (the only people who do drive those things properly happen to be women.... love 'em)
Wulkan - | 3,243
23 Oct 2014 #80
Polish 99.999999999 majority suffer in silence :)

It's almost like Brits suffering in silence when black kids get on the top floor of double decker and smoke cannabis on the back sits...
jon357 69 | 18,445
23 Oct 2014 #81
That or secretly enjoying it.
Wulkan - | 3,243
23 Oct 2014 #82
secretly enjoying it.

Oh yeah! I have absolutely zero doubds that you would be the first one to pretend that you enjoy smelling mixed with harmful chemicals pot. After all, if you complained someone could call you a racist and that would be a disaster.
4 Nov 2015 #83
Merged: Do Poles find British people rude and unfriendly?

Do Poles who live and work in the UK find the average British person unfriendly?

British people are known for being more reserved than other nationalities, unless they have a drink inside them. Whereas Poles are usually very loud and outgoing.

I have read articles where some Poles refuse to integrate. Why is that? Is it a language barrier? Do they feel like they will not be accepted? Or is it because there are so many Poles living here now there is no need to?
24 Jun 2016 #84
**** you Britain
Being mean and then leaving the EU
******* pusy cowards

Excuse my rudeness
RubasznyRumcajs 5 | 488
25 Jun 2016 #85
... yet you have decided to spoil the thread with your post.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,846
25 Jun 2016 #86

so your point is....?
iwonadem - | 14
25 Jun 2016 #87
Kondzior- You seem to be attacked here but in the end these are yours thoughts which you shared here.

As for me there is one thing which irritates me in UK- habits of putting bag next to you on seat in public transport. It is like 'non verbal' sign Don't sit next to me. Some hidden insularity..... In the end of the day you bought one ticket and you entitled to one sit. But maybe this passing person will not sit next to me.... or maybe will feel too restrained to ask me to move my bag....
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,846
25 Jun 2016 #88
or maybe will feel too restrained to ask me to move my bag....

you are right, there is nothing more annoying than looking for a train seat when everyone has their bag on the seat next to them. Is it a British thing do you think?

Just say 'could you move your bag please'.....
Szalawa 3 | 248
25 Jun 2016 #89
No it's not an British thing, where I live (lots of third world immigration here) many people do this, women with their purses but of course there are exceptions. Not a problem when the bus is empty, but some people take the inward seat rather then the one next to the window (they place their bag/purse there), and honestly they don't care if the bus is full.
iwonadem - | 14
25 Jun 2016 #90
Putting bag next to window is pure rude.......

I am not sure if it is just British thing (third world emigrants could have learnt it here :-) ) but similar problem is in coffee-shops.It made laugh once when I saw girl working in Pret ( not sure where she was from somewhere in Europe I think ) who just pushed someones bags and told one lady carrying coffee you can sit here it is free seat.

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