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TVP producer fired for allowing rainbow flag on the air...

johnny reb 49 | 7,134
21 May 2023 #241
Lyzko, you can be a damn genius sometimes.
That is exactly what I was taught also.
The common folk back then were less than illiterate.

Since the thread is the subject of reproductive mental illness, can somebody finally explain what these people are proud of?

Novi, you can be a damn genius sometimes as after you asking that question two years ago, nobody has been able to answer it.
Lyzko 45 | 9,430
22 May 2023 #242
It's true though, Johnny!
A lot of even the civilized world up until the mid-20th century was
in essence illiterate.

Thanks to the herculean efforts of the US-Army during WW II, more Americans
than ever learned to read and write.
Crnogorac3 4 | 866
23 May 2023 #243
The photos you posted show the inside of a reformed church in Warsaw (Kościół Ewangelicko-Reformowany w RP)

I never said it was a Catholic church.


I know that you pro-EU PO voters don't like LGBT being in low resolution, so I found the video.

For your viewing pleasure.

In the end, in order to console yourself better, you ignore the fact that the Catholic church also had its own man who is listed below, the Dominican Maciej Biskup. He is on at 25 minutes.

Together, both currents of Christianity in Poland mark IDAHOBIT, i.e. the day against discrimination of transgenders and their gay colleagues.



Little by little, step by step, as the late pope John Paul II so beautifully described.
GefreiterKania 35 | 1,396
24 May 2023 #244
I know that you pro-EU PO voters

I am pro-EU but I'm not a PO voter. I prefer PSL - a commonsensical peasant party, socially conservative but democratic and pro-European. Too bad they allied themselves to Hołownia but I suppose electoral mathematics was the decisive factor here.

And rainbow is an ancient symbol of covenant between God and His people. As a Christian you should know this, Crno. Or maybe - considering your anti-semitic rants - you are not a Christian at all but a regular neo-nazi?

Is that your granma in the video?

Home / News / TVP producer fired for allowing rainbow flag on the air...
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