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Poland - the leading yacht producer in the region

Lukasz 49 | 1,746
23 Jul 2008 #1

Polish shipyards are leaders in terms of sales to Spain, Germany, France and Great Britain. Polish vessels are associated with high quality laminates, precise outfitting and modern construction. High quality stems from the fact that many elements are handcrafted.

(Polish sailing yacht Delphia 40)
OP Lukasz 49 | 1,746
24 Jul 2008 #2
new Polish product

640 FLY

  • Polish product

  • Polish product
Seanus 15 | 19,706
24 Jul 2008 #3
Isn't that an American flag I see? ;)
OP Lukasz 49 | 1,746
24 Jul 2008 #4
yes they like this yacht
Seanus 15 | 19,706
24 Jul 2008 #5
Delphia 40, doesn't sound Polish ;)
OP Lukasz 49 | 1,746
24 Jul 2008 #6,l2.html

From a small family business to a European yacht leader
Delphia Yachts shipyard has existed since 1990. The company was established on the initiative of brothers Piotr and Wojciech Kot. At the beginning of its activity it employed a dozen or so people, and Sportina became its first sailing boat produced.
Currently, Delphia Yachts is the biggest sailing boat producer in Poland, employing over 630 workers. In its range of products, the shipyard offers yachts of Delphia 40, 37, 33, 29, 28, 26 types and 24 sport type, Sportina 600. The sailing boats production ocillates at a level of over 300 boats a year. Additionnaly, the company produces motor boats of Cortina 480, 555 and 620 types.

designer and stylist of sailing yachts and motor boats[
Infotimes - | 19
23 Apr 2010 #8
I deal with sailing yachts, if anyone interested:
boletus 30 | 1,366
13 Jul 2011 #9
Merged: Smooth sailing for 'Made in Poland' yachts

I have known for years about Gdańsk's Sunreef Yachts, the world "leader in the class of custom-built, luxury catamarans - but mostly through their brochures and announcements. This overview from Agence France-Presse puts it all in more neutral, but still positive, light.

But it is not only the giants that make Polish Yacht Yards known to the world.

Over the last 22 years, two other pioneers in the Polish market, Wojciech Kot and brother Piotr, have built their passion for sailing into a a multi-million dollar business with 450 employees, including 150 certified sailors.

Their firm, Delphia, is located in the town of Olecko, nestled among forests in the picturesque northeastern Mazury lake district. It now has an annual production of 2,000 motor yachts for Brunswick Marine and 200 custom-made sailing yachts sold under its own flag for up to 298,000 euros.

Worth reading...
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
14 Jul 2011 #10
But it is not only the giants that make Polish Yacht Yards known to the world.

Blimey - I never knew that Poland had a flourishing shipbuilding industry outside of Remontowa!

Good on Poland - why isn't this being pushed much more?
boletus 30 | 1,366
14 Jul 2011 #11
Good on Poland - why isn't this being pushed much more?

Good question. I hear that Poland is full of billboards advertising all sort of crap, TV ads are everywhere but they have not learned how to promote good - or even excellent - products. Oh I am sure that their marketing departments do their job perfectly well, but promotion of a brand name is another issue.

I took a little "side trip" to Delphia Yachts:

So OK, after some obligatory flash, there is nothing exciting in their menus - until one gets to the details of the designs. A paradise for a sailor and a dreamer, but quite an average website for a promoter.

I also went to a website of their main yacht designer. Very interesting, but again - it deserves much better exposure to the world.

Andrzej Skrzat is a 65-years-old successful yacht desiner from Poland. The following is a summary of his conversation with Marek Slodownik made for "H2O" magazine:

The beginning

There were some designers around and everyone wanted to be the best. But it was a fair competition and now they are all friends: Henryk Jaszczewski, Jurek Piesniewski, Jacek Centkowski, Adam Orych and a few others.

In those days, they were selling just ideas and papers but it all started a culture of creative thinking, with the feedback from sailing enthusiasts - who tinkered with their boats and learned.

Young designers
There are many talented young people who follow the new trends and who design very interesting yachts. But it's harder for a young designer to be noticed because now the market is everything. Designing a boat is not enough - the thing must be put into production, and it is usually very expensive process. Times of amateurish constructions - where yachts were uneven, inaccurate, simply imperfect - are over. Now everything must be buttoned up.

Andrzej Skrzat considers himself lucky for being able to closely cooperate with Delphia Yachts production facility. Young designers do not have such a comfort.

Number of projects
He scored about 98 designs. A story goes that there are probably 300,000 yachts built to his specifications. The real number is hard to get because many yachts were never registered - many were built illegally, with no respect for copyrights. He sold around 4000 licenses.

Boat Review by John Kerr, Canadian Yachting

(About Delphia-33)

WHEN THE DELPHIA line first came to North America, it did so with little fanfare, though it managed to win the Import Boat of the Year at Annapolis in 2008. Having sailed it, it's easy to see
why. Terribly affordable at about $170,000 Cdn., this boat has a wonderful feel and look - both above and below decks. It's perfectly finished, equipped and boasts two double cabins below.
The hull is a layup resin infusion process; the balsa core vacuum bagged deck ensures light ends and the balanced feel underway supports this. The Polish built boat features wonderful deck lines,
very pleasing to the eye.


Andrzej Skrzat keeps a long list of the reviews like the one above, here:

Since 1996 he won 16 prizes and nominations. The lastest, yacht Delphia 47, which he designed, was an European Yacht of the Year Nominee in 2009/2010
14 Jul 2011 #12
Good question. I hear that Poland is full of billboards advertising all sort of crap.

It might have something to do with the fact that not many people in Poland can afford a yacht.
14 Jul 2011 #13
True, but this isn't only (or even mainly) about the domestic market.

Brand recognition takes time, especially in an established industry. Eyeballing adverts is nothing compared to the traction you get from people actually buying your stuff - an incremental process that can be horribly slow at the start.

How many yachts do you have to sell to get that kind of exposure? 10? 100? 500?
boletus 30 | 1,366
14 Jul 2011 #14
It might have something to do with the fact that not many people in Poland can afford a yacht.

I know that; I did not mean the local promotion. European Presidency might be a good time to present good things internationally.

Somehow "Polish krówka" (carmel fudge) gets more attention than Polish yachts:
"Polskie krówki są przebojem w Afganistanie","Przebojowa polska krówka w moro na targu w Afganistanie", "Polskie wojsko rozdaje Krówki miejscowym w Afganistanie"

The district governor invited us to his compound for tea and cookies. Getting served traditional Polish Krowki (carmel fudge) by the Afghan National Police was probably the last thing I expected would happen to me in Afghanistan. As my grandmother summarized: "Clearly they must be smart people who know what's good. Everybody knows that Polish candies are the best." But of course.

By the way, I had sailed quite a chunk of my vacations in Poland - at the time when 95% of population could not afford a yacht, including myself. There were clubs and there were boats for rent.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
14 Jul 2011 #15
sailing in Poland is very popular. i remember when i first came here... a large number of 18yr olds had their sailing documents before they went on a driving course.

folk might not be able to afford some boats, but that doesn't stop the business of hire/lease. there is a market here for such things.

there is also a growing number of marina/apartment projects in Poland too.
there are some who can afford a 5 -7 metre boat/yacht no problem.
also, a lot of people buy shares in boats. it's a good business to be in, me thinks.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
15 Jul 2011 #16
It might have something to do with the fact that not many people in Poland can afford a yacht.

To be honest though, they should be looking at foreign markets - if they've got the experience and the skill, why aren't they taking advantage? The costs will be lower than from markets such as Italy - yet they've obviously got the know-how.

By the way, I had sailed quite a chunk of my vacations in Poland.

Boats are ridiculously cheap to hire in Poland if you have the papers - I saw you could hire a boat for the day for as little as 200zl on some lakes, and that was a proper sailboat. Between 6-8 people - what's that, 25zl a day? Peanuts.
boletus 30 | 1,366
20 Jan 2012 #17
Sadly, the last Thursday's fire (Jan 19, 2012) in the Sunreef Yachts' rented production facility consumed five luxury catamarans and two production forms for the next ones, several sailing and motor yachts - both smaller (60'-70') and bigger ones and materials and chemicals used in boat construction - such as composites, epoxy and wood. The losses are roughly estimated at over a ten millions Euro, but the details are still unknown since the fire fighters are still extinguishing smaller fires and the company representatives are still not allowed to access the site.

Although all the yachts were insured the contracts have to be delayed by several months. The company is going to move its production facilities to other halls it owns - also in the former shipyard in Gdansk. No layout of 400 crew is planned because every pair of hands is needed now. Production is to be restarted next week.
pawian 190 | 19,155
6 Sep 2020 #18
To be honest though, they should be looking at foreign markets -

90% of the production of about 200 yacht producers in Poland is exported. This industry is doing better and better each year.

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